New Woodpile’s Here!


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  1. “left captures Breitbart”. No, (((Breitbart))) is the same Jewish neo-con operation it always was. (((They))) and (((Drudge))) jumped on the Trump train to make sure it arrived at Zion Station. It has. Now it’s back to the usual conning and cucking.

  2. Good stuff, one minor clarification. The theatre is still standing in Tule Lake Ca. The Japanese POW camp is not the new refuge. The ” Jap Camp” as its referred to is actually ten miles south of Tule Lake in a small community of Newell Ca. The TuleLake airport, is on the camps site.

    The mention of the wild land refuge was actually the German Itilian POW camp.

    Both the Japanese POW camp in Newell, And the German/Itilian Pow camp west of Tule lake At the base of Sheepy Ridge are now both historical sights.

    The reason I make this minuet challange is that the Fed Govt, wanted to save money and call the German/Itilian camp, the same as the JAP camp.

    As a mater of convince and cost savings the NPS was willing to compromise the real history of that area.

    Lava Beds National Monument is also right their. It is the only National monument in the US in Which an Army General was killed in the Indian wars.

    In terms of history this place is huge. I was the resident Deputy their for many years. A very rugged unforgiving country.