Ossoff’s Loss Shows Things Could Get Much Worse for Democrats

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  1. Camacho2016

    Pajama boy can return to his career aide position and talk to his parents about getting Obamacare somewhere outside the district where he was trying to get elected.

    I thought Yo head would be bigga….

  2. Spike Milligan

    Jon Ossof looks like Anthony Weiner’s kid brother. I knew there was no way he could win in GA. Move to NYC Jon.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    DAMN! Another WIN made possible by the RUSSIANS!

    “Thanks, Vlad! Keep it up!”

    (Pelosi, Schumer, Hitlery, Obongo et. al.–y’all keep munchin’ on that SHIT SAMMICH you so richly deserve! Second, third, fourth helpings ‘a comin’)

  4. I grew up in the 6th District.
    Pajama boy lost to a bad Republican candidate despite a 2-1 spending advantage.
    Demographics have not quite gone too Blue yet but the trend continues.
    First female Representative from Georgia if I am not mistaken.
    Some polls had O$$off up by 8 points.
    Had to be Russians hacking the voting machines.

    • Oops, how could I forget Cynthia McKinney, the Cutest Communist in Congress from Dekalb County.

  5. I laughed my Ossoff….. 23 Million dollar loser…. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  6. Warms my heart that all of that California millionaire / billionaire $$$ spent on that guy was wasted – I wonder if he will give the unspent money back ?

  7. Carpetbagger: 0
    The South: 1

  8. Ossoff spent months in front of the mirror perfecting Obama’s speaking patterns, inflections and mannerisms.

    If his skin was differently colored, he probably would have won.

    • Dude. That shit had me crawling up the wall. He was straight up LARPing as zero.

      I wanted to slice off my own ears when I was getting assailed by back-to-back Ossof commercials.

      The beauty of Operation Carpetbagger is that the left effectively wasted enough money to burn a wet mule, and still…jack fucking shit.

      Hail GEOTUS:

  9. Hey Soros, your money is no good around here.

  10. Despite having pulled out all stops; spending at least 31 million dollars, organizing all Jews in the district (in which he did not live), having many Hollywood types campaigning for him…


    • The modern Right Thinking White Man’s Dilemma:

      1. JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS don’t really run anything, or they’d have run this one straight into DC.

      2. Voting at them…works.

      Put some ice on it, it’ll be OK.

      • actually, a universalist Tikkun Olam Jew lawyer Demoncrat lost to a White Republiscam cuckette who out I-love-Israel’d him. Win for the Jews either way.

  11. I actually have to wonder why, and I was a young republican that “used” to campaign for republicans all over; the GOP spent so much money to save this seat.
    It’s obvious, the GOP wants Trump to go away and get back to the oligarchy they have running in DC.
    If they held back some, maybe the dem would have won and they could go back to losing big in 2018, blaming it all on Trump and getting him out in 2020 to get back to business as usual.

  12. Fuck the Progressives (of ALL political stripes)….Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

    Far be it for me to interrupt them during their implosion…


    It is my understanding the pajama-boy-looking Democrat Mangina received a lot of Hollywood money. And, if you look at what some movies are grossing these days, you can see how the entire Marxist Machine is controlled. They have a substantial cash cow due to all of the brain-dead sheeple who throw their money away on shallow, mind-numbing entertainments. As long as this continues, the forces of liberty will continue to play catch-up.

  14. I sense a great disturbance in the force….like millions of snowflakes melting all at once.

  15. Dammit, the downward spiral gets another (((delay))) from ((((((((Handelstein))))}})).

    Quit prooping up the sky!!!!

  16. This indeed is another humiliation for ((( ))) but women should not be allowed to Vote let alone hold political office , and we are supposed to celebrate the victory of this “Republican “.

    White Women are not going to do this for us. Wake FULLY the fuck up.

  17. Dear Tfat,
    I said some rash things earlier to you and would like to retract my statement where I told you to give up and not wear your CPAP. After some reflection I realized that if you were to pass away that you’re going to be mad, madder than ever, mad all over again.

    Because you’re going to fail Valhalla selection, too.

    Piss be upon you,
    The Mayor of the Lunatic Fringe

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  18. Fuel Filter

    So, I guess all that Bay Area/Silicon Valley/Hollywood money went down the shitter. This little carpetbagger prick out raised Handel 7 to 1 and he still lost by almost 5 points.

    This Justin Trudeau wannabe who couldn’t even vote for himself (he lives outside the district) now gets to slither off back into his hole of irrelevance.

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! . . . snort . . . BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! . . . stop . . . I can’t . . . BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! . . . breathe . . .

    (From formerly socabill)

  19. Julius Streicher

    Jew carpetbaggers no more popular in those parts than they were 150 years ago.
    Imagine that.

  20. Ossoff becomes the latest Democrat to run a widely complemented campaign in a Republican-leaning state, yet still lose.

    And the 1,005th Democrat to get handed their own ass on a flaming platter since Jan. 20th, 2009, despite the entire DNC and lamestream media (but I repeat myself) being as politically tone deaf and partisan in their candidates’ favor as an umpire from the home team’s high school, and hyperventilating unendingly for the loser.

    This, btw, is why we don’t settle elections by newspaper editorials and press polls.

    A few more such “complemented” campaigns as this, and Democrats will become the Whigs of the 21st century.

    They have an unbroken record of failure from 11/8/16 to the present, and are homing in on the Chicago Cubs’ 109 year record losing streak.

    Moar, please.

  21. Pajama boy gonna cry?Fetch his teddybear and binkie quick!Weasel wimpdick lookin MFER.

  22. Our entire system is screwed, and both parties are responsible for it. But that isn’t stopping me from having a good, happy day watching the democrats cry over this loss. As inept as the republicans are, the democrats can’t stop going back to their old strategies, even though we have made it clear that their strategies don’t work anymore.

    • I keep wondering if this “win”, and Trump, are nothing more than TPTB managing our perceptions to keep us hoping enough to avoid kinetic direct political action of the kind which would actually make a difference.

  23. So the Dems are claiming victory by claiming they did not lose as bad as they might have?. I’m not sure anyone is buying that, least of all the Dems. What I think is instructive is that the polls all showed Ossoff with a lead. Yes it was shrinking, but nothing indicated a +4 percentage point win by Handel. Clearly the polls, as they often are, were heavily biased to the Dems, but in this case I think it hurt them by encouraging them to spend a lot of money on the false hope of a big victory.

  24. By the way, on this date in 1941, the War to Save Stalin had been going on for a little over 22 months. At 0400 next morning, while iron ore trains were still rolling from Russia to the Ruhr, Stalin got his first inkling that he might need saving.

    I guess those 22 months were just Battlespace Prep…kinda like the four years of Battlespace Prep for the 15 minute battle in the War to Capture Fort McAllister.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      22 months in Europe, maybe, but they were about a decade late to the fight.
      – China

  25. CNN talking heads were very sad when the race was called. Very, very sad.

    The opportunity cost to Team Donkey was significant. Ossoff spent $22.5 Million more to finish 9.5 percentage points better than Democrats did last time in the district. According to some this was enough to completely fund 6 winnable house races in districts that Hillary carried, but are currently represented by Republicans. Ooops!

    OK, everyone can get back to doing pushups, loading magazines and making Christmas lists. The entertainment is over for this month.

  26. Do not interrupt your enemies while they are making own goals and error upon error. Let them politically expire naturally, their stale date has arrived and passed in 2016, and they are really starting to stink up the place.

  27. Hmm ya, last I checked CONgress was still filled to the brim with curroptocrats continuing to LOOT FUSA like a posse of Dindu’s on holiday in St. Louis.

    In other news Capt. Lou Albano defeated the Grand Wizard in the Sat Night Cage Match. Congrats on the minor victory.

  28. Catch a glance of the “girlfriend”? This chick was his beard, a totally paid for drone. While Pussy PJ Boy was pontificating about abortion rights, healthcare, ad nauseum, his significant other was staring off into space. Then she would realize that he made a remark, and she’d grimace at the crowd. The whole performance was unsettling and weird. I wonder what he will do with all of his unspent cash?

  29. Jimmy the Saint

    The best part was watching feminists weep because a woman beat a rich white guy for an elected office. O_o

  30. the only difference beween these scumbags and most murkins is well…


    they are all broke.

    ha ha ha

    what is it like to be poor in the richest nation in history?


  31. Just a reminder…


    Fucks can’t even remember that today’s Repukes are nothing more than yesterdays Dumbocrats. In a few years, the Repukes will be today’s Dumbocrats. And even then, you’ll all swoon… “Oh thank God that the repukes won. We get another breather!”