SLL: In Praise Of Facts

Pesky damned things.

Always getting in the way of ideologies and feelings.

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  1. All well and good, Robert, but the thing is: Our opponents don’t care about facts. Not one bit. Fact: Communism is a killer and does not work => Real communism hasn’t been tried. Fact: Gun control does not work => We haven’t controlled it enough. Etc.

    When Alinsky said “Make them live by their own rules” he meant people that care about the rules. The left lies all day long, they don’t care because the end justifies any means.

    Look at what the left says about the Congressional target practice this morning, Bernie supporter: Facts don’t matter, Trump forced him to shoot.
    The question is: how do we deal with habitual liars?

    • How to deal with serial liars. A horse whip would be my first choice

      • Randolph -just go ahead and just whip their asses- Scott

        “A horse whip would be my first choice”, I like that answer. A little to kind but if it is done publicly and the media is forced to show it, then I think it would be a very good form of punishment.

    • The left has no connection with reality OR the actual factual truth about anything. Example: They had thoroughly convinced themselves that Killary was going to win in a landslide by ignoring actual ‘facts’ that stared them right in the face such has low turnout campaign events and the actual, physical lack of energy and enthusiasm by the candidate. Pure hard facts, assiduously ignored until late night on election day.

    • “The question is: how do we deal with habitual liars?”

      Don’t know what “we” you have in your mind, but here’s my advice for anyone.

      If the habitual liar is attacking you, then stop him/her dead in their tracks. If not, then ignore and don’t associate or trade with them.

      That should cover all the instances; hope it helps.

      • The (((liars))) are attacking all of us by convincing our 50 million white women to forego family formation and white babies and , further, to hate white men while fucking dindus.

        Nice try, Jew.


        • a follower

          When you treat people as a collective, we = everyone.
          Liars have convinced some that all jews are the same, liars have convinced some that only whites matter or that only whites are under attack.
          No lie is of the Truth.

      • “We” doesn’t include Jews.


        • “The (((liars))) are attacking all of us by convincing…”

          I was going to ask which liars got away with attacking you today, but now that I see you don’t know the difference between attacking and convincing, there’s not much point. And I keep hearing this word about those who believe convincing is a form of attack.

          In any event, sorry you feelz attacked when convinced.

      • Northgunner

        Agree wholeheartedly!! 1000+!!

        One can’t convince or reason someone into something that they weren’t reasoned into in the first place!!

        This ‘belief/feelings = reality’ construct is readily apparent when one encounters a friend, relative or co-worker who bleats out, “I have a muslim (friend/neighbor/co-worker) and he/she is a nice person and not at all violent like isis..he/she he is a moderate muslim”. When one asks said individual if they understand islam and how it guides and effects their muslim (whatever), they often will reply that that’s not important or it doesn’t matter and that they ‘stand in support with their muslim (whatever) in the face of hate and racism’. Such people have made a conscious choice NOT to engage in reality based living and are at a total loss to explain how their ‘nice muslim (whatever)’ decided to go sudden jihad at the workplace or out in public.

        Such people were also called ‘useful idiots’ by Josef Gobbels.

        As for dealing with serial liars (which encompasses the entirety of the parasitic class), go with a sjambok instead of a horse whip, until ‘Rule .308’ is invoked.
        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
        Northgunner III

        • Randolph - yippie ki yay you liberal motherfuckers - Scott

          Rule .308 wins every time and is the only permanent solution.

      • Since this is a forum, and usually without the use of layers of editors and fact checkers the “we” I inartfully used would be defined at those the liars are working to destroy.

    • bullet = fact. Gore wants to keep “arguing” with the communists . Time for that is long past. In fact, It never was.


        Word. Mr. Gore will keep it up until the Deep State silences him. He’s right. He’s sincere. I hope he has a Plan B.

    • “The question is: how do we deal with habitual liars?”

      Cut out their tongues, or their methods of lie distribution.

      Or both.

      • Sounds sensible, at least maybe for others to do. What if we change the question to, “How do YOU deal with habitual liars?”

      • Oh, did you miss the new question? ““How do YOU deal with habitual liars?”

        You’ve already exposed yourself as a hypocrite, fraud and even stupid to boot. But hey, it’s a new day…surely you can lower yourself a bit more.

    • The reason Leftists seem like they are delusional is because they don’t have an ideology, they have a goal: Domination. Every rule and moral they promulgate is nothing but a smokescreen to justify their actions, abandoned as needed. Once you realize this, their actions are actually quite rational.

      And then the question becomes, who is driving this top-down programming?

  2. ratchet. More sanguine question. Assuming we are still around to ‘pick up the pieces’, do we really want to do so? Or do we create our own reality and leave the Leftists to wallow and sink in a reality that they denied from the outset?

    When it comes down to that, those on the Right need to think long and hard about the choices they make. It does us ill to construct bad idea 2.0 for their benefit.

  3. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Speaking of facts……:
    (2A militia NOT Natl Guard)
    (Gun licensing/registration laws/ordinances/regs/rules/statutes DO NOT apply to criminals)
    (No legal LE duty to protect citizens 1)
    (No legal LE duty to protect citizens 2)
    (No legal LE duty to protect citizens 3)
    (No legal LE duty to protect citizens 4, #3 & this one are the definitive decisions used to preclude/dismiss civil/criminal actions against LE for ‘failing’ to “do their job”. And now, some examples illustrating said behavior)
    (Rodney King riot)
    (The above 2 articles pertain to what I call Fundamental Question #1: If it’s true that more guns in circulation=more death & destruction as the Brady Campaign/similar groups repeatedly claim, then why haven’t the gun involved crime/murder/suicide rates been at least 3 times higher than they given the large amount of guns in the country, & Fundamental Question #2: If more guns in circulation=more death & destruction as the Brady Campaign/similar groups repeatedly claim, then why are gun involved crime/murder/gun involved accidental death & injury rates continuing to decline despite the huge increase in gun sales that’s been underway since Oct 2008)
    (This from a dedicated anti-2A cultist!)
    (And so is this!)
    (And here we go again!)
    (Regulate cars like guns, Part 1)

    And there you are, some VERY ‘inconvenient’ FACTS that the opposition will find QUITE difficult to refute & others will VERY likely find QUITE surprising. Have fun!

  4. Grenadier1

    There is so much here to work with but the comments will close before we have time to hit on it all.
    Mr Gore covers a VERY important topic here that has ramifications far beyond what I think he intended. Perception versus reality.
    Reality, there is no questioning that the car will not start. There is no question that the train will crush you if you stand in front of it. These are the hard facts that cannot be influenced by perception.
    The problem is that we are not dealing with hard facts when we deal with belief. We are dealing in perception. Its beyond even that however in that we are dealing with a sum total of collective perception when we are dealing with “popular opinion”. An even more abstract and divorced from reality position. I have written before here about the power of shaping perception and how it is what the old world would call “Magic” or “Witchcraft”. Words conjure images and concepts in our minds. Those images and concepts have a “lizard brain” emotional response built around them. When a speaker uses specific words he is doing so to evoke that response in his audience, and by doing so further shapes their collective perception of reality. Its very powerful stuff.
    This is what Rove was getting at when he said that Empires create their own reality. Now he is a little troll of a man, but in this case he is absolutely right. When the only data that a population has to form an opinion on is shaped and controlled by this process then the collective perception of that data forms the reality.
    How many of you have ever been to the Arctic? So do you know for sure that it is covered in ice and filled with Polar bears? Do you know for sure that the ice is NOT melting and that the Polar bears are NOT dying off? No because you have not seen it for yourself. So how do you know that the Global warmists are not right and the Arctic is not a vast rocky and grassy plan littered with dead Polar bears? They have told you that Science is showing that the ice is melting and the bears are tits up.
    Now if you put even the slightest efforts into digging into this hoax you will see that its bogus, the ice is actually growing and the bears are still murdering seals and doing fine. Popular perception is the opposite because most people do not care enough about the topic to do the digging. So they file it away. Now later when someone talks about global warming they will recall that time they heard about the ice melting and the poor polar bears dying off and they will feel sorry for the bears and that guilt will turn into motivation to “do something”.
    This is a powerful tool.
    You need to ask yourself some questions now, because the left is not the only ones who do this and they are not the only ones who are susceptible to it. You need to ask yourself about a lot of the popular ideas in the right wing community and ask yourself are these reality or are they perception?
    This is a double edge sword because its possible that something can be a combination of reality and perception. Ideas that you think of as conspiracy theories can be based in fact, but they can also be loaded with so much dis-information that they are no doubt being used to manipulate your behavior and reactions.

  5. Grenadier1

    Lets look at a topic that is a very volatile subject.
    The Holocaust.
    There are people reading this thread who think the Holocaust is a hoax. They have been given information that they believe invalidates the story of the holocaust. They generally believe in a wider conspiracy of jewish dominance and this contributes to how their perception of that information is processed.
    Now the majority of us (myself included) believe that the Holocaust was indeed a historical fact. We have seen enough evidence to support this as fact and while there may be specific details that are not fact (like no one ever made jewish skin into lamps, that was perception) the general basis of the event is reality.
    So who is right?
    Honestly it does not matter. There are the real facts that cannot be denied and there is the perception of what happened and how that perception has been used to accomplish specific goals by different groups.
    Its no doubt that the State of Israel was reconstituted largely due to those who died. We should also however ask what group or goal gains by the spreading of information denying those deaths.
    Who benefits if people believe that there are UN armored vehicles and foreign troops on US soil waiting to launch and invasion.
    Who benefits if people believe that there are cattle cars with chains and various means of execution sitting on isolated rail sidings.
    Who benefits if people believe that precious metals are being manipulated.
    Who benefits if people believe the 9-11 was an inside job, or if people believe it was just the terrorists?
    All of these things we think we know to be true, may not be what we think they are.

    So ask yourself even if you are a firm believer in a specific event, does that belief influence how you perceive other events and how you formulate your opinions. If those opinions align perfectly with “popular perception” then you may want to consider that its okay to accept something as fact but be careful how much yo allow it to guide your later decisions and opinions.