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Those local, bi-partisan accountability files won’t build themselves.

Tempus fugit.


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  1. Grey Ghost


    Lynching epidemics… sounds like something in the future of the USSA.

    Grey Ghost

  2. So I am reading a comment elsewhere (paraphrase): “Well, I am no cuck, but…”

    And that is what is wrong with The Bowel Movements compass. It is its own worst EMP.

    When your enemies, are killing your enemies… why the sad puppy eyes? I mean, what is it? Do you think you are superior moralizing with some new found empathy attachment to your enemy, who was just killed by your enemy? That you are now going to rally behind the cucks?

    Seriously. The stoo-pid fucks can’t figure out that they both want you dead.

    But, but… “We’ll, I’m no cuck but…” But what? They want you just as dead?

    And that is how they play you. And dumb-fucks fall for it.

    • The bottom 2/3s of the white population presents a problem for white libshits and their (((masters))). We are the dirt people. For more than six decades cuckservatism has existed as a pressure relief valve for dirt people. The cucked con men selling cuckservatism are merely interested in living well at our expense. Don’t be fooled into thinking that cucks want everyone of us dirt people dead, yesterday, just because they talk down to us. Cuckservatives are living for the present, not the future. They don’t us all dead, even if they are willing to sacrifice some of us on occasion. More than anything they do not want us to rise up and take matters into our own hands. Our continued passivity is the reason cucks are allowed under the table in the first place, licking their chops as they wait for the occasional scrap from their libshit masters. If we rose up cuckservatives wouldn’t be tolerated under the table. They would be taken out and shot.

      By the way, I’d lose the “Chasing Rabbits” avatar. The rabbits are Muds who are nothing without the backing of the State. We are going on a jackal hunt with far deadlier consequences. Why? Jackals will have, at least in the beginning, access to near unlimited resources.

  3. Trump dare not get behind further gun-control, resulting from the GOP attack.

    Not yet, anyway; not while he is politically quite weak.

    He must surely sense that his last line of defence is those very “gun-owners” in ordinary homes; and that he has more-than-enough enemies already.

    It always boils down to who can organise the most violence, in the most effective manner.

  4. “As I mentioned, my parents had said that blacks were could not function in the First World. It seemed that they were right. Desegregation had not worked, nor integration, nor quotas nor affirmative action nor Head Start. What didn’t work was turning blacks into members of a European civilization in which they had no interest. It would have worked no better had blacks lived in China, Japan, or Russia.

    Nothing worked and nothing is going to work. There is clarity in this realization, a clarity to admitting what is actually happening. It avoids tortured reasoning to show that the dysfunction of blacks is due to anything and everything but blacks themselves. One need not make endless excuses for endless bad behavior, for the crime and dependency, the racial attacks, and the degradation of society.”


  5. Do not be fooled by a few brief moments of Kumbayah brought to you by the Left and its propaganda organ, the MSM. Julius Caesar is still playing in Noo Yawk’s Central Pawk.

    We must remember that leftists think differently than we do. They are no more “progressive” than parasites. Just because you and I value truth, we should not assume that libshits do. From my extensive experience among them I have found that they attach zero importance to truth. Their only aim is to bring down white gentile males and the civilization our ancestors created. Libshits never experience qualms about what they do, as truth (or right or morality) means nothing to them. Indeed they are aware of these concepts but do not experience them at the instinctual level. These concepts are mere words or, at best, hollow forms. The libshit does not bother to ask himself: “Am I a total liar and deceiver” as the question itself is meaningless to him. His brain contains no circuitry for generating such thoughts. The wiring for generating such concerns is defective or does not exist. In place of neurons for truth, creation, and progress there are only neurons for devolution, parasitism, and power. After a lifetime of lies the idea that he has been inverting the truth does not occur to the libshit. He can argue about truth and right, but these concepts are of zero value. Truth and right are mere devices employed in arguments against people who value them – against people who assume that libshits are, at root, “normal.”

    To know a libshit is to despise him as a sociopath. They are not normal. Trump may pretend that they are, but we don’t have to. Double down on those @zzhole$ and their cuck$ervative stooges.

  6. Northgunner

    The only reason that the parasite class has ‘soft hands’ is that they’ve never wanted to get the calluses earned by doing their own dirty deeds. They’ve always delegated that to their enforcement orcs at all levels.
    Murderous cowards, but cowards nonetheless…

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  7. Northgunner

    Hmmmm…maybe someone should pass,this on to kathy griffen…and the rest of the parasite class.

    The Ballad of moldylocks

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    Northgunner III

  8. Trump is going to have to either as publicly and sensationally as it is possible to do, expose Pizzagate.
    Declare Martial Law and arrest every one of these fucking treasonous motherfuckers. Along with all the shadow government payroll patriots who are stonewalling MAGA.
    Oh ya, hang a token few, the rest into one of those FEMA camps that don’t exist. Gulags for elites.

    The cancer of treason has infected the body politik. There is no other way out of this except for the option of total resistance by us dirt people.

    So if you think about it, antifa is correct on one level about fascism, but totally wrong on who the fascists will be. If this anarchy called a republic is to survive as a whole entity, fascism at least for as long as it requires to root out the cancer and set things to rights, to even consider starting fresh, fascist measures will be the only way to even beginning to restore a republic. Talking strong man with nationalistic support. And I say that, because when the consequences of monetary insanity implodes as it will at some point, all fucking hell is breaking loose.

    The only other “alternative”, no pun intended, is in Alt-Right dirt peoples revolution. But that can only happen of the Normies wake up, the Normies have the power due to numbers and legitimacy, you can say they are legion, but only if they understand they are and have that collective power.
    And that defines the viability of open source peoples insurgency warfare. No popular support by the Normies for 4th gen war, we are all on our own subject to the winds of fate of a leviathan like Hobb’s didn’t imagine.

    The Martial Law option will work splendidly because of the Normies, leave the Normies alone, and they will go along to get along. The dirt people will be more than happy to see the political scum hung and left to rot in FEMA camps, they have richly earned a life time sentence, and it limits the madness of revenge and comeuppance, doesn’t stop it, it takes the big fish away and leaves the local small fry to suffer whats due them by the local people who if anyone deserves the opportunity to self determine what needs to be done with the little totalitarians among us, they do.

    The whole unmitigated disaster hinges on the elites being untouchable, how this anarchy of the political/corporate elite, exist now to survive their crimes and treason, to the exclusion of all else. Everyone on all sides with one functioning brain cell knows whats going down. It is illegitimacy writ larger than anything going on. And everyone knows everyone knows what is going down.


  9. I keep thinking what happens after Trump. If nothing substantial and foundational occurs before he leaves office or is deposed. All arguments aside as to what Trump and MAGA can or can not accomplish, if the motherfuckers we all despise are left to pick up where obama left off, to me this below, is the prime directive.
    Think about it. Trump AD, if the “swamp” isn’t drained, is going to be payback time for all us deplorables who voted Trump in. Bank on it.
    It’s what we got to be planning for. Whether Ol’ Trump does good or not, it is a pretty sure bet the color revolution of 11-8 will never be permitted to happen again, and you know the entire uniparty will be burning the midnight oil to assure no more Trumps.

    Remember who we are talking about here. A class of debauchery. Were even pedophilia and child snuff films is a right of passage into the elitist class. You think going after us deplorables will not happen? These will be the same who murdered LeVoy Finnicum, who make up laws out of their ass to suit whatever circumstances require.

    I’m not saying anything new here, we all know what these motherfuckers are and are capable of. They will be thinking of rooting any one who will defy them out.

    At best we get 7.5 more years. They will probably JFK or depose Trump before then at the rate things are going. It don’t look good in that department. But Trump is a pretty interesting guy, he is not a quitter or a loser, and has a big set of balls. It’s the potential after Trump for Amerika stage II that we got to be getting ready for. Short of hanging everyone of the motherfuckers, how are they got rid of? And if the Normies don’t pull the suppository pacifiers out of their arses and wake up, it’s gonna be real sporty for us dirt people.


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  11. robroysimmons

    Devine no doubt owns a gun, probably outside of Jersey’s stupid laws as well.

    We got the same species of white male Ds in Illinois, not wanting to sound like fags they pretend to being mobsters and they all strap.

  12. The best possible outcome is that President Trump takes a page out of the Saddam Hussein party purification book. Saddam was EFFECTIVE in this. I’m sure it was his pleasant demeanor and grace that made that happen. He persuaded people to recognize their own self interests.

  13. Grey Ghost

    Of course they think we will just nod and smile… but they’d be wrong like they almost always are. Falsely taking away a legit election WILL have consequences. I’m betting the Fake News Media will be first, then Demoncraps of all stripes, the damnable University professors and finally the treasonous cucks. The rich Dems who have a way out will get out of the country or swing from a lamp post. Seems the democratic socialist country of Venezuela has an epidemic of lamp post hangings lately… it’s what ultimately what happens when you run out of middle class tax money.

    Grey Ghost