Perish The Thought


9 responses to “Perish The Thought

  1. Ace Frehley

    ……and Hillary ‘won’ the ‘popular vote’ by 2.9m.. So Trump won by a net 2.8 million.. Sounds about right.

    • Trump won in 2008?

      Sounds about right….

      • Ace Frehley

        Chuckle.. Clearly my zeal outweighed my reading and comprehension skills.. Point still stands: If the figure was 5.7 in 2008 then in 2016 was the figure A. Higher or B. Lower or C. The Same.

  2. Fuel Filter

    Yeah, without all the illegal taco-benders here in Mexifornia Trump would have won in a walkover.

    And we wouldn’t have Gov MoonBeam and the rest of the Democrat “legislature” shoving 13%++ taxes up our asses and denying us our 2nd Amendment rights.

    Can’t wait to get the fuck outta here.

  3. the ‘leaders’ who let them come and stay tell me i’m supposed to worry about russia. nice misdirection that has captured the minds of far too many.

  4. Jim Neighbors would have passed selection before Tfat.
    He’s richer than Tfat.
    His island is bigger than Tfats, and you bet your ass (see what I did there) that Jim doesn’t have those tatty fucking goldenrod stick on floor ” tiles “. He’s got some real HGTV shit down.
    Have you ever sang at the Indy 500, Tfat?

    • Jim Nabors hit on a dude in my barracks in Hawaii. 2014 he married his longtime boyfriend.

      He would have been perfect for the Corps Commandant, is that what you’re saying?

      After all, the only dudes dancing with Mahus in Waikiki were jarheads…

      Just sayin’.

  5. Thank god for duhmockracy, otherwise we would have had Hitlery instead of Jared.

  6. Secession fixes this.