Wretchard on FUSA and its decrepit institutions.


A quick but important thought experiment:

What if the bi-partisan, tri-branched, bicameral legislative, life-tenured judicial, unmentioned-but-created-and-now-immensely-powerful administrative bureaucratic, and boundlessly-empowered executive system of the venerated US Constitution actually is working exactly as intended?

What then, American?


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  1. Oppressed White Man

    It’s simply not. the framers cannot be blamed. Quite obviously only white men who own property are supposed to be able to vote . the entire problem is women and blacks being able to vote gibs

    • not sure if youre joking about the balacks and women, the true problem is liberalism; not race/sex imo.

      but I do concur with no property owned, no vote. it’s quite a simple concept, if you do not have some ownership; you will not respect it.

      • I’m not seeing why property ownership, meaning land, is a requirement for voting.

        1) Some people like a more mobile life. This has nothing to do with how responsible they are. My father, a nuclear engineer, didn’t own land until I was in high school and you couldn’t find a person more anti-communist and dedicated to the USA.

        2) If the government can take your property away if you don’t pay taxes, you don’t own it.

        Not that I’m in favor of the system as described in Starship Troopers (the book), but some kind of government service seems to me to be a better system than land ownership.

    • True dat. Since the primary means of the government generating revenue at the time was via property taxation, limiting the vote to property owners would act against Nanny-state redistributionism. Reynolds vs. Sims has led to the disasters of Detroit and Illinois, for just two examples.

  2. The Framers, were light years ahead of their time, in space. As I pen this I’m looking at copies of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and other documents I hold dear to my freedoms, mounted on my homes walls.
    Centered, for a daily reminder of what I believe in.

    What others think, what they do is not my business. Life is the lesson, with a couple simple absolutes.

    Today is another glorious day, my wife is officially retired from 35 years of teaching in public schools.

    Were both retired and are greatful for this added freedom, to do daily as we please.

    Just feels different.


    • Congrats to both of you.

      • Congrats.

        and not to intentionally advertise other sites, but you two might check out the mr. money moustache and early retirement extreme for ideas and a way of life(non-mass consumerism) to help stretch your retirement dollars if the need arises.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “What others think, what they do is not my business.”

      That’s the ideal. The problem is that others think and do stuff that directly impacts your life. It becomes your business whether you want it to be or not.

      Put it this way: one guy saying he’s a communist is of no real consequence. But a million of them saying that we all are communists….well, that’s a problem if you don’t want to be one.

  3. What then, America ? Going downhill and picking up speed.

    And as an Army vet, thanks for that Army transgender story. Despite everything that made news this week, I did not feel the need to get blackout drunk this week to escape reality until that story.

    • remember Gen’l “mad dog” Mattis? Former WRS idol and now Trump’s Sec. of Defense? Who was going to terminate all this poisonous Jew PC shit in the military? Yeah. That Mattis.

  4. “What if the…venerated US Constitution actually is working exactly as intended?”

    It’s the whole point of faith, that the truth be rejected out-of-hand. The question doesn’t even exist, let alone the answer.

  5. This is good, very good. It wasn’t even ten years ago that you would get tut-tutted for the “extremist” rhetoric seen regularly now. Soon the Girondists will have to start pulling the rope too, it’s already too late to dial it back.
    Just one small step towards a real solution.

    • so what?

      it’s not like your stupid lazy ignorant ass benefits from anything this country offers. just take a look at your pathetic existence- living paycheck to paycheck.

      what a joke.

      damn, i still get checks for 10k at a time for doing nothing.

      what’s it like to be a loser?

      • What’s it like to crow about sucking hard on the tit of the banking system, while yawping and crying six times an hour about how it’s all coming down in flames?

        Retard much?

      • If you think 10k of debtbux bank script makes you a winner you’re lost.

      • If 200 million Murkins croak, will that have any effect on your checks? Or your ability to use them?

        Just wondering….

        …whether your response will have any informative content AT ALL.

  6. “A civilization at a decision point…”

    No category error there, eh? Trivial semantics, right?

    Maybe after 5 billion more comments, everyone will have vanquished the last drop of responsibility for themselves. Or maybe not.

    We’ll see what we shall see. Well, at least some will.

  7. alaskapaul

    It takes honest and true men of goodwill to make such a system work.
    And then came the lawyers.
    And then came the gaming of the system.
    And then the people discovered that they could vote themselves a raise.
    Then the criminals and the deviants became a noisy and significant force in the destiny of the FUSA.

    And it became necessary to rebalance our lives.
    The reboot became very difficult, like excising a cancer.
    Will the patient live?
    Stay tuned.
    The patient may live but will not be the same
    Such is the cycle of life and death.

  8. I’ve been reviewing many of the contemporaneous notes of the day during the ratification process, done by both sides, but especially the Federalists. The notion that things are functioning as intended (at the time) is a far reach for me; however, functioning as a natural evolution of what was put in place, you bet. Pretty sure the proponents didn’t see the 3rd, & 4th order effects of what was going to happen given the blinders of the moment & the inability to operate under the Articles (which had a few deficiencies as well for the time). But when you give co-mingling authority the broad-based latitude to enact things “necessary and proper” to facilitate everything else (their fill-in-the-blank freebie)… well, here we are.

    • Years ago, cases of her books – “Webster, The Federalist Papers: Modern English Edition” where bought and passed on.

      That was then, this is now, as we grasp at straws.

      ‘Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

    • “…the contemporaneous notes of the day during the ratification process, done by both sides, but especially the Federalists.”

      Pop quiz: Liars _______ .

      • To say the constitution failed is to search for a straw man to hang. It and the framers CLEARLY stated; If you don’t like it, burn it down and build a better one. That said, there are mechanisms to attempt change in a more civil manner within the document. I’m not saying the amendment avenues are good or will work but they are there and unused in my lifetime.

        Now, who’s fault is this mess? OURS.

    • Northgunner

      The constitution is operating EXACTLY as hamilton and his bankster/lawyer backers planned and envisioned. They enacted a bloodless coup at the meeting to fix the articles of confederation, this is now known and understood. In doing so, they repudiated and betrayed the spirit and intent of the declaration of independence.

      They successfully turned the revolution one parasite class (3000 miles away) for one in Philadelphia, one that would show its true nature soon enough during the whiskey rebellion and later the imperial capitol against the South in the,war of northern aggression.

      For those who say, “we need to get back to the constitution!” I say, “what makes you think it’ll work out any different the second time around? It’s already working just as hamilton intended, your problem is that you imagine that it was created for your benefit…it wasn’t and it never was intended to do so!”

      For those who are still hypnotized and mesmerized by ‘parchment worship’, read Ken Royce’s “Hologram of Liberty”, as well as Lysander Spooner.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • The Anti-Federalists predicted all of this.

        Exhibit A: The Commerce sentence and the ICC.

        Exhibit B: Wickard V. Filburn (1943)

        Exhibit C: All the federal rules, regulations and diktats that dictate the practice of the 2A.

        Exhibit D: Your life today via the Magic Parchment.

        Bill Buppert

        • NorthGunner

          You’re absolutely right Bill!

          Also, if the ‘constitution’ was such a great idea and ‘improvement’
          why have it designed, discussed and promoted in an environment
          of extreme secrecy and privacy where the ‘public’ wasn’t allowed
          to examine it, let alone comment upon it until it was a ‘fait accompli’?

          It was a total fraud from the all ‘gov/authority religious
          worship’ is!

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

        • Grey Ghost

          ^^^Word. The anti-federalists (those opposing ratification of the Constitution) have predicted it all over 200 hundred years ago. Reading the anti-federalist papers is proof positive. Some of the most well known papers are here:

          There are a few very good books on the subject but I don’t think there is a complete compilation of all anti-federalist papers in one work. Not that there hasn’t been a few attempts but they were unsuccessful.

          Screw the Federalist papers, it’s the Anti-federalists who were right about the nature of the U.S. Constitution and not frickin’ Hamilton and his bootlickers.

          Grey Ghost

    • Just to clarify when I say “papers” and “Federalists” in the same sentence I’m not talking about those collected letters trying to get that damn pesky New York to ratify – that whole thing was a Federalist-side BS-job (although I’ve read them to remember what gagging is like). Just referring here to notes, letters, etc., exchanged between individuals/family members. What we have now would’ve happened, sooner, if Madison had gotten everything he really wanted with his own “Virginia plan” he brought to the gathering in 1787. Just history; move forward.

  9. What if the bi-partisan, tri-branched, bicameral legislative, life-tenured judicial, unmentioned-but-created-and-now-immensely-powerful administrative bureaucratic, and boundlessly-empowered executive system of the venerated US Constitution actually is working exactly as intended?

    What if such a breathtakingly asinine question, in the same league as describing the corners of a circle, actually had any logical standing, and all of actual history never happened before yesterday, exactly as in the mind of the Baby Duck who would or could formulate such nonsense?
    (Unless someone was horsing around in the style of The Onion by deliberately trolling to plumb the unfathomable depths of the product of most public education in the last century in regard to US history and civics, akin to breathlessly asking man-on-the-street style, “What if the president got us into all-out war with Fredonia?” or whether the respondent agreed/disagreed with the premise that “Banning same-species marriage is nothing but bigoted discrimination?”.)

    This is the kind of poser, composed of biblical levels of sophomoric malaprops concatenation, that normally leads sane people to advise the serious questioner to please put the bong down, and sober up.

    Just saying.

    The reality, that nearly everything that has been done has been done expressly to prevent the founding document from working as intended, looms over history, like the iceberg that ended the RMS Titanic. And just about as clearly perceived, before and after.

    That such design is working to a given group’s purposes is tautology masquerading as insight.

    Any series of socratic “Cui bono?” questions pointed towards every enabling act casts the reality of things in a pretty harsh light in short order, and generally ensures that such questioners sooner or later get the same final menu as the legendary philosopher.

    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams
    Let anyone ponder that statement, from someone with standing, for any decent length of time, and then kindly get back to us with the implications regarding things as they stand now.

    • go find another ass to sniff.

      mebbe steve fairy///

      like i said to LFQueer

      you fuckstains have never benefited from what this country had to offer in the first place. fucking losers of lifes lottery.

      ha ha ha

      get a real job. dumbass.

      • Sorry,were you saying something?
        It just smells more like a fart you gambled on and lost.
        Pretty much like every other time you open either end.

        Go back to pretending anyone listens to you, except to watch the train wreck.
        Maybe tie a pork chop around your neck, and see if the dog will play with you.

    • POd American

      I thoroughly enjoyed your remarks…thanks for making my day.

    • And that, Aesop, is the thoroughly detailed, explicit and scathing version of my own short form reaction to that “thought experiment.”

      If one has to experiment with thinking…???

      Thanks for spelling it out so no “experiment” is needed!

  10. We can read and study history or we can get up and make history.

  11. A more practical matter… how will big Army adapt the 57 “genders” to uniform sizing? If they mean what they say and are full on implementing this, each “gender” will have to go through a Natick study, get specific NATO sizing and all that.

    The implementation of this is going to be a BEAR.

    Now, what dress pumps go with the 34th “gender” mess dress?

  12. hummus abedin

    There it is.

    Democrats Warn Trump Congress Will ‘Begin Impeachment Proceedings’ If He Fires Mueller, Rosenstein: by Katherine Rodriquez
    17 Jun 2017 – Breitbart

    • Democrats don’t do jack in Congress to run it.
      Especially in the House, where their current existence is little more than a formality at the moment.
      Any attempt at impeachment wouldn’t even get out of committee.

      But it would open the prospect certainty of more shootings of congressmen.
      And not necessarily Republicans.
      And with much better marksmanship.

      Assuming they weren’t recalled en masse in most of their own districts first.

      They know all of that, which is why leaking and murmuring their threats anonymously is about the only club left in their bag at the moment.
      They are the national embodiment of the truth that “Bullshit talks.”
      If they held any actual sway, they would’ve started impeachment hearings on January 21st, like they wanted, and like they would in any Republican administration going back to Coolidge.
      They’ve got nothing.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. This wasn’t the founders intent…

    They actually expected their posterity to have some balls. Which is exactly the intent of the 2A.

    Every fucking thing else is a fucking excuse and a cop-out to NOT do what every honest man in his heart knows he should do.

    The con-stee-too-tion merry-go-round…

    It didn’t self-enforce itself! Wah-Wah!

    It’s the con-stee-too-tions fault! Wah-Wah!

    No, no, no… it was planned that way! And the founders were in on it! Wah-Wah.

    No! We’re not pussies! We do PT, combat train, prep, and etc.! And we do it for da big day! Whenever that is! And for whatever flavor of the Patriot Bowel Movement excuse it may be! Wah-Wah!

    You are not getting your freedom and liberty back. Ever.

    Why you ask? Because…