Know Your Foe

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  1. Well shit here we are. Imagine where we will be.

  2. Good. The honesty is refreshing. Perhaps when bodies are in the streets people will check the egos and do some no-shit, come-to-Jesus evaluations of a) what they can/can’t do b) what needs to be done and c) who they need to get to help them do it. Until then it’s just posturing for 90%+.

  3. As bob wright said years ago, “why would i travel all the way to ____, when there are plenty of the bastards right here?”

  4. NightBreaker

    NJ was one of the most fought over states in The American Revolution, now we are being ruled over by Domestic terrorists ast his guys goubbel gargling example and another progressive who will probably win this autumn’s gubernatorial election. The lefts collectivist plan is to be where the last great murderous regime left off , it will all lead to a place called Auschwitz.
    Rawanda X Bosnia
    no ones coming to help us


  5. Satan needs to hire more greeters.

  6. Randolph Scott

    There is only one way to take care of these type of people. Kill them By Any Means Necessary. Drop them in their tracks. That is what he wants to do to Republicans,Conservatives, and most likely any White Male. Run over him with a truck, throw him out of a 20 story building, tie cinder blocks to his legs and throw him in the river, it doesn’t matter how, just remove him from existence.

  7. 200 million

    wrap your minds around that number.

    1 million of those are the scum who’ll try to protect the other 199 million dirtbags- cops.

  8. Lance Colvard

    I was at the “Freedom of Speech” rally in Portland a couple of weeks ago, and I encourage everyone to assist at any of these patriot rallies as you will learn PDQ that there is no reasoning or debating of any kind with Muslims, liberals or Antifa. Buy more ammo… Semper Fi ~Lance

    • Daniel K Day

      Thanks for your AAR. For your advice, thanks but No, I need no such convincing.
      I live in the Portland area also and, being older and on the physically non-imposing side, there is no way I’ll expose myself to the risk of permanent disability from Muslims, liberals or Antifa while unarmed. Sorry if I’m being a wet blanket, but I avoid crowds and encourage others to do the same.

  9. The Usual Suspect

    In all wars the side that does what the other side won’t, usually wins.

    • But….but…but…then we’ll be just like them…

      – Cuck motto since forever

      • False. Formally that’s an intricate rationalization, albeit an understandable one in this instance. The cuck motto since forever is, “I wish I were just like them.”

        Just read the comments and see how hard they’re trying. Very often, things are exactly as they appear to be.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Or does what the other side can’t. Resources and capabilities matter, too. But yeah, if you can go further than your opponent, and are willing to do so, your odds of success are pretty good.

  10. Hey, James Devine: that’s a nice butter face you get there. Be a real shame if it caught a load of buckshot, then caught on fire, and some one beat the flames out with a shovel, then tied a tourniquet around your neck to stop the bleeding…

    The first Anonymous local to that douchenozzle who puts his face on a few hundred “Wanted: Dead or…nope, nevermind, just dead” posters in Douchey’s home turf will have the right idea.

    • except you being a (chuckle) nurse, you’ll dutifully patch him up for your meager debtbux check. shooting your type first is a winning tactic. you fucking ass sniffer.

      Haxo gets it right. as long as the poor, broke, and dumb murkins need that pitiful check, nothing will change. i never did understand why anyone would settle for a fucking bullshit go nowhere job. i still don’t get it. i was entitled to free college, free $, and even SSDI if i wanted it. i passed on the gubbmint handouts, and instead opted for the 10 year and retire plan.

      • And now you’re a well paid rich person, doing whatever you want. Which is posting on another guys blog? ( that’s not plural, please note).

        And bitch, I served six active. Gulf one. Even came under enemy fire. Let me tell you what it was like, pogue cadre. Remember when you ran out of staples, and you couldn’t use paper clips because The Old Man didn’t like them? So you dug into the trash, pulled an old report out and BENT that staple, SHOVED it through that report at the proper forty five degree angle and BENT it back tight. Now that, that there, was The FUKKIN A Team.

        It was not like that at all.

        Narcissism in a man is simply unpalatable. It tells me you couldn’t be counted on to piss on the campfire before turning in. Now run along and yell at the TV dear, you’ll feel better real soon.

        • eat my ass poserboy.

          oh and fuck off loser

          • Big words, you are so articulate. Now I know why you were so popular in prison. Titta started the “saggin” crazy and still does it to this day

          • Hows that cop bodycount comin along, tFAGGOT?….. Still a solid zero?… Why? Blowhard.

        • the “gulf war’ lasted 100 hours..

          and you think you’re a warrior?

          fuck you loser

          I bet $1000. no, make that $20,000. you couldn’t hack graduating from a military instructor course. but i’m sure you don’t have that kind of scratch now do you? again- fucking loser.

          you simply are an ignorant POS.

      • Wow! Tell us all the details of your Success Story. “10 year and retire plan.” I’m sure everybody is just burning to know exactly how that is done and all the detailed steps to achieve it./ S//

        • you fucking parasite.

          it’s called work

          something you know nothing about



        • if you asshats really were “de oppresso liber” we wouldn’t be here right now would we? fucking jokes with girl scout bonnets. you fucktards.

        • He made his billions in the infantry, Stephen……. No, really. 🙂

      • Geez, Betsy, you’ve gone from just a spokeshole for the National Butthurt Foundation to being the Poster Girl for it.

        And spewing your assgas about debtbux after bragging about your imaginary $10K checks?

        Retired? You? Sh’yeah, right.
        Only if we count permanent mental disability. (Which explains your annual checks. But I think the platein your head’s rusting out. Just saying.)
        Go back to fapping off to your own comments from your Imaginary Fartress Of Solitude.
        Most people call it “under the local bridge”.

        Don’t worry, the rest of the world will miss you like they miss hemorrhoids: one less bleeding asshole.
        But hey, thanks a pantload for popping up and spanking your own ass two or three times a day here.
        It saves me the trip to Daily Kos to find someone so hopelessly clueless about being hopelessly clueless that mere ridicule is too small a reward for their service.
        Some people support the Special Olympics; but now I can brag that I’ve met their biggest organ donor.

        If you were angling for my lunch money, I left it on your mom’s dresser.
        But I had enough left over to buy you this:

        When you put it on, be sure to pull your head out of it first, or you’ll suffocate when you spackle the airseal over.

  11. Roland Deschain

    New Jersey is a shit hole thanks to this bozo and the people he help get elected. It was a shit hole when I left there 30 years ago and much worse now.

  12. Lance Colvard

    Daniel K – I am probably older than you, but I am in good health. I’m a former Marine and former Black Belt, we are all different. I can only speak for myself. I put myself in harms way for my children and grand children. There is still enough of a spark left in me that I will not be cowered by these Communists. We at least, you and I can prepare for war while we pray for peace. We patriots are not interested in War, but the Communists, Muslims and Antifa are interested in us. If you can’t participate at least prepare…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Everyone can participate when the time comes. The teeth will always need a tail. Gather intel, pass communications, gather and/or distribute supplies, etc. There will be plenty of non-combat stuff that needs doing.

  13. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Ha. You guys think you are gonna target 50-70 year old demented loons and make a difference. The real people that run your lives are 30-50 year old female lawyers, cucked republicans, and fat bitch government clerks that make $150,000 a year signing up Mexicans for benefits and housing(The one I know spends all those tax dollars rehabbing dying dogs) He own house is a shit filled disaster. They are a lot smarter then these testosterone lacking commie men.

    You would think after all these years we would have learned by now.

    Also, If any of you live more than 100 miles from a major city, I expect exactly zero help from you. Your AR-15 in the middle of Minnesota does nothing to deal with the scum in D.C.

    • I assume more competence on both sides than either gives the other.

      I would expect that accountability analysis goes pretty deep.

      Regarding and by both sides.

      • But you’re a glass half-full kind of guy, CA.

        I assume far less competence than either side thinks of itself, based purely on demonstrated efforts to date from both.

        Most of where we are is explainable by inertia, momentum, gravity, and entropy. (IOW, Shit Rolls Downhill.)
        And the preponderance of overwhelming stupidity to actual malice is, as usual, around the usual historical ratio of 100:1.

        Which is also the way to bet about where we’re headed.

        The Left’s flaw is that they still think “Ozymandias” was a tragedy, rather than a cautionary tale.

        Never bet to short entropy.

    • you chose to live there.

      you deal with the scum.

      better yet, prepare for a nuke strike on your pos…

      it is as sure as the sun rising.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Looks like O’l A.H. was right after all.