A Democrat-controlled House would overturn the election and impeach Trump

Undercommissar For American Values Lee Greenwood was unavailable for comment.

29 responses to “A Democrat-controlled House would overturn the election and impeach Trump

  1. I don’t think the Republicans really care one way or the other. They are all looking out for themselves. They are just the right wing of the Uniparty.

    • Northgunner

      Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that the ‘ruling/parasite class’ does in front of us, either in real time or before the electronic eyeball/breast substitute is pure kabuki theater first and foremost. It has no more reality let alone legitimacy than any wrestling/fighting (neo-roman bloodsports), major sports or any other male oriented soap opera.

      It’s all distract, deceive and de-sensitize..exactly what a parasite does when it’s totally committed to feeding on its host at all costs.

      trumpy is just the latest parasite class approved meat puppet to be danced out in front of the rubes…the real show is what goes on behind the stage with the puppeteers…

      Same at the local and state level…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  2. Meh.
    If it worked like that, Pelosi and every other pol in D.C would have a life expectancy measured equivalent to the span of lieutenants parachuting into Normandy on D-Day.

    And then they’d get some pliers and blowtorches, and get medieval on the survivors.

    And because 100M BFYTW folks wouldn’t sit on their hands and let it happen, the Lib Tard Army would go the way of the dodo and the passenger pigeon by noon Wednesday of that week.

    For less than the cost of one box of ammo, apiece.

    And then those special elections would turn out a wee bit differently.

    Seeing it otherwise takes the level of foresight in Tokyo that predicted that the fait accompli of Pearl Harbor would induce the US Navy to retire to San Diego, lick its wounds, and cede the entire Pacific Ocean to the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, rather than, say, executing unrestricted submarine warfare on anything afloat with a meatball flag.

    But it’s red meat for the base, and a nice contrast to the vegan platter offered by Messrs. Quisling Ryan, and Bitch McConjob.

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  3. I dunno. All they got is “he fired the FBI director because he was sick of the nonsensical Russia investigation”.

    Even to the fevered minds of a lot of tards, that just isn’t hitting the “high crime and misdemeanor” standard. But maybe they do it anyway?

    And, then it goes to the Senate where it takes 2/3 vote to convict. But without some evidence of a actual crime, I think they fall far short of 67 votes they would need to remove him, and it’s just another farce, like the Clinton impeachment. But maybe they do it anyway?

    Then what? President Pence?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The little cafe in my office building was playing CNN on its tv today. I’ve never heard the words “might,” “may have,” and “could have” so much in ten minutes.

      To quote the late, great Lionel Hutz: “We’ve got lots of hearsay and conjecture, which are *kinds* of evidence.”

  4. Where did this destitute homeless man get the money for his ammunition?

    • POd American

      You might ask Eric the BeHolder and his buddies in Feral Bunch of Instigators.

  5. Notarealperson

    That is a given. They hate Trump that much.

    And when they win back the presidency you can be they will punish the deplorables in ways we can’t even dream of. They will declare war on us. You think the hate is bad now, imagine a Hillary or a man hating bitch like Kamala in charge.

  6. Excellent signal strength there, Overturned Electshun, I repeat Overturned Electshun. I read you 5×5.

    John has a sharp pencil.

  7. The 2018 election is an excellent, perhaps even historic, opportunity to swing the Senate to a right supermajority – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Senate_elections,_2018 – so, what are we doing about that? Who among us is participating? Along with our tactical training and PT, who’s carrying the ball for public speaking? Who’s researching the field and volunteering for righteous candidates to capitalize on this opportunity? For those who still believe in the political process at all (acknowledging of course the many on this forum who don’t), this opportunity is golden.

    • Doncha know voting is for slaves, and pussies? And all the candidates work for one (((((((((SuperBoss)))))))))?

    • Bro, (((they))) have really proven the last seven months that voting is not the answer. I’m never going to waste my time voting or campaigning again.

      Also even under a blue pill view it is never going to happen . are you crazy ? it is very difficult to get even 51 or 52 Republican senators

    • Tldr: boomers still don’t understand.

  8. “simple and truly fascist…”. Yup. Another (((neo-con))) cucksite. The Jews and their stooges simply cannot call a Red…a Red.

  9. Jimmy the Saint

    They’d still need a Democrat controlled Senate to be sure of a conviction.

  10. They hate President Trump because he has stopped the outright wholesale looting of the taxpayers that went on during the rule of AliOBama and the 535 thieves.
    Trump even cut some agency budgets.
    How dare he!
    No more:
    $500 million here(Reids+ the Pelosi’s “green energy” loans), a $billion there(Feinstiens selling government owned real estate), no
    $8 billion to a Black Nationalist cop hating commie attorney Van Jones to “green the ghetto”.
    The money flowed under the Pimp in Chief Barry.
    Never in history has so much been stolen by so few.
    That is how you double a 200 year cumulative debt in just 8 years.
    The DC crowd made out like the world class bandits they are.
    They are not angry about the political theories of Donald Trump-he is an outsider in that den of thieves-that makes the DC uniparty crime family nervous, very nervous.
    Do not be surprised what the DC uniparty crime family tries against President Trump.
    It will not be a pretty 4 years unless he lets them tap back into the $4 trillion dollar taxpayer revenue stream-again.
    It isn’t about the people, it is the bank accounts.
    Barry bought all the congress critters, they still love him.
    Those were the good old days for DC.
    Stealing was sooo easy.

  11. alaskapaul

    Looking at the situation, this will play just like Slick Willie’s impeachment. It will go nowhere. But that is not the strategy of the dems. The special soviet prosecutor will go the same way.

    It is, plain and simple, a time burner, to tie up the President, and destroy his administration and office, using the method of death by a thousand cuts. It is all they got, and the repubs have no backbones to stop this $h!t in its tracks. The basic issue is that the repubs and the dems have been sucking the blood of the American public for years, and Trump represents an existential threat to them, hence the viciousness. It’s lawfare, plain and simple.

    The dems are inside Trump’s OODA loop, and he is reacting to them. If he wants to win, he will have to take back the initiative and get inside the dems OODA loop, causing them to react, then pick up the tempo, just like in a gunfight. I would recommend that he get A/G Sessions to initiate a RICO investigation into Soros and the money he spreads around to foment disorder and rioting, and mayhem. Why has this not been done yet?

    He wants to balance the budget and decrease govt? How about laying off 20% of the govt employees as a deficit reduction measure? There are lots of things to do. Want to stop White House leaks. Lay off all the White House employees and bring in new ones you can trust, or vet them. Trump should have is own people sweep the entire building for bugs, and make a public report. Lots of things to help himself.

    If this is not done, then you will have no choice but the cartridge box.

  12. greenman227

    What possible purpose does the ‘gentleman’ from Canada serve you? Your house and your rules, but damn been away for a bit and that’s just disgusting.

  13. There are two Libtard Armies, the one you see, a smoke screen, and the REAL one that is in hiding here in CONUS and near at hand (Canada, MX, Cuba)

  14. A Dim Congress would not certify the EV results of a Trump win. That is easier than attempting impeachment proceedings.

  15. The Jew running in Georgia lost despite outspending the Republican by $8 million. Jews organized to support him, now they’re going to be angry.

    Oy Vey, it’s anudda Shoah.


  16. I hope (((their)))) hubris, chutzpah, and lack of self awareness is really that out of control.

    Go ahead, elites. Actually do to Trump what (((you))) did to Nixon. Do it and see what happens. 👌

  17. Randolph -BFYTW- Scott

    Good to see the niggas, the jews, the demonicRats and the communists lose again.