This Too Is Fine

BBC: Personal details of nearly 200 million US citizens exposed

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  1. Call me crazy. But it’s not an accident when you store all this info on an Amazon server. It’s those damn Ruskies again.

  2. by “marketing firm” you mean NGO with ties to the NSA.

  3. the murkins are losers.

    ha ha ha

    go wave your fucking shitty flag.


    i’m laughing at the fall of Fusa.

    200 million copsuckers, flag wavers, and general under achievers, are about to meet their pathetic fates.

    oh wait, the military will save you- LOLOLOLOL


    Are you sick of hearing about 911? By now most folks can’t remember a time before Homeland Security. The media doesn’t just have an agenda, they have no other news. EVERYTHING is related to that fateful day. Over and over the guilt trips are set and the implication that if you don’t cede your rational capacity to the collective will, you are disloyal. Unquestionably the country has long passed the denial stage and has entered into a constant hallucinatory state.

    Spend any amount, endure every loss of freedom and pay homage to the dictatorship that keeps us safe. We aren’t fighting a war against terror, it has become a “war of terror”. Conducting a civil conversation with ardent supporters of the warmongering council is like begging for water from a man dying of thirst. He would rather kill you before he gives up or even shares part of his core possession. In this case, the liquid of essence is a symbiotic potion, that promises to provide continuous survival.

    Political discourse no longer tolerates dissent, if the form of that disagreement rejects the axiom of the current controlled culture. Since there has never been a serious and comprehensive national dialogue on the events that led up to and including that fateful day – September 11, 2001 – we are pressured to accept the official folklore. Listing the essential questions that deserve inquiry would compile a book. The public would never place such an account on the best seller list. They are far too content to just believe whatever they are told to accept.

    So why raise one’s blood pressure to fight with the inevitable? Well, the basic answer is found in the annals of history. With the passing of decades and even centuries, the truth begins to seep out. For those alive during the events, gainsaying is heresy. Most won’t take the risk of getting into trouble, so going along is easy and safe. Since establishing safety is the hallmark of the terrorism war, “security of illusion” becomes the primary goal.

    The entire argument for permanent national anxiety requires that there always will be a targeted enemy. The pronunciation of the names and features of the face will change, but the fundamental ingredient must remain. “It’s them against us”. When the us becomes the real them and someone points that out – that daring person won’t be listened to – by the majority of the us.

    Painting legitimate inquiry as simply conspiratorial is asinine. What exactly is the function of an investigative committee if it refuses to ask or research the essential questions? Furthering the cover-up has become the primary qualification for selection to such august bodies. So let’s mature as a nation, allow the chips to drop where they deserve to fall. With so much unpleasant emotionalism and official stonewalling, the prospects for a comprehensive investigation are slim to none. It’s up to you to seek the truth, even at the risk of ridicule.

    Consider the information on the following sites:


    2) Expose the Deception

    3) 911 from What Really Happened

    4) Questioning the 9/11 attacks

    5) The Webfairy Memorial

    Since few will want to devote the time, effort or face their sensibilities; most will ignore this approach. As long as the public remains dumb, they will continue to be docile. Thus, you have an unmistakable summary why this country refuses to confront the implausible.

    If you haven’t learned that ‘perceived reality’ is the result of manufactured media design, your understanding of how Howard Dean went from as assured nomination to the pits of oblivion, is painfully lacking. That reversal of fortunes was accomplished in a week. Think about the endless 24 hour news cycle that pounds day and night the orthodox version of the 911 events.

    Notice that any other lines of inquiry are immediately smeared as coming out of the mouths of kooks. If you routinely read the international press you should be aware that only the United States holds to the government accounts. Well, does it sound reasonable that every investigative journalist around the globe is a crackpot?

    If politicians base a campaign upon lies to win an election, what would make you think that they repent when taking office? Real conservatives appreciate the frustration from the quixotic progressive camp with the deceit from the Bush administration. But where were they when their role model Clinton was lying and covering up his treason? The fraud has always been bipartisan and systemic. Now it has spread from the media evangelism to the entire general population.

    The government is waging a War of Terror upon us. As long as most of the public remains confused about what constitutes “us” (the us in not the same as the U.S.), they will continue to foster the deceit with their complicity. Whether you are tired of hearing about the WTC and the Pentagon attacks, you will be subjected to the consequences coming out of that day. Demanding the truth is not unreasonable. Remaining – stupid is . . . as stupid does – so says that American folk hero. In this case, Forrest Gump was a sage compared to the populace!

    • a follower

      “Wars never happen by accident.”
      Nothing funny here,if you see and believe what is happening. If you love, there is nothing funny here.
      Murkins, Fusa? This effects the world. Our Pride is our downfall. “Demanding the Truth is not unreasonable”?
      Demanding the Truth from liars is unreasonable.
      Exposing the Truth in the most coherent peaceful way is reasonable.
      Remaining stupid is a problem, we are to be sober of the world around us. Alert,aware,informed, seek the Truth with His discernment.

    • Vlad the Impala

      You must be a happy little feller. Every one of your posts has haha or rotfl. BTW what does lolololol mean? Laughing out loud out loud out loud out loud? Makes more sense than your posts, I guess.

    • I love it when the SPLC/ShareBlue minion drops by

    • Randall Flagg

      Except for the first one, every one of the provided links is dead.

      I’ll add this link:

    • You have a cliff notes version of that? I don’t want to miss Cake Wars.

    • Very odd.

  4. Just another enemies list to be on. The more the merrier.

  5. Okay, this is not good news. But what if we dialed back to zero? The data is only good if it is portrayed accurately. Is it possible to create a mirror of yourself, with other infor and variables? (Just asking for a friend). It seems like it might be a fun exercise to skew personal details. What if Philomena Ray has the same likes as Stealth Spaniel but votes differently and has similar but opposite charges on credit cards? And what if Stealth Spaniel and Philomena Ray have the same social security number? What if we could muddy the waters enough that no one could figure out what was real and what was the shadow? I am thinking that we need to protect ourselves, as obviously, NO ONE ELSE is going to protect us.
    Do not taunt happy fun ball. This mind exercise is indicative of pleasure in the frontal lobes. Shipping and handling included.

  6. That’s about 95% of adults.

    Read carefully what they are tracking.

    This is the ability to charge everyone with a political crime (bad think)–then gulag.

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    If they weren’t forever fucking up, they wouldn’t be the GOP.

  8. I think we’ve just found our scapegoat for the economic collapse:

    Those imaginary Russian hackers, again.

  9. I just can’t fathom any woman ever having a positive reaction to the open shirt LG picture.
    That looks more like a teaser advertisement for a Gay porn or hookup Web site.

    I grasp why you use it for the symbolism.
    Blind Allegiance to a corrupt system is just as nauseating to me.

  10. This info was ALREADY out there.
    Pay attention.

  11. Bet you dollars to donuts it wasn’t a “mistake”.
    Can you spell D-E-L-I-B-E-R-A-T-E
    And that tells the tale.
    To sell out the dirt people, the Deplorable’s, the Normies, is power in its own right. It’s the last power in the cycle. It is the elites eating the seed corn, chopping off the hand that feeds them. It is prelude to the desperation to retain power at any cost. The only power remaining is pogrom and liquidation. It’s what comes after selling us out. It is an incredibly risky event in America. It all comes down to guns. No matter how you look at it. Because guns are the only power there ever was of the foundation of this 235 year tyranny called the US Government. It is guns it ultimately employs to enforce everything about its tyranny. It is guns in hands of we the people that stands in the way of that ultimate application of power. We have a Mexican Standoff, these two kinds of power are what is at the heart of everything. The elites are mincing everything else down to smaller and smaller pieces, they are sneaking up on using their guns as the final but incredibly risky option. Because after almost all forms of their illegitimate power have been exhausted, their guns and the great unknown penultimate use of them is whats left. And the grand use of guns against the unprecedented armed people of America is a the unknown unknown unknown.
    Believe me, if they didn’t fear our guns and our using them, all this insanity would never have taken place. The elites or whatever you call these motherfuckers are literally beating around the bush afraid to cross that line first. They are playing chicken with us dirt people. They want in the worst way, desperate and have tried everything to get us to go for our guns first. It tells an amazing story of us that we have not. And in refusing to be sucked into this trap, we have a legitimacy, a moral precedence, that rises above everything. It’s killing the sonofabitches. Its a huge part of why we are despised so much.

    In any case, there’s an ending to all this. What we are witnessing with the whole shebang of political/corporate elites looks to me like a stew of bad anarchy. The “elites” and all the rest are in a state of a special kind of anarchy, the struggle for ultimate power over the dirt people is a struggle between the various factions of totalitarianism.
    It’s a lot of things, but one trait they all share in common is it is self destructive when you look under the curtain of this circus. We are witnessing the symptoms of the system assimilating itself in self destruction, it is accelerating too.
    There’s the good kind of anarchy in the classical sense, then there’s the bad kind as in dystopian consequences. Essentially the system is breaking down, it was always in a state of surviving it’s illegitimacy from the moment the USC was ratified, downhill ever since, but the laws of unintended consequences has become the underlying driver of events, the consequences can no longer be managed, accelerating, outpacing the power of the elites to control. The Black Swan is in itself the deep state and even as it is living in plain site of all who care to see it, the last thing they can grasp.
    For us dirt people, those of us who have not yet, the survival strategy is to disconnect, and employ creative anarchy, the anarchy of total personal liberty, or as free as it is possible to live within practical limits and constraints. It’s a pretty humble existence, normalcy bias gives it the appearance of destitution, blocking out the beauty and nuance of living in a state of personal humility and the triumphs of personal freedom.

    With every turning what John Mosby said regarding joining the honorable resistance through becoming self sufficient, creating tangible things, getting right with God, the precepts of personal accountability, disregarding social contracts such as man made laws like the 2nd amendment because it has no value beyond a contract the totalitarians among us violate with impunity, that blaming the lack of organized resistance as an excuse is the very epitome of why in the first place there seems no resistance exists because those who bitterly cling to that resistance is futile mindset can not see what liberty is, that the beginning of resistance begins with each of us and no sooner by getting right with these things. It becomes more true with each previous turning. That the honorable resistance is self validating. Why Alt-Right validates itself every day.

  12. Bad for the exposure of course. But worrying about this incident is like objecting to one burglar in your house while two others are roaming around (GOPers/Dims) in plain sight. I would not trust either of those thieves with any information of mine, period.

  13. Fo.ks, keeping tabs on the Pols in your AO is a fine idea. But they may not be the first thing you need to worry about — — when it comes right down to it, when the world stops for them they will be willing to kill you to keep the wheels turning.

    Do they live in YOUR neighborhood?

  14. Don’t know how it starts, but I thought I’d re read Brackens ” traitors III”, as to a possible conclusion.

    3/4 s of the way finished. I did not sleep last night. My mind just would not shut the horror off.

    Moral of the story for me is. Don’t put yourself in shitty situations or locations.


    • While your humor is noted, wouldn’t it be more responsible to put the turd in the right pocket{S}.

      Could care less what Russia is alledged to have done. We’ve done it in spades, across the world.

      What I do care about is not letting the govt, pick my enemy, or the battles I choose to fight. I clearly understand who my enemy is.

      As for the article, bullshit, if your NOT putting these “off shoot Intel” companies on your. ” To Do” list, your missing a juicy oppertunity.

      What steps have been taken to lesson individual foot prints.

      Small members owned, Credit Unions. ” new G 7 rules on banking do not apply”
      Non chipped cards. Again small Credit Unions will transition last. My CU says 2020, for the cards.

      Cash. Is still king.
      Gold, silver, platinum. Nuff said

      Personal tools.
      Cell phones. Leave them at home.

      Personal computers. Try pen pad.
      GPS cars. Daily commuter is older, but not old enough if it’s 80s to present. Find an old non computer vehicle with points and a carb. Any kind of injection likely has a module. Unless it’s throttle body injector style.

      Older ” vintage” bikes. Quiet is king.

      Horses, pack animals. Mule handling is a mother fucker sometimes. Ornery pig headed things.

      Bikes, trikes, scooters, skate boards, cross country skis, sleds, walking.

      ” what kind of boots do you have, how many sets, and are they broke in with good laces, proper boot socks. Do you know how to detect a blister, and treat before it’s problematic?

      Snail mail, no return address, wrong return address. Mail in mailboxes across town, or another town.

      Mail to drop boxes, or friends for delivery. Fake names, right address. Tap water on back of stamp, DNA, gloves for fingerprints. Dust envelope aggressively to remove possible evidence.

      We are in an age where we are known, especially men with freedom on their minds. We’re not going to erase our overall footprint, I’ve learned that diminishing the day to day print locally is possible, Learn to navigate around traffic camera’, if your that concern learn all the trails, alleyways , use alt sources of transportation.

      RR tracks, Power Lines, old trails, rivers waterways, fence lines.

      The above is not ok, yet were pissing in the wind, if we think they don’t know who we are.


  15. But hey, seriously…
    This was data mined from all sorts of sources.
    You’d lie to a pollster, right? RIGHT?!?

    Okay, so…
    Go by the local bookstore.
    Collect 50 magazine blow-in subscription cards while you browse.
    From political and religiously slanted periodicals, when possible.
    Sign up for the magazines using your own name.
    No middle initials.
    At 17 real addresses you never lived at, all around the country.
    Mail them in.
    Next month, do the same thing for 5 people randomly selected.
    Forward all your junk mail shit to those addresses.
    Ideally, by responding to it using those addresses.
    (And if you can’t figure out how to pull the same thing off online using dead end g-mail and yahoo addresses, you’re not tall enough for that ride.)

    Going on vacation?
    Out of state?
    Go to the DMVs and post offices there. Get voter reg cards.
    Get the local voter reg lists.
    Re-register random strangers to different political parties than what they’re signed up for.
    (Wear gloves. Don’t get caught. The Democrats have been doing this for decades.)
    Likely outcome: suddenly, everyone has to show ID to register to vote, or cast a ballot. Boo frickin’ hoo.
    And people are registered to all sorts of strange parties.

    Go to the local college or university.
    Get a graduate name roster.
    Get addresses all around the country that match the names, from the White Pages online, etc.
    Register them all for the Denny’s Birthday Club.
    As senior citizens.

    Send $5 to each of 13 religious organizations. All different than yours.
    And three atheist organizations.
    And the Flat Earth Society, and the Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    And the NRA, and the ACLU.

    Get three mail drops. Prepay them for six months.
    Forward just your junk mail to the first one; forward all mail from the first one to the second one; all mail from the second one to the third one, and all mail from the third one to the first one. If they’re in different, but neighboring, counties, so much the better.

    Get some cheap burner phones. (Quantity optional.)
    Use them, and a prepaid cash gift card from Visa or MasterCard. Give one of the new phone number(s) out, with your name, every time you’re asked for a phone number that’s nobody’s goddam business, and order different inexpensive oddball crap to yourself.
    At each of the 17 addresses you don’t live at.
    Bonus: Use Amazon.
    Send yourself Mein Kampf at one address, Mao’s Little Red Book at another, Shrillary’s It Takes a Village at a third, and Barry Goldwater’s Conscience Of A Conservative at a fourth address, and so on. Get the cheapest crappiest used copies listed.

    Send your liberal acquaintances conservative books, in their own name.
    Ditto, vice versa, for a few conservative friends.
    Send some gay magazines to anyone annoyingly religious, esp. Muslim.

    Take those bogus yahoo and g-mail accounts, and post rants on every political website in the spectrum. Daily Kos, HuffPo,, Brietbart, and so on.
    Go hog-wild.
    Think T-fat, but with multiple personality disorder. Argue with yourself from different accounts.
    Don’t forget Facey book and Twatter accounts. Be the Randy Quaid fan from hell in Major League 2, on social media. Try to offend everyone. Hashtag and “at” sign the known universe.
    Lecture mouthy celebrities etc. for not being libtard enough. Make them hate their own causes, their own side, and get them to STFU and dance.

    For maybe 200 bucks, you can so fuck up data miners, you’ll be listed at a dozen or more addresses you never lived at, and half a dozen phone numbers you won’t ever use, and be registered as belonging to every political and religious group on the planet. If 100 people did it, then did it to half a dozen random strangers, data mining would be like looking for a needle in a wrecked auto junkyard, with a metal detector. Blindfolded.

    Take some of the unused minutes on the burner phones, and call the embassies of every foreign state with terrorist groups. And terrorist front groups in neutral countries. And UN charities. Link their stuff to your online alter egos.

    Leave some time on the burner phones.
    Then leave them in public places like courthouse payphones, subway stations, railroad stations, bus depots, downtown cab stands, and casino slot machines.

    Before you drop them off, switch the activation cards around.

    Now the NSA is chasing Haqqim Appu, Swedish nuns, Shaquisha’s aunt Maisey, some random homeless bum with 27 psych holds, and teenagers from a downtown high school, and trying to tie them to ISIS, Victoria’s Secret, Justin Bieber porn, UNICEF, and inmates at the county jail.

    If you have to get a supermarket (or any other) loyalty card, give them a fake name, fake address, and fake phone number: from three different real people, from the local phone book. Get multiple cards from the same chain, from different stores. Use them in rotation.

    Feel free to get some more of those cards in the names of your elected representatives.
    Use those cards to buy your porn and booze.

    Post plastic-wrapped kilo bricks of oregano and baking powder to local politicians. From their political rivals.

    And to the DEA from both of them.
    Return address in Mexico, Bolivia, or Columbia.
    (Bonus points if they’re from the offices of flaming Lefty eco-libtard groups.)

    Rent a car the same as the one the local mayor, sheriff, chief of police, or the most special pain-in-the-ass politician(s) in your area drives. Make a set of stick-on cardboard plates, balls-on-accurate, with the right letters/numbers.

    Run red light cameras in neighboring cities at 3AM. Park illegally in front of whorehouses, massage parlors, porn or marijuana stores, and get parking tickets. Go for the handicapped spaces. Call yourself in to the meter maids if necessary, mid-day.

    Send the parking tickets to the local TV stations and newspapers.

    And in case you never read Hayduke’s Revenge books, any time someone asks for a Social Security number that’s none of their goddam business, Richard Nixon’s number is 567-68-0515.

    And there’s also a list of more numbers online, for Kurt Cobain, Walt Disney, etc.
    Knock yourself out.

    Fuck the whole idea of tracking anyone’s digital life right in the ass, until it bleeds. For less than the price of a shitty handgun.
    Corrupt the source data so hard it’ll never walk straight again.

    And please, stop being a lazy ass, and pay cash for your shit, to the maximum extent humanly possible.

    Privacy invasion game over.

    I worked on a movie once, where one of the behind-the-scenes workers was a total dick to everyone. Because that’s what he was.
    The sound guy quietly collected subscription cards from everyone on the show, for three months. Didn’t tell them why.
    When the production company put out the crew list, he started filling them all out — for Messr. Dickhead.
    For every publication known to man: lesbian magazines, dog and cat magazines, the Pennysaver, and about 200 other rags.
    The last day of production, he mailed them all in.
    Four years later, the dickhead was still fighting the mountains of shit that landed in his mailbox every day.

    Another guy signed his vicious ex up for every dopey drawing at every mall and trade show he saw. She was getting shit from the entire planet, and never figured it out.

    Have fun with life, and stop taking it so seriously.

  16. Followers of Islam believe that once they’re in a land that Allah has given it to them and it’s blasphemy against Allah to ever, that’s EVER, give it back to the Infidels. They will ALL require extermination to remove.