Black Pigeon Speaks: A Generation Of Red-Haters Will Arise

Are you redpilled?

Are those around you?

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  1. Get used to it, old farts. The world belongs to the young and that’s a great thing. Might even save our own asses one day, all the tough talk notwithstanding. But you’d better give them a REASON to, like maybe lose all the collectivist bullshit. That way they can tell you’re different from commies. As it is, that’s pretty tough to see for anyone with half a wit.

    “identify themselves solely by their group” Ring any bells? Haxo says he’ll hold the gun while I dig the grave, but I ain’t seen it yet. Maybe tomorrow, lol.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The world belongs to the young”

      There are an awful lot of billionaires who disagree. But, if the world really does belong to the young, then everyone had best get comfortable with the Ummah, because they’ve got more young than anyone else.

    • Libtard behavior is nonetheless predictable:

      • HaHa , good one.

      • Thanks Jimmy. I don’t get to see a lot of one-pole magnets.

        Got it this time too Haxo…is that “yes, tomorrow” or just more fantasy? Can’t be “when I’m ready,” cuz that would mean you’re not ready now. I’ll bet you were a damn good dispatcher too, just like me, but you never would’ve made it in Detroit—mostly only WINNERS survive. Even the thug looters aren’t pikers like in other places. There, you got lucky on that one.

        • You’re a “one pole magnet,” Jim… you and you, the unipolar, singularly referential identitarian, ‘morally’ self validating, excuse for human fraility.

          Lucifer is the primordial example of the same.

          • Wow…did I upset you Jon? Never mind, I don’t have that much power. If you’d care to share what bothers you so much ABOUT WHAT I WROTE, NOT WHAT YOUR WILD MIND IMAGINES, please do. Maybe it’ll help someone here; it’ll definitely help you.

            Wild fantasies–Lucifer, really?–and no reality or logic. Sounds like a great strategy. Not. You keep it up and see if you don’t get what you deserve. Truly, I’m sorry for the position you put yourself in. I’ll get over it. You?

            • What’s he going to get Jimmy inquiring minds want to know…You going to be the one giving him what you think he deserves or was that going to be up to someone else…

  2. Many of the ‘thought leaders’ in the alt right are all expats or something. If they in fact did run away, this gives me pause. I don’t like people who run away.

    • Pls site

      I’m not aware of any who meet this description, and I pay attention to these things.

      • VoxDay (Italy)…though he denies “leadership”. Anyway, the “alt-Right”, now converged by Jews/homosexuals, is transnational. The hardRight is essentially White Nationalist North ‘Murkan, and – other than amusement – doesn’t really care if France gets sandnigger’d or not.

      • Black pigeon said he lives in Asia or some place on a Tara Mccarthy tubeyou video. Molyneux is from somewhere but doesn’t live there anymore, I forget the wheres. I don’t want to cast stones, it’s more of an inquiry as to why. For all I know their reasons are better than mine for staying. Just seems odd.

        • BPS-Japan Molyenuex- Britian his family relocated to Canada in his youth

        • BPigeon is just some guy w/ a youtube channel. He has a lot of good content used by the alt-right though. Molyneux is not alt-right.

          Probably missing a few, but real thought leaders of the alt-right would be more along the lines of Anglin, TRS crew (which is mainly americans in america, a few foreigners who might live in america or not), Spencer.

          Where do you people get your ideas about the alt-right? I know you boomers love to remain as ignorant as possible so that actually researching an issue before talking about is a virtual impossibility, but come on.

    • you’re just jealous.


      there’s no sweeter air than the freedom from the masses and murkin poopLICE state.

    • No.
      The only one I can think of is Weev, who left because he hates the current government due to spending several years in federal prison for something that wasn’t a crime.

    • Oh please.

    • Those publicity whores are in the next County over from me.
      Screams Honeypot FBI trap led by someone on the take from The Man.

      They fit every stereotype.

  3. The Walkin' Dude

    As long as those Oaf Queefers keep attacking Alt-Righters and White Nationalists, Boomer Cucks will also be “Reds”

  4. Start your hand to hand combat training at the nearest Waffle House.

  5. Thank God we’ve been saved by DT! That was close, for a second there a group of scumbag marxist oligarchs threatened duhmockracy.

  6. BPS does good work but does not bat 100. His commentary in this episode is mostly retrospective in nature, Laci Green has always been a camera whore, a product of her narcissistic NYC upbringing, she is slightly less self-reverential and genuine than the average Hollywood press agent, at some point she will be vlogging about her sexual tryst with Space Aliens. As some NAZI once quipped, ‘Give me your children for a decade and I will give you an army’ In this case it’s an army of entitled, uneducated, emotionally unbalanced brats good for nothing more than being meat-shields to tie-down police forces as the real fighters take down the infrastructure.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Here is a far more nuanced and in depth appraisement of what has been happening to America’s children for the past 50 years using Evergreen State College as an example there is a lot of info to consume and no fluff: