The Battle Between Good & Evil…

Is not a metaphor.

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22 responses to “The Battle Between Good & Evil…

  1. Isn’t Auschwitz and Dachau available to house the refugees?

  2. Shorter Poland, “FU, EU”.

  3. Grey Ghost

    So Poland has 24hours to change their immigrant policy… or what? Just do what your gonna do you EU govt oligarchs.

    Grey Ghost

  4. “Well son, it’s a major tentacle of the squid”.

    “Here, let me show you ANOTHER Venn Diagram.”

  5. Iceland will realize that you can take the third world out of Africa but they can’t be reformed, realigned, or refurbished. I swear we are experiencing the end of time.

    • The end of A time. The old world ‘order’ is about to be over run by history. The coming adversity is just what whitey needs . Throwing these ragbags into white homelands is a desperation move. Don’t know what else they can do since they can’t seem to provoke Russia or China. Last time in Vienna the Poles saved the day so good for them.

    • Northgunner

      You can take the cannibal out of Africa.. but you can’t take Africa out of the cannibal!!

      Same goes for ALL moslems..whether from the mideast/Africa or ‘native born’!!

      Same goes for all the collectivists that enable and support both of the above while trying to double down on communism, maoism, and all the rest of that dreck on the rest of us!!

      Time to go ‘Nathan Bedford Forest’ on them and ‘put the skeer in them’!!

      Time is waaay past to drive them out with sjamboks and shoot those that resist!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      Northgunner III

  6. Polish jokes, not funny anymore.

  7. Cassandra (of Troy)

    And why was that Polish event so peaceful?:

    The Poles aren’t the only ones being threatened by the European branch of The Imperium.:

    And speaking of the Czechs, earlier this year their govt issued an ‘extremist’ & positively (GASP!) AMERICANESQUE anti-terrorist directive that’s sure to REALLY disturb the Eurocrats/other ‘civilised’ people.:


    • Cassandra — so my options are: a. go to the czech republic to learn how they fight terrorists there,
      or b. wait till we’re over run and hope this government will make a similar recommendation for action to the general indigenous population here?
      option c. mulligan! has very little going for it.
      has to be a Wrath of Gnon poster somewhere saying we have to become the leaders we’re looking for.

      • kay_de_leon

        Its unamerican to wait for government recommendation.

        we have amazing places to buy self defense devices here in the US, and a lot of really amazing places that you can go to use/learn to use them. why on earth would you need to go to the czech republic?

  8. POd American

    Enslave them…put them to work in the meat packing houses making kielbasa.

    • Anon e mouse

      Wouldn’t trust them not to mess with it. Won’t buy or eat Chobani yogurt either.

  9. Muslim migrant rapists of 5-year-old Idaho girl, get no jail time, JUDGE issues gag order on ‘sentencing’

    Sharia law in Idaho. The three Muslim refugee boys who plead guilty in the heinous sexual attack of a five-year-old girl in Idaho were sentenced yesterday. No jail time. The judge barred everyone in the courtroom, including the victim’s own parents, from speaking about the case and threatened anyone with serious consequences if they violated his edict. Unheard of.

    The sexual assault occurred at Fawnbrook Apartments, in Twin Falls, when a 5-year-old was lured into a laundry room, stripped of her clothing, urinated on, and orally and anally raped while the oldest boy filmed the entire incident.

    By the way, guess who will ENFORCE this edict?

    • Anon e mouse

      Twin Falls, ID — home of Chobani yogurt

    • Have the citizens of Idaho recalled this elected judge, he/she is a state judge, not Fed, correct. .

      Also I know of no gag orders that don’t “time out” regarding criminal cases.

      Pete, do you know the answer to this?


    • Jimmy the Saint

      Wonder if there will be a sudden spate of “Worst suicide I ever saw” in those parts.

  10. Poland’s dilemma is its history of being sandwiched between either European or Russian empires and no significant mountain ranges for protection. Like the Serbs they constantly get pressure from both and by pressure that includes the violent kind.

    EU might punish the Poles with economic sanctions and if that doesn’t work, NATO can always do a few bombing runs like they did with the Serbs.

    Speaking of the Serbs they appointed their first gay prime minister –EU and USA approved– so they could move closer to EU membership. Serbian men are furiously typing on their keyboards today. Shouldn’t be long before their churches start getting converted to mosques and when their women aren’t taking up with each other, they’ll have some Albanian Muslims to take their pick from.

    It would be a shame if minarets started appearing across Poland’s horizon 50 years from now. But, that has been the plan across Europe for many decades.

  11. CA admits that this battle “Is not a metaphor.” Well praise the LORD. We’ll make a closet Christian out of you yet. And then you can come on out.

    It really is. More and more will come to realize it. The deeper the presence of evil the more desperate the search for good. And evil, is just warming up. The reformation seems to be coming to an end, everyone must choose a side, as the fruits of the general good begin to disappear.

    “Let mine adversaries be clothed with shame, and let them cover themselves with their own confusion, as with a mantle. I will greatly praise the LORD with my mouth; yea, I will praise him among the multitude.”

    It’s ok to pray against the enemy.

  12. The Usual Suspect

    All that tundra, all those deep, dark forests perfect for mass
    graves, ” calling Mr. Mooselimb “, ” calling Mr. Mooselimb “.