The Awakening

Via commenter MTF.

Welcome, normies.

Come on in.

The water’s just fine.

25 responses to “The Awakening

  1. The Usual Suspect

    Making a list, checking it twice, gonna find who’s been
    naughty and nice !

  2. A great way to help with Christmas shopping is what I refer to as “the registry” in September through first Tuesday in November. Gift recipients strongly believe in signalling and proudly display their virtue on their lawns and bumpers.

  3. Once the middle class is wiped out the government then become like Nieman-Marcus. N-M caters to the really rich, their bread and butter. So will the government thanks to the progressive tax code. But there is a little secret — rich people are highly portable. They have the resources to generally operate anywhere on the planet. So when the govt shoots for 90% tax rates as the middle class revenue stops, the rich will leave to better pastures along with their tax money. That will impact the government deeply. N-M not so much, as they can ship their goods anywhere.

  4. I see the next post of his is that muslime cunt Huma got immunity.

    Par for the course.

    • Roland Deschain

      My guess is they will give everybody involved immunity and then say, “Oops, there is no one left to investigate. Case closed!”

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Best case scenario, they offer up some pawn, give them some minor charge, and a nice Wall Street, K-Street, or NGO job after.

  5. no indication of a “normie awakening” among Whites in Central Judeo-Mexifornia; perhaps elsewhere. In any event, nothing much will happen until the dollar dies. In the meanwhile – since I’m as prepped as I’ll ever be – watching exoplanet & Russian car-crash videos passes any spare time most enjoyably.

  6. Mr. Frosty

    Ha! If only women spoke like that. My dream is to hear a cute, young girl say “civilization begins and ends with the rope”

  7. The cartoon is stupid. There are no women who understand. At all.

  8. Roland Deschain

    Finally, I know what TINVOWOOT means. The caption is very succinctly stated and right on the money.

  9. Steady Steve

    Start your list very local. Any politically active lefties in the neighborhood? Work up from there. Local politicians, check. Muzzie or illegal alien loving clergy/church orgnizations, check. Antifa or BLM, check. Local news media, check. Boy, are we going to be busy.

    • Just took a screen shot of your comment Steve and saved to a USB stick. I’ll get back to you on your comment 4 years from now.

      For other comments such as yours, Pete’s archives go back to 03/2007 for all the deja vu one can handle.

      • When the shots are not “screen,” we’ll be getting somewhere…………

  10. Possibly may have to do something about the ready availability of petrol and matches in the UK.

    Wondering what the cause is?

    • Interesting comment on the Daily Mail:
      “This is near me… the upside is people outside of London will see the reality of social housing in central London… there aren’t any English people in there. Twitter responses by people in the area are largely in Arabic.”
      Supposedly this went from the 4th floor down to the 2nd floor and then back all the way up to the roof. I doubt that it was something like electrical. Has the tide started to turn in old London Town?

    • Appears that there were no alarms or sprinklers in the building which was built in 1974 as government Tennant housing.

      Recently installed exterior insulation and cladding was highly flammable.
      Earth First.
      Apparently there are dozens of similarly constructed government housing units across the city and in other cities.
      Most are full of immigrants or pensioners.
      Reportedly only took 15 minutes to spend to the roof.
      Those who hesitated and sheltered in place are probably ashes or a spot on the sidewalk if they had to jump.

      6 feet to the ground out of our windows.

      I sincerely hope it wasn’t arson.
      Group Identity Politics of an arsonist, if there is one, will create another firestorm if it is a Nationalist.

      Nothing will happen if an immigrant was a Fire Bug.

    • OMG!

      that building must have collapsed into it’s own footprint….

      oh wait. nope.