Herschel: Up On The Roof

Thoughts on “the list”, doing what you want to do, and duty.

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  1. They’ve got their list, and right now, they’re too afraid of what would happen if they went out right now and rounded us all up. Let’s keep them afraid. When they cease to be too scared to round us all up, then they will do just that.

  2. I had my Korean grocer moment a few years back. Not fun but had to be done. Things are different when you’re in the middle of the hood with no electricity.

    This sb required reading for freefor


    If this were fully investigated imagine the outrage.

  3. The feds, to date, have pulled anything off in 80 years anywhere close to flawlessly a total of zero times.
    And they’re getting worse at it, not better.

    Make your lists, fedholes.

    I am Spartacus.

  4. BTW I believe the author and Bracken are correct. 100pct correct.

  5. Herschel. Taking a swipe at ‘Tactical Trainers.’ How silly. Posted at his site:

    “Which ‘tactical trainers’ are you referring to? As a tactical trainer, I am absolutely not a gray man. It would be impossible. Given that I also train SOF, double unpossible. It would be ridiculous to try, and my thought is that the more ‘secret squirrel’ you try to be, the more you draw attention. MVT has a high profile public website and conducts entirely lawful training. The main reason for a little anonymity is to protect family from wack-jobs on the internet, not the government, who clearly know who and where I am.”

    The further thought is that the tactical trainers that he is referring to have stood up and are doing our part. We are not the OPSEC monkeys trying to hide with tin foil hats on. Get over it. If you are connected, you are surveilled. Doesn’t everyone know this? Or are you still trying to be super secret?

    • Wonder how many folk ever searched their computer for “files modified”…today or yesterday or the last hour.

  6. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

    Substitute “Patriots” for Santa Claus and sing along…….

    ” Hey, It’s getting late”

  7. ah yes.

    the list….

    let’s see… 1, 2, 3, 4,

    oh fuck it. 200 million.

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