This Is Fine

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  1. McCain is creaming his jeans over this.

  2. Jews working overtime to get their war with Russia.

    Not gonna happen. Wouldn’t be prudent. Not at this juncture.

  3. ha ha ha

    murkin military is about to get it’s ass handed to them- again.
    Russian Spetsnaz are not emotional pantywaists unlike Fusa special farces.

    • US forces are certainly tougher for your absence, tFAGGOT.

      • ha ha lowlife.

        you can’t come here without me being in your tiny pea-sized brain.

        who’s the faggot?

        you, like several others here have nothing.


  4. Our Syrian Adventures nicely conclude the stepwise abrogation any restraint on American war-making.

    Long ago we had quaint Congressional “declarations of war”, supplanted by UN, Presidential and/orCongressional “authorizations”, subsequently followed by NATO “resolutions”.

    Now we commence bombing campaigns and invasions of supposedly sovereign countries whenever John McCain’s prostate is acting up.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      To be fair, we’re hardly the only ones who’ve abandoned the quaint old concept of “Declarations of War”.

  5. European American

    800 plus bases. 150 or so countries. Do the whore bitches need to continue infecting sovereign countries with their noxious form of “freedom and democracy” for the sake of increasing the power and pocketbooks of their Zionist pimps at the BIS, in Basel Switzerland?

  6. 1914 times Dr. Strangelove.

    Got mineshaft?

  7. thesouthwasrght

    Obviously Russia doesn’t want armed conflict with the US, but sooner or later they will not have a choice. Unbelievable how we are openly supporting isis.

  8. Meh. Sounds a lot like the eighties to me. And the seventies. I’m also told by sources I trust the sixties and the fifties sounded like that, too.

    • that’s right: return of “brinksmanship’. This time, though, the Judeo-globalists are in charge. And, since they consider Israel safely south of the main blast and radiation zones, (((they))) may just push Russia over the brink.

      I remember the 1963 Cuban Missile Crisis quite clearly. On X-Day, Bard J. Salicido, history teach at San Marcos HS, told our class to ” crawl under your desks, assume the fetal position, and kiss your ass goodbye”. General hilarity ensued. That was a close one, though.

  9. Notarealperson

    Stupid shit like this is what causes empires to collapse. Eventually they do something they think they’re entitled to do and it all goes tits up like Rome at Adrianople then it goes all down hill after that. Because the system was already rotten and the people has lost faith in it.(much like our current situ)

    This could easily blow up our faces if we push the Russians too hard. A expanded conflict could easily topple the globalist agenda and series of economic bubbles sustaining our economy and that of Europe..

    • Shinmen Takezo


      A war where the US forces get half a dozen teeth kick down our throats, where the globalist zipper-heads are completely and totally disgraced (see Senator Sodomit and Senator Psycho) is just what the doctor ordered.

      To have our globalist policies sent home packing and in disgrace is just the ticket.

      Too bad that in the process we’ll have to loose a couple of aircraft carriers, have a few overseas bases nuked into glass and take othe rmassive casualties…. but if this is what is necessary to save our country–good!

      Bring it on!

  10. I’ll stick with my long standing position on this: all you fuckers in DeeCee and NYC and LA that are jonesing for a war with Russia… you die first. Keep poking that nuclear armed bear and see what happens.

  11. Harold Balzac

    Are you not entertained?….Are you not entertained?….
    Your friend,

  12. These warmongers sure are desperate to start a war. Wonder why that is? They can’t seem to operate shipping on the high seas either.

    • they can’t do anything to a successful conclusion…

      probably leave the latrine with shit running down their leg and toilette paper stuck on their boot. after all, look what fills it’s ranks and leads it’s units.

      and take notice of the ever present tough guy tattoos-ROFLMFAO

  13. The reason a group isn’t free is because that group is submissive. If a couple million Americans started acting free, there would be no military way to stop them. Carry a gun everywhere, take the license plate off your car. Stop paying for wars. You could be free by Friday if you wanted to. Read this speech and imagine libertarians as the subject group:

    • Jimmy the Saint

      True, as long as enough other people do it with you. It’s that whole “a couple million” thing that’s tricky. Do it all by yourself, and it tends not to work out that well. First penguin and all that.

    • Prisoners’ dilemma.

  14. We are now one pilot getting off track from WW3. It’s not going to be 10 years before the country and the world has changed forever, just too many ticking time bombs.
    And who the hell is still buying stocks ? All time highs ? If Russia shoots down one US plane, the market is going to drop over 1,000 dow points in a day provided the circuits don’t break..

    • the 5 principal (((Wall Street))) banks own more than 80% of the stock on the fake “market”. They continually bid-up each other’s portfolios using funnymoney pumped in each day by the Rothschild Third National Bank, alias the “Federal Reserve”. It’s a Ponzi. That’s why the Fed consistently refuses to open its books for audit

      • And 45% of Jews are millionaires

      • yep.

        i pulled out of the market 3 years ago. i would have doubled my $ in that time.

        just as i retired at 40. i would have quadrupled my $ since then.

        i still have more than enough to last until i die or it all goes bust.

        i just don’t understand why people keep working once they have plenty of cash? WTF?

        GREED mebbe?

  15. I’ve been asking for 3 years and still don’t know the answer. Is the US Government on the same side (and so has the same goals) as the Russian Government or not? I know they look like obvious enemies, but if “New World Order” means New World Order, the answer may well be “the same.”

    Gotta check those obvious premises too.

    • no, Libtard. Unlike ‘Murka and western Europe, Russia is steadfastly resisting both open-borders Judeo-globalization and the White birthrate-killing kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, and Judeo-feminism. So for Zion to win, Russia must be destroyed.

  16. Gamesmanship just got real

  17. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    HHMMmmm……Lets see here….. American overweight, texting, living with their parents, snow flakes VS. the Russians………..ya, good luck with that.

    The Second World War is – and hopefully will remain – the bloodiest conflict in human history. Estimates vary as to how many people it killed but academic consensus suggests a figure of around 60 million people, both military and civilian. Those 60 million souls equate to around 3% of the world’s pre-war population, estimated at two billion. Nowhere was the human cost as high as in the USSR, which suffered nearly half of all the conflict’s casualties. It was a demographic disaster. Stalin claimed in 1946 that there had been seven million Soviet deaths in WWII. In 1956 Khruschev revised that figure to 20 million. According to figures from today’s Russian government the number of war dead stands at 26.6 million. Of these 26.6 million dead Soviets, two thirds were civilians. Even these numbers, unimaginable as they sound, are underestimates in the minds of some Russian scholars like historian Boris Sokolov, who believes there were 27 million Soviet military losses out of a total 43.3 million in the USSR.

    • Randall Flagg

      Nah… I don’t believe those numbers. The Soviets were all military geniuses… no way they would have let that many die.

      • Fred Seymour, Jr.

        Ya, you’re right. Those silly ruskies wouldn’t stand a chance against a multi cultural , transgender force.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Stalin’s figure of seven million is probably correct insofar as it reflects party members who died during the war, which was the only stat that he remotely cared about. It would not reflect non-party-members; when they died, the families were usually not even notified. It also wouldn’t include things like “We don’t have prisoners, only traitors” and such.

  18. Well…
    To think I voted “against” Hilary to lessen the chance of a war with Russia over Syria.

    So much for that idea.

    • Trumpenthal, like Hiligula, is a lifelong Zionist stooge. In all fairness, though, he is under tremendous (((Deep State))) pressure to do Israel’s anti-Shia dirtywork in Syria.


      Word. The Deplorables have been flim-flamed. What say the rest of you?

      • that’s because they are D.U.M.B.

        DUMB. DUMB. DUMB.

        didn’t several of us try to tell the no brained “deplorables”?

  19. (‘Modifying’ a line from Quigley…)

    “Don’t worry; it’s quite common for plans to not go well when first applied.”

    I can’t really decide who’s rattling whose chain but it’s gonna shake loose one of these days.

  20. To call Syria a shit hole would be bad mouthing an outhouse. There are at least 50 separate groups fighting each other there. The ones we are protecting have been caught beheading children and using chemical weapons, ie, they are ISIS. As much as I like Trump, he is no Putin. Putin is KGB, has 15 years experience as a global leader and the world was astounded at the military he brought to Syria. It was thought to be at the level of Bolivia after the fall of the USSR. In actuality, it has performed better than Amerika’s. While we have been in Iraq for 26 years, Afghanistan for 16, Putin’s small number of jets and helicopters have saved Assad’s ass and have nearly won the war. If it wasn’t for the US and Israel supporting Isis, that show would be long over.
    Trump was insane to listen to his airhead daughter and to the neocons.
    Hold onto your hats. It could get windy here soon (3000 mph blast waves). And don’t forget to practice your ‘ duck and cover’.

    • “There are at least 50 separate groups fighting each other there”

      you ain’t seen nothing yet… murka!

  21. The Usual Suspect

    Green side out !
    Brown side out !
    Run in circles !
    Scream and shout !

  22. Davis said, seemingly unaware that shooting down a sovereign nation’s plane above its own territory is exactly what “seeking a conflict” looks like. In a follow up statement this afternoon, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the US will “retain the right of self-defense in Syria.”

    ISIS ISIL Daesh

    I always knew that one day U.S.A. Bigly was going to get its ass spanked. Now, I openly advocate it. And I advocate by the Russian forces in Syria.

    • yep.

      my $ is on Russia.

      murka is full of faggots, cowardly copsuckers, and flag wavers.

      all of whom deserve a long long dirt nap for being so DUMB.

  23. In the meantime, the U.S. military is pre-occupied with how to properly deal with pregnant “male” soldiers. We are doomed.


      Not necessarily. The LGBT .mil may be in for a spanking, but I think that the average Amerikan will be a spectator on this one. The Deep State, Wall Street, and the pols have just as much to lose if opposing sides start popping nukes all over the landscape. And, Syria is very close to John Hagee’s favorite country.
      Follow the money. Cui bono? Will it be worth the destruction of a good part of planet Earth for the International Bankster Community to destroy a nation which maintains its borders and is resisting the encroachment of Islam and moral depravity? I believe a massive international deflation would be more effective. But, time will tell.

  24. Does anybody give a damn who rules Syria?
    Why are we risking WWIII so some fat bureaucrat can get his pipeline through Syria for some soon to be Islamic States of Europe?
    The only ones celebrating WWIII will be the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS.
    Who knew we had such stupid leaders?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Does anybody give a damn who rules Syria?”

      Lots of people do. Syria isn’t necessarily so important in and of itself, but it is very important in the context of the age-old Sunni/Shia conflict. The Sunnis don’t want Iran to get more control there.

      Does the average American care? Not overly, at least in the short term. The the long-term impact on the Sunni/Shia conflict will likely matter to us, though.

  25. Centurion_Cornelius

    THIS is what these crazy MFs want to happen to your town; they’ve been practicing the last few years to get it right.

  26. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Wait!, was it our Navy ship that was struck by the freighter or the U.N. Navy ship!?
    TOP, FROM LEFT: Xavier Alec Martin, 24; Shingo Alexander Douglass, 25; Dakota Kyle Rigsby, 19; Carlos Victor Ganzon Sibayan, 23. BOTTOM, FROM LEFT: Ngoc Truong Huynh, 25; Noe Hernandez, 26; and Gary Leo Rehm Jr., 37. (U.S. Navy via AP)

    LOL!, it looks like O’l A.H. was right AGAIN!

  27. Actually, what the Russians said is that any US Coalition aircraft or drones East of the Euphrates would be “lit up” as targets. And they hung up the deconfliction line./ S//

    • you green brays are totally irrelevant.

      you had your chances, you were too busy admiring yourselves in the mirror.

      look everyone!
      i’m a green bray!

      Prima Donnas…

      i bet you losers would like to do something about me huh?
      because your too fucking useless and afraid to do something to the real problem here in Fusa. FACT.


    • Thank you, sir. Vc10 training squadron out of GTMO would get worried if they didn’t squawk on takeoff, their first thought was that there was a malfunction because the Cubans always painted.