Z Man: The Dead End

Were the importers so unintentional in their diversity-promotions.

Rabid dogs froth and bite people.

It is their nature.

But what kind of creatures import packs of rabid dogs, with full knowledge of that fact?

20 responses to “Z Man: The Dead End

  1. “But what kind of creatures import packs of rabid dogs with full knowledge of that fact?” Creatures that play the (((numbers))) game, (Fed,ECB,etc) people on their playmoney payroll (UN to your local council) and the sycophants that completely underestimate the resolve of the greatest predator in history.
    Now, let’s all argue about semantics because time’s a wastin’ and controlling the dialogue is the next wave!!!
    Chop Chop.

  2. I don’t buy the religion theory (that they are following their multicultural religion). I think it works this way simply because it is in the interest of the cloud people that it should. There is a lot of money and influence to be had, empires to build. They aren’t there to solve problems for us. Actually solving some issue would put a lot of powerful people, and their minions, out of work.

    • Grenadier1

      At the low levels I think you are very much correct. Think about the hapless snowflakes with their Socio-gender studies degrees. Where can these useless wigits put their autism to work? They have to work in these NGOs and Non-profits ran by other useless organizers and former professors. No one else will pay them. Large amounts of this “condition” exists just as a work program for progressive college idiots.

  3. a follower

    “Rabid dogs froth and bite people.

    It is their nature.

    But what kind of creatures import packs of rabid dogs, with full knowledge of that fact?”
    Perhaps people who wish to create more rabid dogs. So should we act as they wish or in the opposite?
    We are not all Negan.

    • “Perhaps people who wish to create more rabid dogs.”

      Ding, ding, ding. Except there’s no “perhaps” about it.

  4. Just as I expected, cuckservative talking-heads are deathly afraid to attribute almost all of the political hatred in this country to the Left. Guests on radio shows (Glenn Beck, Larry Elders, etc.), for example, downplay the near universal Leftist hatred in newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and digital news we’ve experienced for the past year and more. The most they do is reluctantly say, “recently there has been a little more incitement from the Left.” In forums I have read calls for prayer, bible quotations, and advice to “not respond in kind.” Today, the response of one Republican Congressman to the recent shooting was (paraphrased) to refer to the ball game as a chance “to reach out to our friends” across the aisle, as if the recent ginning up of anti-Trump hate in Congress by Demo/Rhino Congressmen, not to mention politics in general, does/would not have the potential to create harmful social-economic consequences for the losing side’s weakest members.

    It is not the intent of cucks to win. Cuckservative moralizing and capitalist business propaganda is about conning grassroot con readers/listeners about the need to respond civilly and graciously toward their deadliest enemies. This is so that the cucks might keep a place to beg for scraps beneath the libshit’s table. If the cucks are successful, then scraps are thrown to them (Woman how great is thy faith!). Cucks really don’t give a damn about the rest of us.

    • Grey Ghost

      Glenn Beck is a copsucking Lincoln bootlicking fucking legend in his own mind with a bunch of bootlicking sycophant cowards just like him. Stop listening/watching this idiot. Did you think a never Trumper coward like Beck would do anything else? Hell, last I heard Beck thinks CNN is a real news network.

      Grey Ghost

  5. To Kill A Mockingbird – Atticus shoots a mad dog

    semper vivium

    • Using a 30-40 Krag-Jorgensen rifle.

    • Northgunner

      And what’s the difference between a rabid dog and ANY member of the parasite class, their enablers and supporters, and the uniformed orcs that act as their ‘muscle’?

      No damn difference at all!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      Northgunner III

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  7. Grey Ghost

    Z Man, so NOW you think this will not end well. Welcome to the party pal.

    Grey Ghost

  8. The useful idiots may be captive to their p.c. multicultural ” religion”.
    The elites? Not so much.

  9. Notarealperson

    The cucks would never do anything to protect even their own. They think they can cut a deal with the Left.

    That said, their cowardice has laid the groundwork for more attacks. Next time they’ll target a MAGA meeting/rally. or some other defenseless group. That will make it personal and it will get interesting from there on out.

    It’s just a matter of when.

    Damn fools.

  10. “But what kind of creatures import packs of rabid dogs, with full knowledge of that fact?”

    Dog Catcher on the take.

  11. “This one is all on the Cloud People, but they can’t bring themselves to face the cause of the problem. Instead, they build out the police state, install more cameras and turn the country into a game preserve. Cynics say this is deliberate, but that assumes facts not in evidence. These people are not that clever. It’s that their multicultural religion forbids them from considering the right answer to the problem.” – Zman


    Just because Zman says that it “assumes facts not in evidence” doesn’t make it so. He needs to buy and actually read a copy of The Culture of Critique by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. The destruction of this country and Europa was a deliberate act of hatred implemented by a hostile, highly ethnocentric minority necessarily abetted by gentile Jacobins, traitors, and an assortment of useful idiots of gentile “persuasion.”

  12. It’s really simple folks. We’re now about 3 generations down the road of making pussified little cuck boys (subsequently becoming pussified little cuck grown men) that have been neutered of the warrior hearts God put in them at the hands of ‘public schools’ and PC. If you allowed this to happen to YOUR son, go punch yourself in the balls, please. And then go punch your cucky boy in the balls.

    To accept the current condition of the violent left with a shrug of the shoulders and ‘what am I to do?’ attitude makes you a….COWARD!

    The solution: Be prepared and ABLE (skills and mindset) to violently defend yourself at all times.

    I live in the socialist welfare state of MD and I carry. Fuck the law. I’m not looking for a fight, in fact I keep my aging ass away from most mass public places as much as possible, but if one comes, so be it.