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17 responses to “Funny That

  1. Jimmy the Saint

    “If I don’t feel safe in a mosque, I can’t feel safe anywhere else”

    Well, feel free to fuck right on off, then.

  2. FUCK YOU muzzlem POS

  3. Grey Ghost

    Last I checked the guy in London killed … 1 … Islam is still way ahead when it comes to truck attacks in the EU and attacks on the west in general. When I see Muslim men, women and children being mowed down in London or anywhere else in the EU then I’ll know there are some serious people in the EU who understand what they are up against. Until then the score is Islam: 500 EU: 1.

    They don’t feel safe in a Mosque… well ain’t that just too fucking bad. When they STOP going to the Mosques then I know there is some fear in Islam, until then it’s just lies to get sympathy from anyone who will believe them.

    Grey Ghost

  4. Steady Steve

    Be afraid Muzzie, be very afraid.

  5. commie network news hates America, wants amerika and will do all they can to make it that way. care for Americans? not at any MSM outlet.

  6. Funny, they didn’t ask how safe we felt after our blocks were busted and schools integrated during the cibil rats era. I remember white kids getting rolled for their lunch money and the shit beaten out of them in elementary school in front of yard monitors and teachers who literally turned their backs on them.

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  8. /pol/ is the CIA of the alt-right. They found Shia LaBeouf’s flag twice within a day and have driven the actor nearly insane. They found the bike lock guy and have made a complete list of the Antifa faces from all the utube vids. And they tracked down the Cleveland spree killer 12 hours before the cops did. The left is horrified of /pol/, Julian Assange (Wikileaks) and Kim Dotcom. The left has nothing close to this level of cyber hacking/investigating assets. Twitter keeps banning /pol/’s twitter feed but no one can touch the 4chan servers. The editor of this blog is smart to follow /pol/ twitter account.

  9. Northgunner

    Well, surprise surprise….
    For once moslems don’t feel safe in Dar al-Harb and they’re shuddering and quivering in fear and terror of being attacked (as if this is anything new…in the moslem world, shias whack sunnis..sunnis whack shias…and both whack their bahai cousins).

    Personally I think the current ‘mosque attack’ is nothing more than the a ‘family squabble/throw down’ between competing elements of ‘mo’s death cult’…nothing at all new especially considering that attacks on mosques are quite common in the middle east and garner no more than a shrug and a yawn..a ‘moslem chimpout’, so to speak…

    Tribal Warlord: “Orban!, What is best in life?!”
    Orban: “What is best is to drive a Ryder truck over the moslems and send them flying as the rest flee before you in terror as you mash the is also hearing the lamentations of their welcoming balless manginas as they clutch their ear labia in despair!”
    Tribal Warlord: “Yes!!, that is best!! are keys, moslem masher is all gassed now!!”

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – F islam!!
    Northgunner III

  10. a follower

    Hate certainly seems to breed hate.

  11. you should expect nothing less from cnn. not that I think congress deserves any notice as it is a worthless POS organization, but I watched the baseball game and pony show on cnn and they omitted gopers were praying with democrats in the field. why ? there is no point to do that unless you are a juvenile, pathetic network.
    how and why cnn feel so far from at least being a news network 15 years ago, I do not know; but now about the only redeeming thing on it is briana keiler because you can mute cnn and still have something watchable.

  12. Centurion_Cornelius

    Musloids ain’t t listening to their civil Imam: London Mayor Sadiq Khan:

  13. wendystringer48088

    Since they were blaming the death of the 17 year old muslim girl Nabra Hassanen on Trump and his supporters, it was 22 year old Darwin Martinez Torres:
    ICE: Suspect in Murder of VA Muslim Teen Was in US Illegally
    Like blacks, they have plenty to fear, but getting killed or savagely beaten or raped by someone white is the least of their worries. Their far greater threats are from their own kind and those from the other groups that commit high rates of crime.

  14. It’s not just CNN. Fox brought on a CAIR representative to talk about one of the muslim terrorist atrocities in Britain.

  15. Randolph -BFYTW- Scott

    I hope every fucking mooslim and every cocksucking supporter of mooslims is scared of everything. I hope they tremble watching tv knowing that we ARE coming for them, every fucking one of them. Men, women, children, dogs, cats even the goats they fuck will be eliminated. I hope they are afraid every minute of their remaining existence.

    The only good mooslim is a dead mooslim with a pork rind on whats left of their forehead.

  16. If you don’t feel safe, the exit back to your country of origin is right over there!