GoV: Tragic Prelude, Revisited

A clear-eyed of the past, present, and future.

Assassination lists and all.

Use the weekend well.

Tempus fugit.

27 responses to “GoV: Tragic Prelude, Revisited

  1. The Left, Like Islam, has never been non-violent. Democrats beat a Republican to near death on the floor of Congress prior to CW V.1 because he was anti-slavery. The Dem controlled CSA declared their nation to be a Slave State, it was the reason they fired upon Union/Free State forces and started the war for real. The Dem’s personal wealth meant more to them than 100,000s of dead Southeners and the survival of their new nation. Today’s CW V.2 is driven by the same personalities and factors; Greed, Lust and Covet-ness being high on the list.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Do you genuinely believe the shit you just driveled out in that post? LOL

      Abe and his Save the Union! crowd is where the leftists were in those days. The stupidity of this nation is nearly insufferable these days. FYI Karl Marx wasn’t penning letters to Jeff Davis in those days.

      • Randall Flagg

        The Civil War was, plain and simple, about the interests of northern Industrialists vs. southern Plantation Owners. In other words, it was northern Elite vs. southern Elite. That both sides beguiled the peasants to fight and die for their Elite, and how to this day the southern non-intelligentsia think they’d be better off under ‘their’ Elite, is beyond me.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Democrats beat a Republican to near death on the floor of Congress prior to CW V.1 because he was anti-slavery.”

      It was a one-on-one affair, and it was done because Senator Sumner personally attacked (via a speech) a relative of Representative Brooks. It wasn’t a group beat down or simply because Sumner was anti-slavery.

  2. The attempted assassination at the Alexandria baseball field interestingly had more casualties than the Battle of Fort Sumter – one in total.

  3. The space between your ears. What do ya think?

    Don’t know what you think, however here is a bit of what I do.

    Anonymous. SPIN with circularity. Where is Al Sharpton, where is the racism, where is the outrage of the BLM, the ACLU the Jessie Jackson rainbow pushed fag, where is white privilege of the shooter? And where did he buy the bullets? Where are the back stabbing actors? The left media screams the gun is the problem! And how is your 401 K doing? Pretty good I suspect. Now, remember back to 2008 and how easy it is to lose 40% or more instantly! Perhaps 60 %? Can you say underwater? That 350 thousand dollar house is worth 200 at best and you are in the hole again. The real question is why did the big bust happen in the first place. Yes friends and relatives it was all caused by the angry white man both left and right and all in the center with guns. Color my world with diversity and multiculturalism which is the pig that wears lipstick symptomatic of our social structure built on little more than lies. Still, be careful, what you say can and will be used against you in the kangaroo court of lawyers. And of course this is being recorded, obviously to improve methods of spying on you, big brother?

    No! We are not all >>>Americans! Such is our great divide, thanks to mostly the political parties… Right and left, up and down and inside out. Politically motivated? (Interestingly, the real motivations are the usual suspects, money, power and control, not necessarily in that order but, always the same motivations, politically.

    Head Line: House hearing on gun regulation delayed by shooting. The irony of it all. The issue is not the gun or the regulations, it is idiot ideology.

    You are not going to hear the recent shooting of a politician at base ball practice was a random act of work place violence, you will not hear that.

    Freudian slip is showing Terry M. Gov of Virginia, 93,000,000, (MILLION) die every day by gun violence. Me thinks he protest too much and obviously has math issues. But the number seems about right for what he really wants to happen, I suspect. Note here: That is what the Communist do, kill people.

    So what is really going on is detraction away from the investigation. Yesterday’s hearings hit too close to home on who should be investigated. There are a few too may events of convenience. Know this, any shooting incident moves the media away from any real news that should be covered. Shooting a republican politician moves the needle on the BS meter full tilt. Meaning something was about to be exposed, the shooting is the cover!

    The day of the event, yesterday. As I write this there has been a shooting in DC and a politician was shoot. No doubt an issue of playground violence with political motivations, perpetrated by the lone wolf, a random act of violence with no political, ideological, or philosophical and or party affiliation, no doubt. Terror to ensue and emergency responder swing into action as planned. What I find interesting is the aftermath, meaning math, the number of emergence responders, which I suspect a good thing perhaps, or perhaps not. Even more interesting is the news coverage of the army of a fair amount of wide bodies with guns. Further suspicion is that not only the local police taking control with road blocks of ambulance, fire trucks and all sort of other local responders but also the not so noticeable federal agencies with guns too. I also imagine the behind the scenes communications as well eye in the sky, not to mention private security camera data confiscated, while the local populace is incarcerated, quarantined and cordoned off the immediate and surround area. What I find interesting as well is all the different uniformed, again mostly wide bodies with badges and guns that most have a huge target on their backs written in plain English, reflective blaze orange and yellow POLICE, FBI and so on and so forth the perimeter set up for a set up. I am just sayin that it makes a strategic and well planned tactical event could happen elsewhere with that kind of distraction. And you can be sure the gun controllers will control another gun control argument. All I can say is, it couldn’t happen to nicer bunch of folks. I mean instead of you local night club, Christmas party, or concert bombers and even vehicular controlled homicide on a bridge, or even a drunken spoiled rich kid with afluenza, nope a politician. Perhaps we should arm the rebels freedom fighters, if we knew whom them were, of course? Just maybe Libya could send US back some our arms, too? And you already really know, there could have been a video that cause it? I suspect there was a grassy knoll somewhere around there, or perhaps a pitcher mound?

    The after math, death by cop. The only fact is the prime suspect is dead and tells no lies, then the spin begins. Obviously, it is the guns fault and need for more gun regulations according to our rulers spin time. The quick draw McGraw media spun the web of deceit, the black rifle AR-15 ASSAULT WEAPON did it! Don’t know this for a fact but saw, it was a Russian SKS antique, “curio and relic” classified by the ATF$E in the ever popular Russian 7.62 X 39, meaning the Russians did it, the irony of it? Interestingly, I heard other nonsense about an ASSAULT PISTOL being used as well. Fortunate for the politicians was the proficiency of the perp. Still the unfortunate fact is this guy did what more then you know would like to do to politicians. However, I am surprised that no body blamed George Bush, so obviously George has been replaced by the Russians. Nope, it was none of that. It was climate change.

    After eight years of the politically divided what did you expect? What is really going on here in the great divide is the Communist Manifesto vs. the US Constitution! What should really hit home is the great divide itself. It is the thing of wars. There is no political solution. If there was, it would have been done by now, but no the problems accumulate and become ever more expensive in the game of can kicking, debate and change the subjects to perhaps immigration to become the replacement society of ever greater cows to be hoarded and herded and lead to slaughter house. The reason there is no fix politically is because it is political suicide. As stated recently, the democrats and republicans get along just fine, they dine and game together and debate the differences in policy while making law that suit them at the expense of just about everyone else. Then they are well paid for pretty much doing nothing. Want proof, the war in Afghanistan is such proof for the 15 years of the UN winnable, 50 years of the war on drugs and poverty even more, then debate the wall, every brick in it a million dollars and could have been built three time over, if they would just shut up and do it!

    Two very real problems, one is the so called health and the other is the so called education. Both of these like everything else is not the institution but the administration by over paid and under preforming stuffed suits idiotideology all with up the wazoo papers of accomplishments in screw your neighbor from university of screw you. All very well funded and in debt to the national divide. Health Care, you have got to be kidding me! IT IS NOT HEALTH CARE, IT IS POLITICAL PAYOFFS! Education, he said jokingly, is the joke is on you! Just ask Billy Ayers about the educational system he built with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge? How did that work out? What is a hundred million when it comes to education? Peanuts is the answer. However the young communist terrorist Revolutionary turned educator became very wealthy with the help of daddies money and the US government complexities. And just exactly where did the man of many names that became the chief executive illusionists come from? Let me tell you that B-rack was on the founding board of, as you may have guessed the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in 1995. It was never about education, it was about control and of course money and the power to do what them damn well please. An interesting note is the first ballot cast by bullet was a supporter of the socialist lite communist Bernie was also from Illinois.

    There is no political solution and why you may ask is that? Them are Legion, well funded by IRS Charitable and NON-Profit Foundations for which them profit and politically motivated, need I say organized. And of course them control ever government institution, the big business of big business, the courts and lawyers, the pension funds and paycheck protection program of the institutions, too include the separation of church of the state which is the bully pulpit for the puppets, turn the other cheek as them flood the nation with fresh blood UN Americans Lutheran and Catholic socialist services to climate the change the nation into babbling idiots that don’t know a spade when they see it, much less call it what it is, spade in spades!

    You can come up ten thousand reasons for not doing anything and all of them are BS! There is only one reason and that is called the US Constitution as it was originally intended a balance of powers that was intended to prevent what we have become. The real war is the war of ideas, the Communist Manifesto vs. the US Constitution, that is the only real issue. I can guarantee you this, if it is lost, it is lost forever. No going back. And a special thanks to my generation for making it all happen in my lifetime. However, I still have a little life left in me, would more than to contribute to the cause if it comes to a shooting was but, for now as you humble world war three correspondent and keyboard cowboy for all the view that is not fit to print elsewhere, politically incorrect, at times grammatically incorrect as well, yet inspired by our creator. Why else would I do this if it were not from divine providence? I AM certainly not getting paid for it!

    Al Gore joking aside, it is no joke, you don’t know what you got till its gone.The solution is pretty simple but will be agonizingly painful, mentally and physically and I might add economically, simple put , we need to weed the garden. Make no mistake, this is a religious war.


  4. My frustration is this. By continuing to memorializing this fuck sticks deeds, we have given this nut a place in the history books.

    Drag his carcass out back, throw him on the pile, for burning this next fall.

    What exactly are we learning from him? What’s the lesson.

    I know I’m starting to sound pissy here, I’m starting to question what I’m learning, and my inability to contribute wisdom to the dialog. I feel like it’s ground hogs day, nothing changes.

    I awake, it’s a different date on my calender, yet it’s the same old shit.

    It’s time to step back and catch my breath,remember all the good that’s actually happening at some level.

    Thank you for the red pill, and the blue pill. A hell of a learning curve.

    Dirk Williams.

    • wendystringer48088

      “What exactly are we learning from him? What’s the lesson.”

      Sight in your weapon at at least 25 yards/meters (100 yards/meters would be better) and practice hitting the target (9″ paper pplate or 12″x18″ folded grocery bag) at that range with every shot in the magazine with whatever rifle (AR,AK, SKS) and whatever sighting system (front sight post and rear peep or leaf v-notch, red dot scope, or scope with cross hairs).

      That’s the lesson I took away from what that asshole did. See, even idiots who do stupid things can teach you a lesson if you are willing to learn…

      Also if I may suggest to those who are getting tired and frustrated, some kind of martial arts training / practice. Even with padded gear and not trying to hurt the other person it’s still quite a workout, whether it’s stand up fighting or ground fighting. Only thing is afterwards you are feeling like you got hit with the “tail of the dragon” (the pain and tiredness the next day – the day you fight the dragon and the next day you feel like you got hit with the tail of the dragon 🙂 ).

      But it builds you up and makes you stronger and better.

      And go shooting. And take a friend shooting. And do some more shooting. And take more friends shooting..

      Just keep busy and keep preparing and training for the big tournament. Screw what anyone else says, when I (or you) go on the mat I’m going to be as ready as I can be, and I (or you) will be in it to win it. 🙂

    • “I awake, it’s a different date on my calender, yet it’s the same old shit. ”

      my thoughts exactly dirk.

      Getting away with murder in America is simple. Become a cop. Wear a badge. Carry a gun – See more at:

  5. Northgunner

    “Let me be as clear as I can be. Violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and I condemn this action in the strongest possible terms.”
    – Burnie Sanders

    Sure bernie,..sure you do…
    Even though you and the rest of the parasite class do nothing but advance your collectivist goals at gunpoint..hidden or actual.

    You’re violence brokers..every politician is, regardless of their position or level, local, state or federal. You’re the functionaries to the black robed nazgul priests in the most dangerous cult in history, second only to islam (and islam is at least honest about their books).

    “The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime.”
    -Max Stirner

    Guess what bernie, we don’t NEED you or any of the rest of the murderous narcissistic sociopaths that comprises the parasite class, nor do we need any of your enforcement orcs, uniformed or not.

    “Parasite class?..we don’t need no stink’n parasite class here!!!..FOAD you shitweasels!!!”

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  6. As you can tell from the current reporting , it will not be long before you go to the doctor , like Seth Rich did , in a dire need of healing and you end up dead . Gubmint heathcare ? I think not for me . If you get a leftie doctor , goodbye .

    • My White Christian girlfriend was murdered by a Dark Muslim Doctor who prescribed lethal doses of ‘medication’ to her. He’s now in prison converting black inmates….. So, since 2008, there has been a decided risk of who your caregiver is.

      • wendystringer48088

        i am very sorry to hear that. I am sorry if I ever replyed to any of your posts in a way that was disrespectful or insultig, because now I know where you are coming from.

  7. To call a rifle “high powered” is redundant. The shooter was from Illinois, not Indiana. Stopped reading at the end of the first paragraph.

    • Yeah, media reported perp had “high powered rifle”. I thought, oh, he had maybe a .308 or higher rifle. Then they said he had an AR-15 or M4 “assault rifle”. Turns out he had a “relic” SKS since witnesses reported him “reloading” several times indicating using the 10 rd stripper clips to load the mag. By all accounts he was a political assassin, typical of the history off socialists and communists. The other usual thing, he was aided and abetted by a legally imposed “gun free zone”, a ballpark, you know, “for the children”….all fenced in with one gate so he had confined, unarmed victims. But for the Capitol Police, the political-media elite would’ve benefitted from another mass murder from which only they stand to gain.

    • To call an SKS “high-powered” is to demonstrate that someone’s been getting some “high-powered” bong hits, and getting their firearms expertise from the shitweasels at the Brady Bunch.

      It’s hard to recover an essay’s credibility when the first step lands squarely in knee-deep horseshit.

  8. POd American

    Doesn’t anyone here find it a little more than odd that this guy had to carry a list of thoses that he wanted to shoot? I know that most on the left are stoopid, but really, is it that hard to commit a few names to memory. The report stated that he asked if they were RINOs or Dumbrats. Should he not have been carrying photos instead; what good is a name without a face? I’m calling horseshit on this evidence…I smell the Feral Bunch of Instigators.

    • Doesn’t anyone find it totally predictable that one of the people he talked to and let walk away was one of the people on his supposed list, and he never had a farking clue about it, until the last thing that went through his mind was a round of 9mm/.40SW?

      This is the measure of the Tard Army against whom you would square off.
      They’re even fuck-ups at fucking up.

  9. Hence the reason we’ve been preparing for this for years, right?

  10. Winston Smith

    Looks like someone with a beef finally has some brains. The only way to fight an asymmetric war is via assassination of the enemy’s C&C. Going soldier to soldier with The Man only gets everyone on your side dead with a continuation of the status quo.

    Of course, Jimmie here shows that you also need a modicum of ability and skill too…

    • Let’s be honest:
      he had no beef, no brains, no strategy, atrocious tactics, and no skillz.
      But he had a hat!

      Retired/unemployed home inspector, who never got closer to anything sporty than war movies or video games, until the last day of his life.
      And the only box on the box score is the one he’ll be in when they chuck him down into his well-deserved hole in Pauper’s Field. If they don’t just use a Hefty bag.

      The main difference between his ending, and that of any number of afflictees of Sudden Jihadi Syndrome, was the lack of some vacuous religious excuse for being a prize-winning shitbag kamikaze.
      “He died for socialism” isn’t even in vogue in Russia anymore, FFS.
      His main contribution to America was to lessen the burden on the impending bankruptcy of Social Security, by not collecting any.
      He couldn’t even master sucking on government’s teat.


    • sure you can take out their command and control.

      but you still have to eliminate their soldiers.

      they are commie scum, and as such, they require taking a long long dirt nap….

      200 million is just about right.

      think about it. you would no longer have to share this over-crowded beautiful country with any of its lowlifes…. that’s what i’m talking about. 🙂

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Anybody else ever see this episode of Star Trek?

  13. I ask all of you to go to Pete’s archives and read through all the comments. Then, through all those years, you will find that everything said in this years comments, rhyme with all the comments throughout to 3/07.

    And to what end?

    So you can all hear your fucking selves echo?

    And… Peace be upon you.

  14. Red in OleVirginny

    Did he have a list ? I don’t really hold that against him – leftist trash that he was.
    Many of the folks I know have been making detailed lists for years. Right down to the type of milk their enemies buy at the store. Close up and personal information. At arms length. or blade length some might say.
    Red in OleVirginny