Assistant Attorney General For Ethics And The American Way Lee Greenwood Had No Comment

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Brass Says Comey Struck Insider Immunity Deal With Mueller To Avoid Criminal Charges

If confirmed, a very BFD, indeed.

At least the girls will understand:

Now James Comey knows how women feel when the boss harasses them

(People’s Cube)

21 responses to “Assistant Attorney General For Ethics And The American Way Lee Greenwood Had No Comment

  1. The fix has been in since the beginning.

  2. SWRichmond

    We’ve been headed here for a very long time. I am sorry that I gave up a long time ago trying to wake people up, but two decades ago I came to realize that nothing short of a financial meltdown or a troops-in-the-streets Constitutional Crisis would force people to choose sides and settle it, and that such an event was my sole remaining chance for liberty. I raised my kids and voted for Reagan. And then the Bushes tried to have him killed. And then the Clintons got away with murder.

    I had high hopes for the 2001 tech bubble and 2009 Lehman Brothers meltdowns, but no joy. Not enough pain, not enough awakening, too ready acceptance by the financial elite of a system completely based on lies (“mark to model”, MERS, ECB and Fed swaps, etc). I consistently underestimate normalcy bias. The actual capital is gone, long gone. You can’t tap real capital into existence on a computer keyboard at the Fed.

    And now, politically the left is going for it this time. This is a conspiracy in plain sight to abrogate an election. The left is telling us in plain language that voting is shit. I always knew it was, but now they are saying it out loud, proudly, even indignantly. Constitutional Crisis dead ahead. As the Constitution no longer really matters, I am filled with joy.

    • Yep, they have kept the good ship shit show righted much longer than I thought they ever could. The trouble with the elite dumbing down the herd with SSRI’s, flouride and now legal weed is that it’s tough to get them moving. Should be a hoot when the music stops but for now the zombies dance.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        People need a reason to choose a side. Given that the rank-and-file face a situation where practically every group holding itself out as a “side” holds them in contempt, wants them enslaved, and/or wants them dead, they have little reason to run out and sign on. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t looking around and trying to calculate who gives them the best odds of coming out of things with the least amount of pain.

    • Hahahahaha, Independent…wheeze….Judiciary. Separation…giggle…of Powers. Leprosy is too good for these people.

  3. Bend a knee peasant (or serf? kulak? or dirt people) – your betters continue their dealings. All’s okay for them – not you. This is where we as a country have devolved to – and the train keeps moving (like over the cliff some time ago and now we continue in the free fall). Too bad (in my opinion) that no one has the balls (including me at this point) to begin shooting the mother fuckers …………….. maybe time will tell but I for one am not betting on it ….

  4. Randall Flagg

    Now it’s making sense. Could not figure out why he would so candidly admit to leaking his own document(s), which no doubt raised issue in relation to his own criminal activity.

    What a dirt bag.

    Absolutely scum.

  5. This dickhead has been damaged goods from the get-go – –another monarch slave.

  6. PS. How do they vet these assholes?

    • Roland Deschain

      Easy! They find the one that is the easiest to manipulate and put him in charge!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It’s easy: Do you come from the correct part of the country? Did you go to the correct schools? Do you hold the correct opinions, or are you at least willing to give them lip service? Will you do the bidding of your superiors without question or comment?

      If the guy/lady gives the right answers, they’re in. Sufficient competence is assumed at that point; and really, incompetence isn’t a killer, so long as they are sufficiently loyal and willing to take the hit, if needed to protect the establishment (for which they will generally be well rewarded with a plum post-sacrifice job).

      • “really, incompetence isn’t a killer,”

        Lol. Since the action is tax and spend, incompetence gets bonus points. You’re killin’ though, in a good way.

  7. Grenadier1

    I was joking in the earlier thread where I said wait till Mueller hires Comey to do the investigation…Must have had a little premonition.

    We need more ammo.

  8. I’ve been known to play dumb from time to time, but I’ve never played pussy.
    Well done sir!

  9. The Usual Suspect

    The Federal Just Us department in all it’s glory.

  10. Camacho2016

    Re: Comey. C’mon Scrot! Grab him by the pussy and send his ass to Monday Night Rehabilation.

  11. Why do I get the impression that Comey bleeds from the mouth every 28 days.

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