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RRW: Buffalo, NY refugee contractors jumping for joy as refugee arrivals pick up

Money quote:

…Now Buffalo stands poised to welcome a growing number of refugees in the next few months. That’s because the State Department last month quietly abandoned the weekly refugee admission quotas that had been in place earlier in the year…

Do you understand yet?

13 responses to “Destroyers

  1. The cutters and self mutilators are all grown up now.
    You WILL participate.

  2. “Do you understand yet?”

    Yeah. When Trump didn’t sign a single pro gun EO during his first hour in office (like he promised at the NRA convention) nor any since then, everyone here should have abandoned him immediately.

    He continues to do the same damage Hussein Obama was doing.

  3. Stop paying these NGOs with taxpayer dollars. If the libtards want to import the 3rd world savages, let them use their own money.

  4. dumpf is an orange POS.
    dumpf supporters are POS.
    fuck the scumbag cops
    fuck the scumbag gubbermint

  5. The take away is that they are all criminals. This is a business. Selling citizenship to invaders for fun and profit. EB-5 is the same. It’s all graft. WE need to stop it.

  6. More barren womb cat ladies working overtime to flood their country with barbarian savages.

    Almost all the degeneracy of the West is connected to the female franchise.

  7. Always nice to see where the rubber meets the road. Not sure what the news is though…did someone think the kagillions of looters were lining their pockets with principles?

  8. What should I understand?

    • Humm—so what we are saying the that the Cat Ladies of the World are importing Muslims/Blacks/Browns to take care of their Pussies.


  9. Another crazy social worker: I can personally attest that anyone persuing a social work degree is already bat shit crazy!
    “Journey’s End Refugee Services is a Christian community-based organization”…… me. This is all about robbing the US Taxpayer while enriching themselves and turning loose millions of deranged, inbred rapists and murderers.
    I wonder when the bombs start going off? Cuz that is the only way to stop this insanity. And it won’t be just the USA who gets lit up-I think our little Korean Unifier has dreams of doing the whole world.

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