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From a reader:

Just as I expected, cuckservative talking-heads are deathly afraid to attribute almost all of the political hatred in this country to the Left. Guests on radio shows (Glenn Beck, Larry Elders, etc.), for example, downplay the near universal Leftist hatred in newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and digital news we’ve experienced for the past year and more. The most they do is reluctantly say, “recently there has been a little more incitement from the Left.” In forums I have read calls for prayer, bible quotations, and advice to “not respond in kind.” Today, the response of one Republican Congressman to the recent shooting was (paraphrased) to refer to the ball game as a chance “to reach out to our friends” across the aisle, as if the recent ginning up of anti-Trump hate in Congress by Demo/Rhino Congressmen, not to mention politics in general, does/would not have the potential to create harmful social-economic consequences for the losing side’s weakest members.

It is not the intent of cucks to win. Cuckservative moralizing and capitalist business propaganda is about conning grassroot con readers/listeners about the need to respond civilly and graciously toward their deadliest enemies. This is so that the cucks might keep a place to beg for scraps beneath the libshit’s table. If the cucks are successful, then scraps are thrown to them (Woman how great is thy faith!).

Cucks really don’t give a damn about the rest of us.

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  1. Shoot traitors first…Well duh, they are far more dangerous than the enemy..

    • a follower

      Traitors are an enemy are they not?
      From the above article;
      “Just as I expected, cuckservative talking-heads are deathly afraid to attribute almost all of the political hatred in this country to the Left.”
      ok now wait a minute babalooey. You are going to tell me the left is more dangerous than the men and women who sat idly by while also collecting tax payer money as an occupation. They were hired (elected)_to prevent these things from happening? Yet we the american people also failed in our responsibilities also.
      Pride and a nation of double minded men, is this nations downfall.

  2. You aren’t hearing “can’t we all just get along?” from me. I know who the enemies are and I have no intention of civil discourse, prayers, or some other form of utopian bullshit. I want to know why these imbeciles even get invited to any round table other than the Traitor Party Communication Officiate. Nancy Pelosi waited 12 hours before jumping on the “Republicans are just evil; the right is terrifying all of us” bandwagon. There is no end to this until we wipe them out. It is all that I can do to keep my mouth shut around people that I mostly like.

    • POd American

      “It is all that I can do to keep my mouth shut around people that I mostly like.”

      Why do you bother? The one failure that can be attributed to this current situation is that good people have been silent way too long. If they don’t sign your paycheck or kiss you goodnight then speak up, speak loud, and get in their face.

      • wendystringer48088

        ” The one failure that can be attributed to this current situation is that good people have been silent way too long. If they don’t sign your paycheck or kiss you goodnight then speak up, speak loud, and get in their face.”

        Agree. The other side is out loud and proud, we should be too. Also don’t use the other side’s termonology. Best to challenge stupidity by using facts and logic rather than letting the other side have the whole narriative.

        You might run into a situation every once in a while like I did at work yesterday where I mentioned the GOP Baseball shooter was apparently living out of his gym bag (https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/2017/live-updates/public-safety/updates-shooting-at-congressional-baseball-practice-in-virginia/gunman-was-living-out-of-the-gym-bag-former-alexandria-mayor-says/?utm_term=.5da05d48b821) and wondered who bought him the AK-47 and was quickly told by my friend to not use the term “AK-47” at work because some people might get upset and complain that they overheard someone talking about AK-47s. So there is the over-reaction by overly sensitive people to consider.

        However, there are ways to counter argue and make a point and say things which are intelligent and rational without using terms that upset people or turn people in the middle off. We want to be seen as the calm and rational ones (which we are) rather than the angry emotional ones (which the other side is).

  3. While everyone watches the bouncing ball, the tectonic plates are shifting in the ME – http://www.voltairenet.org/article196804.html – The author lives in Damascus. The Trump/Putin collusion might be real , but not about some stupid election rigging.

    • Good article. Posting tomorrow.

    • Hopefully Putin and Trump are plotting a final solution to secure a future for WHITE children.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        If there is to be a future for Russian and American white children, then said people — especially in Russia — need to start actually *having* children.

    • Northgunner

      Just read the article.

      The author misses the point entirely.
      It’s not about which sect of the ‘Cult of mo’ finally ‘wins’; islam as a whole political/cultural unit demands to be supreme. Any kaffirs that aid it and the ummah do not understand that they won’t be thanked in the end..they’ll be given the three choices or killed or enslaved immediately.

      There will be NO peace between ‘Dar al Harb’ (the house of war/non-islamic world) and ‘Dar al islam (the house of islam). There won’t even be any peace within islam, as the divisions between shia, sunni, and all the rest cannot and will not be solved.
      “Me and my brother against my cousin..
      “Me and my cousin against the other tribes..
      “My tribe and other tribes against the world!!”

      Just so….

      There will be no ‘reformation’ of islam as it is considered ‘perfect’ by its adherents (ummah, mullahs, imams and ‘scholars’..to assert that it ‘needs to be reformed/changed’ is to imply that it isn’t perfect, and the one speaking such is immediately branded as an apostate and immediately murdered ‘for offending the perfect man/prophet ‘mo’).

      islam’s adherents will use the kaffir to advance their goal..and then dominate, enslave and murder them after success is achieved.

      There is no ‘living peacefully with islam’, whether or not the moslem brotherhood and isis are destroyed. The Saudis and others will continue to advance civilization jihad in any way possible.

      How we approach and deal with islam and it’s enablers and supporters and the ummah here is up to us.

      Better that than the ‘three choices’

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      Northgunner III

      • All true , but a return to the dictators would be preferable to the current shitshow. The Shah, Hussein , Quaddafi etc kept the crazies in check. Many of the Islamic experten on here cheerleaded the wars that overthrew them along with support of ‘muj , Taliban , Chechens etc. Western ‘intel’ didn’t create this monster but they switched on an operating system that lay dormant in the addled,inbred brains of the sand people.

    • Interesting article. I wonder if that’s why Khadafi’s son was released from jail?

  4. Amazed at the way the normies are accepting this whiffle ball bat challenge without even flinching yet. Traitors deserve the worst treatment imaginable. Encourage creativity.

  5. Hatred of the left, example A. Not one day after a Bernie voter goes out republican hunting, Drudge is running stories as of 9 pm CST of shots fired at truck carrying making America great flag and starbucks staff harassing a trump supporting CUSTOMER.
    And this is where we are now, with the long hot summer setting in. You could let your imagination run wild on events that could occur this summer and you still might come up short.
    I’m thinking it’s time to double up on my weapons carry.

    • wendystringer48088

      If I may make a suggestion, everyone who carrys a weapon should also practice empty hand self defense.
      Either attending self defense seminars, taking regular classes at a martial arts school, or informally training with a like minded partner. Whether Western boxing, Thai boxing, Krav Maga, Karate, Judo, Kung Fu, etc. So as to have an immediate automatic “muscle memory” response (like throwing up your arms, bringing up your knee, getting off the centerline of the attack, deflect and strike, block-check-counter, or whatever you practice) if you suddenly find yourself the victim of an incoming punch or grab or tackle.
      I think a physical assault is lot more likely to happen in ordinary life (due to the left’s “punch a Nazi” meme and then defining a Nazi as anyone to the right of them).
      I just think it is just as important to get some physical training and unarmed self defense practice in, even if it’s Cardio Kickboxing, as the having the weapons.
      Pistol concealed carry on your body and a rifle in the trunk (along with the associated gear and go bag and backpack) is always a good idea.
      Even with a weapon, you will still have to draw the weapon and get it into play perhaps while being violently attacked, so it’s good to practice the unarmed stuff.
      Just my opinion.

    • http://www.thewrap.com/ted-nugent-promises-to-stop-hateful-rhetoric-after/

      Even the old draft dodger is backing down, gonna “Tone down the hateful rhetoric” Spit.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Well, if history teaches us anything, it’s that unilateral disarmament in the face of a relentless enemy always leads to immediate peace and harmony.

  6. Suppose someone walked into a democrat party office in DC. Suppose that person opens fire and hits a democrat representative, and then tells police that they did it becaue the war has started and the left has been committing violence already with no response. What would we here at WRSA have to say about that?

    For the record, I do not condone an action like that and I pray that does not happen, anywhere.

    But what would we say?

    • Approval rating climbing! Now 50%
      President Trump for the win!

      • wasn’t it you who said something like “you trust the media?

        pretty sure it was…

        either way dumpf is POS just as every other politician. i can’t wait for video on his trip to pedo island to be leaked.. LOL

  7. Klein proved a few threads back everything.

    Like talking to a brick wall.

    Doesn’t understand that causing 59 million white babies to be missing (never born) by using brainwashing of our women and (((feminism))) was an attack on every white person and the entire nation. 50 million white wives and mothers are missing while white men are shit on all day while being forced to subsidize 7 black babies per negress.

    Thanks for the answer. Jews truly cannot understand how they and what they do are perceived.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      A big percentage of abortions aren’t to white parents (or parent, as the case often is). Of those that are, the vast majority are to Leftists. Given that most children adopt the politics of their parents, abortion hurts the Left more than the RIght.

    • actually, via the MSM, Jews do an excellent job of controlling how they are perceived. Back around 1960 you could run a poll and c. %50 would admit the obvious, “Yes, Jews run Hollywood”. Now that’s down to c. 25%. Of course part of the difference is sheer fear. If Human Resources hears that you’re “anti-semitic”, your out of a job.

  8. “Today, the response of one Republican Congressman to the recent shooting was (paraphrased) to refer to the ball game as a chance “to reach out to our friends” across the aisle…


    The error is in considering Rs to be the antithesis of the Ds.

    They are not. They are, at best the trailing shadow of the Ds, both leaning Forward into the Glorious Marxist Future.

    That lesson should have been learned long ago with St Ronnie the Fraudulent. Or Bush. Or Bush2. Or O’bomney, mclame, or – you know.

  9. There was a minor chimp-out in Portland today

  10. Matthew 15:22-28 (Raw, uncucked King James Version):

    And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.

    But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us.

    But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

    Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me.

    But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs.

    And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.

    Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.


    Sound familiar?

    This is Cuckservatism.

    Cucks are dogs waiting beneath the Libshits’ table for scraps of bread.

    How great is the Cuckold’s faith?

    Enough to keep them coming back for more.

    They live, while you struggle or die.

    Hyperbole, you say?

    I could show you reams of evidence, but evidence is never enough for the cuck.

    How to convince the class smart@zz that your pencil is real short of using it to stab him in his eye?

    Cuckservatism is fake opposition – a pressure release valve. Six decades of political cuckoldry and failure should be sufficient to convince the dullest parrot of long discredited Ayn Rand memes that “credible” Rightist thinking and discourse was never intended to succeed.

  11. Notice that this antifa crap is not taking place in states with CCL and robust “stand your ground laws? The snowflakes don’t seem to want to play as much where a lot of people might shoot them.

  12. If the shooter were bilaterally going after the Congress Critters, I might have been a little sympathetic. Instead, he was just another murderous Leftist.

  13. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Ken O’Keefe Unveils The Truth

  14. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Corneliu Codreanu Speech Translated

  15. a follower

    People like Glen Beck are more on track than you would think. No they are not perfect. Who among us is?
    People tend to hear only what they want to hear. This article and “reader” is a prime example of this.
    Times of Tribulation are here for a reason, becoming another Negan is of course a choice, a free will choice that is yours.
    Understand? we are individuals, first and last.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Understand? we are individuals, first and last.”

      As amongst ourselves, sure. To the Collectivists? No.

    • Grey Ghost

      Wake the hell up man. Glen Beck is a retarded Lincoln bootlicker and a coward with a bunch of cowardly sycophants blowing smoke up his ass. Have fun following this idiot. Last I heard he was an MLK bootlicker and he thinks that Ghandi tactics will work against his “friends” on the left. Let him go first and be peacefully killed by these communists. Oh wait, I don’t see him doing a damn thing but saying how great MLK and Lincoln were. He is a COWARD and if he keeps on his pacifist Ghandi path he’ll be a dead coward or hiding on his ranch in IDAHO… he is the poster boy for what is wrong with Republicans and a judas goat.

  16. ““to reach out to our friends” across the aisle,…”

    What friends?

    Friends don’t treat you as though your a barnyard buggering, inbred, mental deficient who has to have their rights and freedoms stripped away “for the common good” and seek to force you to a life of servitude under their almighty government.

    There’s been a rebellion, the minions somehow got the idea that they could change the course of things and threw Team Progress a curve. Their working at fixing that now and in doing so, will likely create the conditions for the destruction of their sacred Staat and the Uni-Party.

  17. Eventually everyone worth living will realize they have to be in it for themselves and everyone else can go pound sand. If you haven’t realized this yet you are behind the 8 ball and risk being dragged under the bus that is already halfway over the cliff.

    You have to change your idea of community and society, to enclave and tribe – small and tight, and don’t limit yourself to the physical (meat space) as your enclave can, with technology, reach farther than ever before in history, ignoring county, state, and country imaginary lines on a globe.

    Having said that, if you can’t see them and grab them by the neck in person you have no business trusting them. Trust only those that upon infraction you can incinerate immediately.

    This is for keeps.


  18. So… there is no hatred on the right? It’s all on the left? Then what is this talk about bullets in the head?

    The difference between the sides is not in the hatred, but in the restraint. The right is more tolerant (in the classic definition, not “approval”). Whether that is due to cuckery, or just being more civilized, could be debated. But if we are talking about the reactions of politicians, I wouldn’t put much importance in it. We already know they are of low character.

  19. The writer should get around more, and maybe stop listening just to Never-Trumpers like Beck, who spent the last year never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    The Left took a shellacking in media today, and I heard it on multiple shows.
    Sadly, no one took Kathy Griffin’s head off literally, and there were no trucks loaded with ANFO set off outside the NYSlimes or WaPo editorial offices, but this is a start.
    One whackjob plinking congressmen all from one side of the aisle seems to have finally red-pilled a growing number of previously sonorously oblivious folks, including some media talking heads.

    Like chin music in baseball, you get one brushback pitch. After that, anyone tries it, and it’s on. This was their free shot, and it was FUBARed good and hard.

    Fucking up by the numbers is what the Left does, since forever.
    The screwed the pooch for persuasion prior to the election.
    They screwed the pooch doing protests afterwards.
    They screwed the pooch trying violent protests after that.
    And now they’ve screwed the pooch trying armed protest.

    These fat candyasses are what Soros bucks buys in the marketplace. And this is the A-Team end of the bell curve.

    At some point, maybe all those doing so damned much chicken littling will notice that the same Left that never met a budget, never made trains or anything else run right, and can’t pour piss out of a boot with instructions stamped on the sole, isn’t ten feet tall, raping your wimmenfolk, or eating your babies.

    They’re fuck-ups, because that’s all they’ve ever been.

    That plus raw numbers might work in cultures where machetes and bicycles are high-tech, but here in the first world, not so much.

    Settle down, stock up – and stock deep, get whatever training you need, and practice, practice, practice.
    When shit kicks off for real, the time spent on actual prepping, rather than hyperventilating, will reap dividends.

    • And once again you underestimate your enemy. I ask again is it better to good, or is it better to be lucky. The bullet that gets you doesn’t give a flying fuck, which one, got you.

      These douche bags are dangerous, not for their trigger pulling capacity, but for their visceral hatred of men and women who enjoy our way of life, not theirs.


  20. The Walkin' Dude

    Cucks get the helicopter rides too.


    I believe the reason all of these “interviewees” on the above-mentioned talk-radio programs are saying what they are say is because they are scared you-know-whatless. They may be hypocritical cucks, but they know that there are plenty of Deplorables out there who understand the Chicago Way. And these same Deplorables are offering no sympathy. As someone quoted the day of the ball game shooting: “…and so it begins.” Bleib ubrig.

    • Grenadier1

      Off topic, but I didnt get a chance to reply to your post the other day.

      I made a comment about “Real Catholics” and I think you took it seriously.
      It was sarcastic.
      Kind of ties into the posts about reality and the “meta reality”. With regards to there being a lot of people like Ann B that assure us that REAL Catholics dont approve of the current fellow sitting under the funny hat. My point is that it does not matter what REAL Catholics think, the guy in the funny hat runs the show, has the T-shirt and signs the checks, he makes policy. He issues bulls and statements and IS the Church. If REAL Catholics want to be believed then they need to gain control of their church and bring it back into line with their doctrine. Just like those that tell us REAL muslims don’t think like the radicals.

      • Grenadier1

        Back on topic,
        The issue of perception versus reality is also very prevalent in the Right as a whole and the GOP as a particular. Again we have people who think they represent the will of the whole , but who are in fact completely at odds with the direction that the vast majority of the followers want to take. Those people in positions of power however are protected by a legion of deniers who are the true problem because they are the ones who have invested significant amounts of time energy and money into the overall structure. They are in denial because they cant accept that the people they put in charge of running the big beautiful ship they built are driving it into an ice field littered with sea mines.
        Just like all these big sociopolitical institutions there comes a time when the followers have to clean house and reset the bullshit to reality ratio.

  22. “This is so that the cucks might keep a place to beg for scraps beneath the libshit’s table.”

    Great comment, but that’s the wrong reason. It’s because at root they’re the same, two sides of the same coin.

  23. The Usual Suspect

    I like it, maybe the dam will burst this summer and we can get
    this over with.

  24. “There is no Republican or Conservative equivalent to:


    Violent street closings;

    Violent college protests;

    A naked attempt to overthrow the results of a national election;

    Trying to evict every member of an entire race from a college campus;

    Sexual abuse of a retarded Trump supporter, live on the Internet;

    Constant calls for violence against Trump or Republicans/Conservatives in general;

    Media egging on violence against Trump and Republicans/Conservatives in general, and rationalization/justification when actual violence occurs;

    Celebrities egging on violence against Trump and Republicans/Conservatives in general; and

    General uncontrolled social media calls for violence against Trump and Republicans/Conservatives in general by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Leftists in the general public.

    When Trump and Republicans/Conservatives in general do even SOME of these things, THEN AND ONLY THEN will I play the equivalence game. Right now, there is only violence and calls for violence by the Leftists. The blame is ONLY ON THE LEFTISTS.

    • Absolutely right, Texan.

      Now I am no conservative cuck. I do get out far more than Aesop, above, realizes. If I “worship” anything it is fire, not ashes. Fire is nationalism.

      On the way home from work I tuned to the false opposition that is Glenn Beck and the Negro Larry Elder radio programs in order to listen to what conservative Cucks were saying about the shooting. Later, I scanned the digital news and various “respectable” concucked websites.

      Can anybody point to a genuine nationalist talking-head on America’s nationwide radio network? How about television: Are there any nationwide programs featuring nationalists in a positive light? Is there a nationalist-owned ISP in America supported by nationalist advertisers? Is there a 503c American college campus with nationalist professors? Is there a 503c nationalist legal foundation? Is there a 503c nationalist or European studies institute? Is there a nationalist-approved apprenticeship program for young men and women? Is there a National Association for the Advancement of Impoverished Greater Appalachian White People? No? Why not? Is it because nationalists are not as “[insert discredited cuckservative meme, here]” as cuckservatives? That is what “they” say, isn’t it?

      (Don’t know what I mean by “discredited meme”? Well, of course you do! Try one of the following from the cuckservative school of libertarian capitalist business propaganda: intelligent, educated, talented, hard-working, etc.)

      Or is the suppression a deliberate act on the part of (((certain people))) and a large number of obsequious, sycophantic, and duped gentile enforcers in the material and spiritual realms?

      Material. That would include your gentile boss, the business major, who has been taught by Murray, Rothbard, Rand, and a host of others that you and I enter and leave “the market” as little more than “individual” bars of pig iron, and deserve nothing more. After all, anything else would be (pardon me if I repeatedly jerk my knee) “socialism.”

      Spiritual. That would probably include your gentile Pastor, who wants to sell Heaven and hasn’t seen an Israeli war or occupation since 1965 that hasn’t caused him to goober his magic drawers

    • Ah. So you have been cucked. Because the cucks are NOT doing violence on you.


  25. The time of appeasement is done. There will be no peace until the “progressive left” learns that we will no longer accept their bullshit. If violence is the road that they choose then so be it. For every action there is a reaction. If it’s a “war” that the left wants, well then by all means let’s dance.

  26. Southern Baptists condemn Alt-Right and nationalism

    by Michael Hill, June 15, 2017

    Russell Moore June 2017At their 2017 annual coven . . . er, conclave in Phoenix, Arizona, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), led by Chief Cuck Russell Moore (see photo), passed a resolution condemning the Alt-right and nationalism. The resolution was introduced by a radical negro pastor and received widespread support from SBC attendees, many of whom admitted to being swayed to support the measure because of media pressure and the fear of supporting “white supremacy.” Moore went as far as calling nationalism “satanic,” despite the fact that in 2016 this self-same body issued a resolution that recognized the modern, secular state of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish ethnostate. Moreover, the SBC encourages everyone but whites within its own sphere to celebrate their culture and race/ethnicity with pride.

    The League of the South, a Southern nationalist organization for white gentiles, roundly condemns the SBC for its cowardly anti-white, anti-Southern, and anti-Biblical stance. Anyone who has studied God’s Holy Word understands that “the nations” play a central role in the unfolding of His Providence. It is also clear that, far from condemning nationalism, the Lord of hosts actually has no truck with its counterpart: globalism. What do you think the condemnation of the Tower of Babel was all about? We think Russell Moore might have the “satanic” shoe on the wrong foot.

    The SBC has stepped over the line into full apostasy with this latest resolution. It has sold out to the world, the flesh, and the devil. And unless the likes of Russell Moore repent and turn from whoring after the strange gods of cultural Marxism, may the true and living God send his wrath down upon this unholy thing that calls itself a branch of Christianity.

    Michael Hill


    • Russell Moore is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, tasked to bring down the last remaining Christian denomination from adherence to Biblical principles. He slyly never took stances like he does now until he was promoted to the powerful position he holds.

      SBC accepting gay marriage, LGBT ministers is not far behind.

  27. A word to the wise for the ideologically-blinded hyper-individualists out there: family formation (monogamous husband and wife with children under one roof) is the ultimate socialist enterprise. A business partnership would be, in my estimation, number two. If you disagree, then feel free to screw yourself and tell me in 9-10 months how THAT worked out.

  28. Its time to start posting videos on youtube on these Marxist criminal executives of these MSM corporations who are instigating this violence ….Specifically who they are (photos) where they live (photos) where they eat (photos) what cars they drive and where they park their cars (photos) and their families (photos) where they work (photos)…and any other specific details of their movements, planned future events they will be attending etc etc..

    Perhaps if they didn’t feel so insulated from the violence they are instructing their on air “journalists” to instigate they would stop taking the orders from their DC democrat bosses to instigate it.

  29. A Texan @6/17 12:25 has the right idea; but, perhaps not in the way he thinks.

    Has anyone read the Declaration of Independence lately? (That’s rhetorical: I know that you have.)

    Apart from the mere statement of the declaration, and apart from the poetic Lockean philosophical basis for the declaration; what makes up the bulk of the DoI?

    A list of grievances provides justification. Justification not of immediate retaliation, but of future retaliation if the aggrievor fails to cease and desist from aggrieving the aggrieved (good grief!). It is a warning, and a promise.

    I see comments from individuals itching to get the fighting started. This is not unwarranted; but it is unwise. Unwise, because each of you carries your “list of grievances” in an undifferentiated blob in your amygdyla.

    Simmer-down. Get your ducks in a row. Put your long list of shit on paper. Share, edit, repeat, and, finally … compile.

    I have read articles, posts, comments, etc. describing how the “right” is not as effective as the Left vis-a-vis organization, cooperation, and action. To belie this opinion, perhaps concert on a definitive (and very very long) list of grievances FOR ACTUAL PRINTED AND VIRTUAL PUBLICATION is in order?

    This is called “keeping your powder dry,”; “not firing until you see the white’s of their eyes,”; and, “unleashing Hell” when you do.

  30. Cassandra (of Troy)


    The Congresscritter hitter had a shopping list.:


    And as far as “toning down the rhetoric” goes……:


    Yep, it’s shaping up to be a hot summer!