Z Man: The Coming Boomercide

Grandpas keyboarding about grandpa-shytte with other grandpas is exactly the “opposition” that the Reds want.




Face hard facts.

Don’t be a useless cuck geezer.

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  1. ROTFLMBO…Ain’t that the truth…I look at that masthead and just shake my head because that’s truth right there also…Sad That…

  2. Community Organizer

    If your children ever find out how lame you really are, they’ll murder you in your sleep … Frank Zappa

  3. Z=man seems is either reporting on or channeling the AltrRght in much of his writing, lately. Obviously this article is based on the raw material created by the young guns of the AltRight, but Z-man’s version is more politically correct.

    Another of Z-man’s most recent columns was on Buckley conservatism. This is an old story on the AltRight. Richard Spencer’s glossy hard-copy magazine, the Radix Journal, did a whole issue on Buckley and his influence, and the web site has covered it as well. Another Z-man article was name-dropping Mencius Moldbug, who was one of the founders of the neo-reactionary movement.

    For his readers it’s a way to get familiar with the theories of the AltRight without having to get their browsers dirty visiting the sites directly. For Z-man it’s a way to escape becoming irrelevant, he was tending towards “Conservatism Inc’ positions there for a while, now that he’s gone Alt Lite he can sort of be a Cernovitch type of character, opposed to everything leftist as a reflex, but still not willing to embrace nationalism or racialist politics directly.

    The Daily Stormer article on “the boomers” is twice as funny as Z-mans, though. One would have to be willing to overlook the obnoxious and over the top anti-Semitism that is the calling card of the Daily Stormer to read it there, though. A lot of people understandably are not, and so the Z-man may have found a niche in the new-media ecosystem.

    • Julius Streicher

      There is no such thing as over the top anti-semitism. Varying degrees of not enough.

      • Detroit III

        And you’d be the first to demand Jeeish designed drugs to save your Jew-hating life.

        • How is that relevant in any way?

        • m70shooter

          I’m perfectly fine with Jews being Jews. (perhaps more so if they were in their own country) If they invent medicine I’m interested in, I’m happy to buy it, and I’m sure they’re happy to sell it to me.

          What I’m NOT fine with, is Jews controlling and corrupting our Country, our Government, our Media, our Culture, our Banks, our Currency, our Foreign Policy, our Educational System, and our Entertainment (((Propaganda))), etc-

          White People are the only people on the planet who advocate for everyone else’s interests, but afraid to advocate for their own. Wake the fuck up.

      • This.

    • Anglin, unlike Z-man, understands that CW II if/when will not be about class or generations. Or freedumb. It will be a RACE WAR: non-urban Whites against the Urban, Jew-led urban Rainbow: Blacks, Browns, Yellows, Muslims, and faggot-cosmic whites.

      and Whites will win because the Rainbows will be at each others’ throats from Day One….much like the Left factions in the Spanish CW.

  4. This is so wrong on many levels:
    “The young have no trust in public institutions.” Really? They have run up the largest debt bubble in history all the compliments of the Dept of Ed. Hypocrisy writ large.

    “… In her mind, the government and its agents are the enemy, with whom she is at war.” Really? All the while being Judas in accepting the Kings gold. Hypocrisy writ large x2.

    Technically last year the GenX,Y crowd now out number the Boomers. So where is the political shift to a ‘independent non-governmental view’ of personal interaction? Its not there because for the majority of that generation(s) they bought the blue pill and did not even know they swallowed. I see the lack of basic knowledge on campus everyday, such is the completeness of the K-12 blue washing.

    Two items Boomers failed at.
    1) We accepted the largess of the Great Generation poured upon us as the norm, for which it was not.
    2) Assumed that ‘professionals’ had a handle on things. Like Capt. Smith they did not. Or should I say insufficient numbers of us were aware of the truth.

    There is one thing in play that I don’t think many consider. People deride the ‘kids in the basement’ but there is a benefit. The fact is the come of age youth sitting in the multigenerational household is being detoxed from their socialist brain dump provided by the university. The epiphany comes that much sooner.

    Just an observation from a Boomer who drank the red liquid before it became a pill.

    • “Technically last year the GenX,Y crowd now out number the Boomers. So where is the political shift to a ‘independent non-governmental view’ of personal interaction?”

      Well, we youngins are good but not that good. Its been just a year. Though it sure doesn’t seem to be the boomer conservatives challenging the narrative this past election. Even the left had its Burnouts.

    • Member of the League of Shadows

      Yes, really. I’m in my lower 30s. I don’t have a single friend that actually “trusts” that any of the public institutions will be there for us when we’re older. Most of us that have dealt with them have a “fire sale” mentality about it, because if the store’s on fire, everything is free. So people are of the opinion that they should loot while the lootin’s good.

      I’m not sure they’re wrong, even if I’m not looting myself.

      And I don’t know of a better way to fight the system than to be inside and help it rot. Reality Winner did exactly what she should have (except for being public and stupid about it) to destroy her enemy: Join, subvert, and GTFO. Only she messed up that last part, but whatever.

      Us youngin’s don’t control the government because we can’t even break into local politics much. We simply don’t have the cash to win elections, especially not when 20-somethings are struggling to make their bills and still stay on committees, and are facing off against retired lawyers for council seats.

      And in any case, most of us think it’s a corrupt game anyways, and so we’re not really willing to buy in. My kid sister may be the right age to be one of those Harry Potter good vs evil types, but The Matrix came out when I was 15, and I for damn sure took the red pill. The current status of the Wachowski chimerae notwithstanding, you’re looking at a LOT of people who look at “the System” and want to burn it right the hell down, not “save it” in any recognizable way.

      Praise Kek!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      They keep dicking around with what constitutes each generation. For example, Gen X was originally the kids born during the Vietnam war – they were called X because they had no real defining event during their childhood and adolescence. Y was similar, but later got subsumed partly into X, and partly into the Millennials.

      • Deadeye Dic

        Much has been said defining the generations. For example when I was a young adult the “boomers” were defined as being born 1945 – about 1955. Placing me out of that bracket, I’m more of the hippie generation. But now the “boomers” have expanded the bracket to about 1960. That makes no sense to me, as I thought boomers were post WW2 babies, of which I am not. Call me ignorant, I just don’t get it. Especially when the rules are constantly changing.

        • Your observation of a bouncing ball of what is the Boomer span is correct. Though I would hazard these days its pretty broad — 1945/46 to 1963/65.

    • Your examples of hypocrisy are nonsense. We were told that college was the gateway to success and riches, then graduated into an economy where we are competing for wages with foreigners from countries where they shit in the street. This includes programmers, doctors, engineers, etc. Even the crap jobs back in your day could support a family (like my dad did), but nowadays most non-college non-trades job pays absolute shit.

      Average wage has been steadily dropping since the 70s. Buying power of the average wage has also been steadily dropping since the 70s. The middle class is becoming smaller every year, while the lower class expands…

      Those 2 mistakes you admit to caused so many major problems, but you make it sound like you just made a slight technical error. You allowed a 90% white nation to get to the point today where even if we 100% shut down immigration we’ll still be a minority in a few decades. You allowed the nation to basically become a 1 party state, with a 2 party facade: Buchanan only got 21% of the primary vote.

      One of my big problems with boomers is that you destroyed conservatism. Other than a few alt-right individuals, every Boomer I’ve ever heard speak was a Progressive. Even those who called themselves conservative had still bought in to all the progressive narratives. The Tea Party was a progressive group that just wanted to protect its own rent-seeking.

      True conservatism isn’t for lower taxes, its for appropriate taxes that cover all expenses and no more. The Tea Party just didn’t want to pay for all those expenses; they didn’t actually object to the expenses, just let someone else pay for it. Like future generations through debt!

      If the Tea Party had truly been conservative they would have been anti-war, anti-spending, and not kowtowing all the fucking time to that one black guy at the rally that everyone wanted a picture with so they could prove how not-racist they were.

      • “but nowadays most non-college non-trades job pays absolute shit.” — Zorost
        There you have it, ‘non-trades’, that is code for entry level and yes they do pay shit. We have graduate welders from my institution start at $45k. Others that have acquired requisite certs are making $80k on the oil rigs in the Gulf. Unless one is marching to a STEM degree, technical cert or medical you are wasting your time pursing a liberal arts degree. The market, not the colleges determine the value of one’s endeavors.

        “We were told that college was the gateway to success and riches …” OK, but did YOU validate the truth of that statement? Even back in the ’60s half the degree programs were a scam. (eg. Masters in English, in an English speaking country!)

        “Average wage has been steadily dropping since the 70s.” Yep, I see the charts that back your claim. Experienced it myself on the income front, though I had the luxury to plan it. But here is a task for ya. Did the Boomers do this to themselves or was the global economy the cause? And consider — there were only two ways to go. Either all boats rise to the US standard or everyone drops to the lowest common denominator. Its clear what escalator we are on. But hell I could put as much blame on the People Republic of China bank as anyone else.

        ” The Tea Party was a progressive group that just wanted to protect its own rent-seeking.” Examples please. The Tea Party was a failure for one simple reason — anyone could declare themselves a TP accolade. That permitted democrats to assume the mantle as occurred in several occasions in local elections. But hey, they put a half million people on the Pennsylvania Ave once. When the Alt-Right matches it, call me. Till then, as brave as StickMan is/was a lone man cannot affect events without numbers and ultimately any civil conflict, hot or cold, is all about numbers.

        “If the Tea Party had truly been conservative they would have been anti-war, anti-spending … “. Tea Party was an anti-tax movement at its core. War positions were seldom discussed, it was not the focus. Nor is anti-war perse the answer. One has to be anti-entanglement. No treaties, no transpacific partnership agreements, no foreign armament subsidies; the whole lot. Just being antiwar is a feel good statement.

        “True conservatism isn’t for lower taxes, its for appropriate taxes that cover all expenses and no more.” OK. The second highest tax after the feds for most is real estate taxes. The largest chunk usually is funding for schools. One must tackle the causation of the taxes not the taxes themselves. So run for school board, I did and lost. Till you try, its all smoke and mirrors.

        ” You allowed the nation to basically become a 1 party state, with a 2 party facade: Buchanan only got 21% of the primary vote.” Its a one party state with a 1 state apparatus. The democrats don’t count any more. They are at their lowest ebb since the 1920’s. Nor do the Republicans count, they hold the power but don’t how to wield it. As a consequence much of the power resides in the bureaus of the Feds. Odd you should suggest Buchanan. He’s conservative by half, and a Boomer type for not being a Boomer.

        We, as a nation, have been digging this hole since the Civil War. Its not the cause of but a single generation.

        • Amen Dog…Wonder when people will stop blaming and start fixing…I guess it’s a lot easier to blame someone else for the problems in your life instead of focusing on what you can do to fix your problems…Sad That…

  5. i know a fair amount of 30 and unders…
    a lot of them have just tuned out and a bunch are already felons because of drugs. they know they’ve been screwed bigly. don’t look for too many copsuckers coming out of that demographic…

    something about best served cold…


      Not only are the majority of the 30 and unders druggies and drones, they cannot read, write, spell or get up on time and get to work. In my A/O, I see a lot of boomers my age and minus 10-15 years(I’m 69) still in the work force. They can make extra $ because the shiftless, shambling, texting, slack-jawed, brain-dead, mouth-breathing, “whatever-dude” Mall Zombies are as useless as the proverbial appendages on a male pig(H/T to T.R. Fahrenbach).
      The thing that scares me the most is ten years from now, when the well is dry, geezers like me will be: “..put out with the horses” due to the debt bomb explosion. The Hunger Games PTB will be more interested in keeping Juan, Rosita, Shantiqua, Tyrone, Achmed, Fatima and all of their many third-world offspring sated with freebies in return for votes. I will be Soylent Green, if I haven’t been: “shot while resisting arrest.” Sad.

      • Notarealperson

        Your average worker or soldier is a drone(you find exceptions in the trades) They are disposable and replaceable with just a few weeks of training in most cases. They aren’t asked to think but merely obey verbal or written instructions. .

        Don’t ever think that the guy with a bachelors sitting in a Herman-Miller cube farm isn’t a drone just because he’s a sharp dresser and drives a nice car. He is. He sits in a soul sucking, depersonalized environment monitored by cameras and computers.. Soon those ID cards people wear will have sensors that monitor their speech and who they are talking to and for how long. it’s being tested now and roll out next year.

        As for the 30 something crowd. They know the system is rigged, the old farts don’t. So they stopped playing the game to a large extent.. The job opportunities just don’t exist like they did 30 or even 20 years ago. So why bust their chops? There is no more job security for most people unless you’re sucking the government tit as a cop or drone(military or civilian). Or state worker.

        So they don;t by your rules or values.

        • ” There is no more job security for most people unless you’re sucking the government tit as a cop or drone(military or civilian). Or state worker.”

          There is no job security, never has been. The cops/firemen are seeing that now in places like San Fran, Dallas, Atlanta. Their pensions are underfunded and cratering. The whole muni pension system is a multitrllion dollar bomb waiting to go off.

    • wendystringer48088

      “i know a fair amount of 30 and unders…
      a lot of them have just tuned out and a bunch are already felons because of drugs. they know they’ve been screwed bigly. don’t look for too many copsuckers coming out of that demographic…”

      Well, I would have to agree with you on that.

      Things that used to be handled with a spanking or other physical method of attitude adjustment by daddy is now handled by calling the police / the police pulling a driver over and instead of an escort home they get arrested and the person enters the “crimminal justice system”. Things like for Minor In Possession or Driving Under the Influence. In other words typical teen behavior.
      If the parents or often single mother doesn’t have a well-off uncle or aunt or other family member that they can call in a hurry to come up with the money to get a lawyer and pay whatever costs are involved into the “legal justice system” for deferment or alternative programs for the kid they get “poor person’s justice” and serve time still get hit with fines they can’t pay and get a record that limits their ability to get any decent employment in the future.
      Bailing them out and then trying to give them some advice for the future by talking to them by saying stuff like “You can’t get away with I got away with when I was your age” isn’t exactly met with a lot of respect or thanks. Probably because thinking about it, it does seem to send the message that I was privledged, but you are so screwed…
      So would have to agree with you on that aspect of the current generation.

  6. SemperFi, 0321

    What a load of crap. The author has done nothing but vent his rage against
    “Boomers” as long as he’s been posting here, stabbing an entire generation in the back whom he somehow finds responsible for fucking up his fragile little life. He reminds me of these AntiFa turds, just mad at anyone older who they can lash out at, another copycat intellectual with an attitude so to speak. His hatred goes far beyond just writing about Boomers, there’s a much deeper underlying issue here.

    Well first off, the “baby boomers” were those born for a decade after WW2 (1945-55), the children of WW2 vets essentially. Then about a decade or two ago, someone somewhere needed to change a demographic on a chart and suddenly we find the baby boomer years now got extended another decade to 1965, I’m always at a loss trying to understand the bad math that went into that one. And now my age group (62) is lumped together with those born in the mid 60’s as being of post WW2 era. And probably something Z Man wasn’t even aware of, in his zeal to heap scorn on us old farts who fucked up his life so well, stole all his money before he could even amount to something more special.

    I won’t ignore some of his points about the laziness of the post WW2 generation, many of them are mentally and physically lazier than shit, but that can also apply to the “Greatest generation”, the Vietnam/hippie generation (many of whom were pre-baby boomers) and majority of the KoolAid drinkers who came after, including our own narcissistic Z Man.

    When this shit heap collapses, I hope he understands he’ll die as an equal death victim too, surrounded by his oh so special millennial friends pounding away on their phones for help, and not one special age group did him in, nothing but his own exclusive arrogance and hatred.

    • I’m glad somebody brought that up. Lately I’ve been hearing from a number of people “you’re a baby boomer”.

      I was born in 1964. My parents were both born DURING WW2. 19 years after WW2 – would mean that the WW2 vets were still having kids at something like age 40? I’m sure some were – but female fertility goes down hard in their late 30’s – and back then there weren’t all the drugs and fertility clinics we have these days.

      And – during the 1980’s – I distinctly remember being told :” you’re Generation X”.

      Will somebody please make up their damn mind?

    • Fuck off.

      This generation will do whatever it takes to save themselves, and if that means shovelling conservatives into the same garbage bin as leftists then so be it. We share the same ideals as you. We would have liked to have grown up in the peaceful, White world that you grew up in but carelessly threw away. You either join us and be a part of the future, or we throw you away. You couldn’t beat a bunch of communists and lesbians. You’re not going to stop us.

      • LMAO! And just who is the biggest propagator of inter-racial marriage and exclusivity? Not to mention non-binary gender identity? Trust me, your generation is going to do much less. You’re certainly are not, just like this generation, going to take the bull by the horns, and actually take charge. Your posterity will blend in just like yours, and the generations before. With the exception of some squawking. You are not going to do crap.

      • “This generation will do whatever it takes to save themselves, [and if that means shovelling conservatives into the same garbage bin as leftists then so be it.]”
        Oh Dear God I hope so. But so far the tally is not looking too hot.

  7. I am an younger boomer and I was force fed a red pill by the color blind left. I haven’t so much moved to the right since I worked on Jerry Browns presidential campaign in ’92, as the Dems have gone so far to the left that they are coming up on the right. Back then the left had some courage. Sally Field made the movie ” Not without my daughter”, an attack on the misogynist muslims. She would slit her wrists ( and allow the slaughter little Etta and Saphie Rose) before making that movie again. I am still a pro choice, tree hugging liberal in many ways. But the stands and the behavior of the left has become an incomprehensible horror to me. The violent attack on free speech is beyond belief. The left has become what they set out to extinguish, violent close minded hateful monsters.

  8. wealthy farmer

    I’m in my lower 50s, and I am fortunate to have friends in the community who are in their 20’sto 40’s, and I respect all of them, their intelligence as well as their work ethic. If there is a civil war I can guarantee the fighting and dying will be done by young men, NOT preening narcissistic baby boomers. Boomers of the left and the right have this insane tendency to ALWAYS get caught up in ego pissing contests, needing to endlessly prove how authentic they are, how tough they are, what-fucking-ever….

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • I see lots of degenerate shit that was enabled by Boomers. Note all the muds and jewy looking people.

      If you are implying that represents all young people, then note that its us younger generations in the alt-right that are actually acting to do something about the state of America.

      • The Walkin' Dude

        Yup, this cancer was allowed to flourish by Jew loving Boomer cucks. It wouldn’t be this way had they NOT allowed it. Instead, they were more worried about “Muh SSI” and “Muh Medicare” than beating the hippy shit out of their kids.

        • 8 years from now, it will be my pleasure to LMAO at how you all “are actually acting to do something about the state of America.” Obviously, for the same reason I LMAO at all the bloviating about muh freedumb and libertard of the “older” generation.

          By the way, that day when judgement comes in front of your maker? Mommy and daddy are not going to be an excuse. Ya know… but, but, but… I’m my mommy and daddy! They did it to me! It’s their fault!

          Now, I expect to see Washington D.C. burning sometime between now, and 20 years from now, just to see the seriousness in your muh freedumb and libertard statement. After all, you are better than your elders.

  10. I’m 24 and an avid follower of WRSA. Will certainly be seeking SUT training etc when I can afford it. I’ve got a busy life but I’m fortunate to know what matters and to hold that close. My age-group is a puzzling lot. There are many that I know that are receptive to the notions of collapse, and what it takes to survive. Trouble is, lots of them tend toward leftism as the answer to impending chaos. There is a small but present group of us that will become the hard men that the bad times make. All is not lost.

  11. I was born in 1960 and am a boomer by what we are told. Both I and my wife parents burnt thru there parents fortunes and there own and we take care of them. They expect everything from us as if we are there slaves. They will die without enough money to lay them to rest. We started out with nothing and I worked two jobs as we raised our kids then my wife worked. We have done well enough to take care of ourselves and help our kids a little. We have no intensions to become a problem for our kids and will leave a good deal to our children. All our children have great jobs and houses and will do so much better that we ever will. I guess that not in all areas of this country people listen to the crap we have been told as truth.

  12. The Walkin' Dude

    Heh, like those “Boomer ANTIFA” the “Oathkeepers” who “protect and defend” da constuhtooshun unless you hold wacist meme signs. Then fuck your 1st amendment, they’ll sic an illegal alien on you. I’ll be glad when all you Boomer cucks die off. Too bad eugenics haven’t become “hip”.

  13. Video version of why we hate boomers.
    White millenial who objects to his peoples genocide tries to exercise his right to free speech in a public space, only to be attacked by RIGHT WING boomers and their non-white buddies.

  14. The Walkin' Dude

  15. m70shooter

    To paraphrase Anglin; “You’d best start believing in race wars, because you’re in one.”