Z Man: The Irrationality Of It All


Followed by blood and terror.

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  1. With 250 offices and 32,000 “community organizers” hired nationwide Soro’s is making a determined effort to keep his Open Borders crusade alive in the USA.
    Who you gonna believe, George’s Church of Multicultural Coexist Love or the blood & guts on the pavement from another jihadi massacre?
    When are governments going to get smart and pull the Soros weeds out by the roots?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “When are governments going to get smart and pull the Soros weeds out by the roots?”

      The Twelfth of Never. For those who embrace them, those Soros weeds come with piles of cash and lots of voters/campaign workers.

    • Grenadier1

      When are we going to get the balls to do it? Why do you think delegating it to the government is going to work? They clearly benefit from it and have no interest in biting the hand that feeds them.
      I have often wondered how much of an impact killing that man would have. I suspect his estate would continue to flow cash into these causes long after he is gone. So I have concluded that doing anything to him personally would be useless.
      His money?
      Well, thats a different story.

  2. Update from the UK (protests, counter protests, police and fake news):

  3. “How can people with the ability to manage their own affairs convince themselves that the cause of the Orlando gay club slaughter was evil spirits, rather than the Muslim, who actually did it?”

    Go ahead Jon, answer the question.

    Oh, you already did—“Lucifer.”

    • Glad to see you’re starting to get it.

      Evil is real and it’s not just mistaken, ignorant the result of flaws in “muh epistemology.”

      Lucifer is the archetype, shorthand for the dark heart of selfish human nature, you included.

      You can’t win this. Merely being facilely clever is farting against Eternity. The flesh, and all the ills appertaining thereto, applies equally to the petty mind on man.

      Here’s one more stripe on your precious ego: Do you mean to say that you, and your finite mortal intellect, are the final arbiter and judge of REALITY?
      OK, for you… but why do you insist that you know best for everyone else? And don’t say that that’s not what you do. The evidence is in everything you write here, or anywhere, and plain to all.

      You ask why I have a problem with you… it’s just that, the arrogance with which you dispense your one true understanding of damned near everything. Epistemology isn’t the beginning and end, the All in All, the True Religion… it’s a philosophical tool for analysis, one among many.

      But for you, in your self bestowed beatitude and self worship, it has become a religion with yourself as the little god.

      And that is not only infantile and silly, but Blasphemous.

  4. How the Leftist cult (BAMN) brainwashes it’s followers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x25gUjmxtYw&index=47&list=WL

  5. Ignore those @$$holes.
    Trendy bullshit, even among the femtards, usually ends when shit gets real.

    Knock, Knock.
    Who’s there?

    Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?

    Reality again!

  6. The alt-right music parody team had a touching tribute for those who died of hate in Orlando:


    Mentally disordered people are capable of managing(barely) their own affairs on many different levels. I have seen it with two ex-wives, numerous public school teachers, “christian” pastors, catholic priests, and several attorneys. The disconnect with them is they are not in touch with reality simply because they have been programmed by their cosmic white Marxist parents and/or cosmic white Marxist teachers to think and act the way they do. Savage hit it on the head years ago when he described modern Amerikan liberalism as a mental disorder.
    It has been posted many times on this site how they are here to stay. The useful idiot protest wing is well-funded by their diabolical handlers. The more militant, smarter ones are in the backround, making plans and learning to shoot. Have a plan to react. Also have a plan to be proactive, if necessary.

    • Spot on – the Marxists seek out disaffected minorities to rally against the established order. Provoke chaos and then introduce the Marxist idealized “order.” Summing together all the religious minorities and racial/ethnic minorities in the USA was insufficient – they were still an insignificant minority. Co-opting the females via feminist and environmentalist ideologies was what did the trick, via the three societal megaphones of academia, media, and Hollywood, sprinkle liberally (pun intended) with sex, drugs, and rock and roll and you’ve got a subversive’s nirvana. Saddest part is that there is no short-term solution – this has gone on for two full generation, soon into three, and there are deeply entrenched ideologues in all branches of government, at all levels. Oregon is now an ecofascist state being run by a socialist matriarchy. Just look at the state and local government organizational directories and do a bit of research. California and Washington State have been so for some time – DC is the epicenter, and epitome, of it all. One shortcut answer is to cut off the funding – end the Federal Reserve which, in turn, provides the economic sustenance of this madness. Failing that, persuade the matriarchy that capitalism and free market forces is a more likely route to domination – gee, could that possibly by the Dark Prince’s rationale in establishing so many women-focused entrepreneurial initiatives? Hahahahaha – yeah, right.

  8. The Usual Suspect

    Some things just defy all rationality and our current age may be one of those examples.
    ‘ That is the money quote of the day ‘

    Strange times !!!!!

  9. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    When is kick off time?

  10. Oregon democratic senator , Jeff Merkley will be here Saturday for a town hall meeting. I’m going, intend to harass this fuck stick with the facts, and his voting record.

    I tell him weekly via email what a dildo he is, a real embarrassment to Oregon.

    Two months ago republican Greg Walden, was here. I asked one him one question which was ” can we talk about your voting record” fuck you would have thought I shot the pope.

    My old associates “TFAT, that would be the police!” were his security detail, they broke into open laughter, the crowd tore him a new ass hole. Wanted to know just what the fuck he was thinking with this attempt to run the NEW Obama care thru congress. And to justify his voting record. He didn’t, cuz he couldn’t.

    Fuck both of them. Sell outs.

    My point is, email contact isn’t enough, telephone calls are not enough. These fucktards need to see and hear the anger from their constituents. I can assure you my community were none too gentle, the cops were hands off, as the crowd as only exercising their free speech.



      Dirk: Agreed. Merkley and Walden are douches. So is Wyden. However, in their defense, Merkley and Wyden both voted against the NDAA, when Barry was in office. I will give them that.

      • Dweezil, agree, was in Bend today, fucking place has gone to shit. Little Calif, I have all three Oregon Senators on speed dial. I email weekly to remind them of just how big a piece of shit each is.

        I watch a bit of the interaction between Sessions and Wyden, on the senate floor. when I got home. Sessions has zero back bone they fucking walked all over him.

        Incidentally did you know that Ron Wyden is a New York living politician. His home, his family live in up state NY.

        How the fuck does a guy from New York, get elected to office in Oregon. Corruption is off the hook.

        Tic Toc.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Sell outs.”

      We didn’t sell out; we bought in!
      – Jeff Merkley & Greg Walden

  11. Murky, Hidin’, and Walled In are equally corrupt and useless, I’ve been in every one of their faces – polite, respectful, but assertive, as well as many state and locals. Pointless.

    But they are as nothing – as nothing – compared to Governor KGB and her ecofascist, socialist matriarchy – the Oregon supreme court is going full matriarchy, putting the capstone on the complete domination of the Judiciary – virtually all of whom ran unopposed in the most recent election. Prepare for further L-style ambushes, harassment of Christians, and imprisonment of those who dare defend themselves against the hordes. You’re probably on the same lists as I am.

  12. Northgunner

    Bracken called it!
    The collectivists/statists align with ‘Team mo’ thinking that they can march together and get what they both want.

    ‘Team mo’ is here to win,..the collectivists will only place/show.

    And then then ‘mo’s’ ummah zombies will uulate as they kill, rape and plunder, first their former allies and then anyone else that doesn’t gun them down like rabid dogs on the loose first.

    Wonder how the feminazis and homosexuals will like being raped/enslaved and thrown from rooftops and hung from cherry pickers by their ‘nice muslim friends/neighbors’? The balless manginas that marched with them will simply be killed on the spot (and possibly eaten).

    The stupid is truly strong in them!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    Northgunner III