TL Davis: The Ongoing Coups d’État, And One Possible Solution

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BTW, work continues on the film by all of the crew, despite the impacts from this:

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12 responses to “TL Davis: The Ongoing Coups d’État, And One Possible Solution

  1. all dog-and-pony. In order to distract Trump’s voters from the fact that he’s betrayed them on almost every issue. Seems to be working. And

    “70 is the new 20”

    • Detroit III

      You mean like pulling out of the Paris treaty?

      • a follower

        Pulling out of the Paris treaty was nothing more than a ruse.
        What else was going on, behind the scenes?
        How interesting is it that a dictator who butchered 1,000 of his own citizens is PRAISED by Trump.

        “We agree on so many things,” Trump said of the man who is holding an estimated 50,000 political prisoners.

  2. not only is trump a scumbag, his beloved “law enforcement” are super duper scumbags.

    who could’ve thunk it?

    “…For years, two Florida police officers allegedly abused their power by ransacking homes, stealing cars, water-boarding another suspect and taking ‘trophy photos’…”

    heroes. one and all…

    • Only one today? Must have been the magic of the strawberry moon this weekend, spreading peaceful tidal rhythms.
      That, and President Trump.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. The Anti-Federalists were right.

  5. a follower

    War = a Solution? Hardly. is it inevitable? Yes, this war is, and has been ongoing, continuous, When it goes civil, ( how ironic.) Things will change drastically.
    This brief interlude has been a gift to use wisely. This time and warning period has been afforded to soften hearts, not harden them. While some of you know this, some do not yet seem to understand.

  6. Heads up – someone just lit up a Republican event and hit Scalise:

  7. Congressman Steve Scalise, Loo’sana shot by gunman. Alexandria VA at a Congressional baseball game. 7 victims.

  8. You should be including dry fire practice every single day. 100 pull minimum. Lots of decent software to help out there. Get some.

  9. When you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent change inevitable.” – JFK