Always more Cossacks!

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  1. the 3 Stooges.

    tweedle dee
    tweedle dumb
    and tweedle dickbreath

    fucking clueless bastards.
    this is the best murka can do?

    she’s seriously fucked….

    • “…Sessions claims he needs prosecutorial powers, because Marijuana is a horrible drug, fueling a ” historic drug epidemic,” and apparently he wants to save us from ourselves…

      …All of his rhetoric sounds like some post “Reefer Madness”, cold war era political stooge, owned by big alcohol, big Pharma and the private prison industry. Instead the evidence shows that people are substituting Marijuana for Opioids to manage their pain, with much lower rates of overdoses in states that allow Medical Marijuana. Veterans are turning to Cannabis to treat their PTSD, and just saying no to government approved pharmaceuticals. Another Sessions talking point is crime associated with Pot. A year after legalization, crime in Colorado was down across the board…

      … Mr Sessions, who has been a shill for big Tobacco, has argued that “Marijuana is only slightly worse than Heroin…”

      what a tool.

      • Northgunner

        sessions is just channeling zombies anslinger and hearst when he starts doing such disingenuous pious mouth moving.
        Of course he’s a shill for big pharma, alcohol/tobacco, and the prison corporation. Also shows how utterly collectivist he and the rest of the parasite class are, “we own you body and soul!’ll put into your bodies and minds what WE approve of!! drink your subsidized schmaltz booze and eat your gov dispensed soma you groveling helots!!”

        Fuck him and all the rest of those shitweasels and their enforcement class!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  2. This is off topic for this Banzai creation.

    We have spent time, too much time, discussing and debating the “moral high ground” as it relates to direct action: “we don’t want to strike first”. The liberty-minded right has been very sensitive to its image; IOW, cucked. We have criticized Trump as having been cucked or bullied into submission. Post after post counseled patience, and restraint, because what would the media say?

    The media is saying it anyway. The media is going to continue saying it anyway. Nothing we do or say, or don’t do or don’t say, will change that. The dialogue is at an end. Get past that emotionally, right fucking now.

    Trump cannot succeed by paying any attention to media pressure. Neither can we. The left sends a man with a rifle to change the makeup of Congress, and the left’s response to the event is to call for more gun control, and to blame the climate of hatred created by…the liberty-minded right. Cuckservative traitor Congressman on Morning Joe agrees:

    Such as it is, with the Antifa violence and this recent attack the left has ceded the “moral high ground”, if there ever was such a thing. No matter what happens, it’s going to be our fault. No matter what happens, any violent opposition by us, or opposition of any kind, will result in universal calls in the media for finishing our enslavement. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT WE DO. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT TRUMP DOES. No matter what happens, we will be racist / misogynistic / xenophobic / cisgendered / reactionaries. And the leftist media will delight in our being shot, as they are right now.

    • There it is:

      The. Bottom. Line.

      The end is here… the end of worrying about “when.”

    • NO.

      you have pent YOUR time debating the “moral high ground”

      I’ve been steadfast in my message…

      200 million are to be given No Quarter.

      • There are 200 million on your island? Or do you envision making a comeback tour, like napoleon?
        You’re just gonna talk, like you did when you were “cadre”. On this blog. Exclusively, even.
        And, for my small pleasure, bring up Weaponsman again soon. Guy is gone but your little feelings still sting, don’t they! Hell, I’m considering a blog just so I can ban you, too. Hilarious shit, you gimpy little never been. As if anything that falls from your mouth is true.

        • did you ever serve at all?

          fucking lowlife scumbag.


          i can’t wait till you’re dead and rotting.

          sucks to be you.

        • and fuck that fat pig faced wm.

          glad he’s dead.

          i hate the green brays at this point

          what have they ever done?

          same as your worthless ass.


          fucking losers.

          • I’m guessing they tossed you out of Selection before you even got off the bus, right?
            Nothing else would explain that massive kneejerk inferiority complex.

            And hey, shit-talking the dead: bonus style points, coolio.
            You’re clearly a major legend in your own mind.

            • fuck you dumbass.

              fucking fanboys are nothing but ass sniffers.

              the guy was a copsucker.

              one less copsucker is a good thing.

              and if they were worth a shit, why is anyone even worrying about the state of affairs?

              they are nothing but over hyped thugs for the regime. they have accomplished nothing but creating chaos wherever they go.

              i for one am tired of their dumb shit as well as having to pay for them.

              fuck them.

              liberators of the oppressed my fucking ass.

  3. Judge Thomas Borresen of Idaho’s 5th Judicial District

    • Jesus thanks for posting that, I’d lost track of that case. We are so far past the rubicon it’s not even funny. Page Claire and ask her if it’s still to early.

  4. Northgunner

    And Patriot Nurse calls it on trumpy’s recent bow and scrape tour to sordid akbarisran (guess he’s having fap fantasies about being numbskull chambermaid bringing peace n unicorn flops in our time).

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  5. a follower

    In the Bible, the world is set on a course. We are not called to change or alter the course. It is we ourselves who are called to change. Become set apart from the world.
    How does a Navy ship get hit in the fashion of the Fitzgerald? T- boned. everyone asleep?

    • Dollars to donuts, the bridge watch was attending the mandatory weekly Diversity lectures.

      • you don’t even have any dollars lowlife.

        go change a bedpan or sniff some girl scouts ass.

        that’s what you do best=- REMF

        oh and get a real job, you know one that actually pays enough to retire before you hit 40.


        you’re most certainly one of the 200 million scumbuckets that need to go.