A Road Without Rules

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NYT: Friend Says Trump Is Considering Firing Mueller

Powerline: Should Trump Fire Mueller? – Part III

NYT: Trump Loses Travel Ban Ruling in 9th Circuit Appeals Court; cf. Five 9th Circuit Judges Eviscerate the ‘Fundamental Errors’ in Ruling Against Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

Buchanan: Are We Nearing Civil War?

NYT: How Outrage Built Over A Shakespearean Depiction Of Trump

19 responses to “A Road Without Rules

  1. The ponzi shit sandwich requires some poor bastard to take a big chomp on it. Ron Perlman who lives in “make believe land”? Give me the opportunity Ron…I’ll rip your face off. Frankenstein wanna be motherfucker.

  2. robroysimmons

    I hear from experts that war sucks, but still acting like Nice White Conservative Granny only encourages the Left.

    IMO we dare them and when they chicken out we mock them without mercy.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      How dare you, sir! Don’t you know that ribbon candy and sugar cookies always lead to triumph?

  3. The left runs an 8 month phony con of Russian mettling in an election they lost.
    Now they would have us believe they are willing to carry on the con up to and including the outbreak of the horrors of a civil war in the USA.
    I just can’t wait….

  4. Looks like the deep state and their bedfellows are beginning to eat their own. Thats a great sign, it means the crisis of legitimacy has jumped the shark. Shit is about to get real real.
    There’s a lot of things all coming together. Momentous things.
    Been on Gab for a while now, the Tea Party Normies and the dirt people are beginning to become allies. The Normies are beginning to get what us dirt people have known all along.

  5. Perlman talks a good game from anonymity online, hiding in the Hollywood Hills.
    And by definition, Twitter is for twits.

    Real life isn’t going to follow the script he imagines.

  6. Rofl. He’s played a biker and played a Russian sniper and played a crime fighting demon, even.

    Won’t he be surprised.

    • And a whackin off cave man in Quest for fire. And Almost forgot that one, method acting, even.

      • you’re the only one whacking off.

        you fool.

        still living in the ghetto?

        hint: if you live in CONUS you are in the ghetto.

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    Geez, nobody’s done a (((Perlman))) yet? Some folks are slipping.

  8. The Usual Suspect

    Trump should campaign across this country and wage guerrilla war
    against the real enemies of America.
    First the media and their deep state allies.

    What a novel idea !!!!

  9. Time for “What I saw at the coup” in the park.

  10. Ron Perlman fake badass.

  11. Gondor’s birth rate is below replacement level. They need the orcs.

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  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. Per Buchanan: Time to burn down the Bastille. Well, let me second that. Stop playing nice, stop being nice, and burn our enemies in an unending fire. It is time to go to the rooftop. At least that way, we can follow the trajectory of Kim the Unifier’s latest missile while everyone is arguing about Pussy Riot from Russia.