Pattern Analysis

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  1. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Repeat after me………”Diversity is our strength, Diversity is our strength, divers………..”

    • a follower

      Diversity is our strength, collectivism is the failure. The world has you focusing on groups instead of seeing individuals. Do any of you see the people? Do you have any idea the losses of life that can occur? Take a drive and look around at the people, the faces.
      To the cop haters, do you see the individual, or do you see a group of cops? all deserving of the same judgement?
      To the jew haters: Do you see the individuals, or just a group of jews?
      To the muslim haters, do you see the individuals, or just a group of muslims to ram a van into?
      To the christian haters, do you see the individuals, or just a group to run a van into?
      To the ones who hate by colour, what do you see?
      So haters, are you also a group? yes i see you are.
      You are no better than the elitist masters who look upon us as slaves to do their bidding, their murdering.
      Yahuah takes no pleasure at the death of the wicked, and neither should we.

      • Fred Seymour, Jr.

        “Force rules the world still,
        Has ruled it, shall rule it;
        Meekness is weakness,
        Strength is triumphant,
        Over the whole earth
        Still is it Thor’s-Day!

        Thou art a God too,
        O Galilean!
        And thus singled-handed
        Unto the combat,
        Gauntlet or Gospel,
        Here I defy thee!” ………….

        The Challenge of Thor
        Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

      • Boomer or Jew alert.

      • Northgunner

        Yes, please keep telling yourself that…
        Continue to sing kumbayah with the moslems while they and the rest of their ummah make ready to stab you in the back for your sensitivity and kindness.
        Your wife and daughters will thank you for the gang rape and slavery that these misunderstood ‘cultural enrichers’ will bestow upon them as they call them filthy kuffar whores.

        Proximity + culture with wholly evil intent = WAR
        There is NO such thing ad,’peaceful coexistencewith moslems/islam’..EVER!!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – Death to islam!!

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Depending upon time and circumstances, it *may* be possible to view groups as individuals. However, that isn’t always the case – many times, we’re forced by circumstance to make snap judgments.

      • You were doing poorly, right up until the colossal bellyflopping great overreach at the end:
        and neither should we.

        On the contrary, the righteous are commanded to rejoice and praise when the wicked are judged; not out of selfish personal pique, but in worship of God’s faithfulness, holiness, and justice.

        For instance, after all the wicked are judged at the end of times:
        Revelation 19:1-6
        After these things I heard something like a aloud voice of a great multitude in heaven, saying,
        “Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God;
        2 because His judgments are true and righteous; for He has judged the great harlot who was corrupting the earth with her immorality, and He has avenged the blood of His bond-servants on her.”
        3 And a second time they said, “Hallelujah! Her smoke rises up forever and ever.”
        4 And the twenty-four elders and the four living creatures fell down and worshiped God who sits on the throne saying, “Amen. Hallelujah!”
        5 And a voice came from the throne, saying,
        “Give praise to our God, all you His bond-servants, you who fear Him, the small and the great.

        6 Then I heard something like the voice of a great multitude and like the sound of many waters and like the sound of mighty peals of thunder, saying,
        “Hallelujah! For the Lord our God, the Almighty, reigns.

        Given the nature of the judgments described in chapters 17 and 18, that was no small amount of smiting getting laid down.

        So as far as anyone following Yahuah is concerned, when wingnut in Alexandria catches a faceful of lead from capitol cops, God reigns.
        When Trayvon gets removed from the gene pool, hallelujah.

        I’m not advocating for or against anyone’s religion, but I’m pretty certain that serving up Christianity cafeteria-style doesn’t fit well within its own orthodoxy.

        If one is going to step into the office of preacher, it’s best to have the chops for it.

      • if you wish to survive the coming blutenbad,

        *you will treat cops as a group, not as individuals, otherwise you will be quickly killed.

        *you will treat Blacks as a group, not as individuals, otherwise you will be quickly killed.

        *you will treat spics as a group, not as individuals, otherwise you will be quickly killed.

        *you will treat Muslims as a group, not as individuals, otherwise you will be quickly killed.

        and so forth.

  2. With so-called “pattern analysis” such as this, how have we even survived to the present day as a nation? The ppl putting this stuff out are a FAIL at this stage. An utter FAIL.

  3. this one gained my respect.
    funny how the muzzies are doing what murkins should be.

    my only bitch is he didn’t stab enough of the pigs…

    allahu akbar!

    Balch Springs, Texas: An officer who was recently charged for fatally shooting Jordan Edwards as he was leaving a party is now under investigation for an alleged off-duty road rage incident that happened before the teen’s shooting.
    Update: Ottawa County and Carroll Township, Ohio (First reported 12/2/16): A former Ottawa County deputy who threatened his supervisor then went on to work as an officer in Carroll Township pled guilty to disorderly conduct for stalking that supervisor after he left the department.
    Ellis County, Texas: The county constable resigned his position and surrendered his law enforcement certification after he was convicted of voter fraud.
    Spartanburg County, South Carolina: A deputy was charged with domestic violence for a physical altercation while he was armed with a gun.
    Update: Tulsa County, Oklahoma (First reported 6/1/17): A deputy pled guilty to carrying a firearm while intoxicated. He received deferred adjudication. The report does not specify whether he will retain his job.
    Update: West Jordan, Utah (First reported 3/16/17): A now-former officer pled guilty to domestic violence after threatening women with firearms. A military veteran, he was diagnosed with PTSD and will enter Veterans Court for supervision and counseling. He surrendered his law enforcement license and no longer may own or possess firearms.
    Denver, Colorado: Two sheriff’s deputies were suspended for using excessive force against jail inmates.
    Update: St. Anthony, Minnesota: The dash cam footage of now-former officer Yanez fatally shooting Philando Castile was released, prompting many questions about the jury’s vote for acquittal.
    Update: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (First reported 10/20/15): The officer’s trial for the fatal shooting of Corey Jones was moved from October to April of next year.
    U.S. Border Patrol: An agent will face trial in October for fatally shooting a 16-year-old Mexican national while he was on the ground and across the border.

    Update: St. Anthony, Minnesota: The officer who was acquitted of manslaughter for the fatal shooting of Philando Castile has been fired.
    San Antonio, Texas: An officer was arrested for drunk driving after crashing into Kirby, Texas officer’s patrol car.
    Troy, New York: The entire gun and drug unit is under investigation for allegedly covering up a warrantless search. All officers in the unit have been placed on leave.
    Update: Joliet, Illinois (First reported 6/27/13): A now-former officer was acquitted of federal civil rights violations for actions during a 2012 arrest. He was previously acquitted on state charges.
    Franklin County, North Carolina: A deputy was charged with felonious assault, property damage, and criminal threatening.
    Mount Vernon, New York: Six detectives and the department are being sued for wrongful arrest by a man who was recently acquitted of murder.
    Broward County, Florida: A deputy is under psychiatric evaluation after a domestic call to his house led to flight and an eventual standoff at a country club.

    Update: North Miami, Florida (First reported 7/21/16): A supervisor who was on scene for the unwarranted shooting of health care worker will be fired for filing a dishonest report saying that he was not, in fact, on the scene at the time of the shooting.
    Burkburnett, Texas: An officer was arrested for drunk driving in Wichita Falls after running a flashing red light.
    Edison Township, New Jersey: An officer was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest in Belmar.
    Update: Linden, New Jersey (First reported 3/24/15): A now-former officer was sentenced to 8.3 to 25 years in prison for a wrong-way DUI crash that killed two passengers in his vehicle.
    Update: Tulsa, Oklahoma (First reported 9/19/16): The officer who was recently acquitted of fatally shooting Terence Crutcher is being sued for excessive force.
    Antioch, California: A now-former officer pled guilty to tax fraud for collecting approximately $720,000 in tax refunds on behalf of deceased persons.
    Manatee County, Florida; A deputy was suspended 258 hours (more than six weeks) for turning in inaccurate time cards.
    Update: St. Anthony, Minnesota (First reported 7/7/16): An officer was acquitted of manslaughter for the shooting death of Philando Castile during a traffic stop last year.
    Alamogordo, New Mexico: An officer was placed on leave after posting potentially threatening comments on social media.

    and yet the badgesuckers still support their hero cumbags in blue clown suits.

    the murkins are truly DUMB.

    • Soros troll

    • Still haven’t joined the sideshow yet, huh, Betsy?
      Of course you respect jihadi terrorists, they’re your mental equals, as one not-so-smart bomb to another.

      And thanks for asking, but the bedpan cleaning tally is 0, going back to the 1980s:
      like your feeble and humorless sophomoric comments, they’re not only full of the exact same substance, they’re also entirely disposable.
      And for the same reason.

      Stick to being stupid on your own areas of expertise (as a sewage eater, and diaper spackle distribution technician), don’t even try to talk to other people regarding things about which you know zip.
      That tally would be, at last look, pretty much everything in the encyclopedia.

      In case you hadn’t noticed it, the less you post here, the smarter you sound.
      Go back to your default activity.
      To make your day less frustrating, I got you a copy of the answers, to do you a solid:

      But if you’re color blind too, then I guess you’re still fucked, huh?

    • “and yet the badgesuckers still support their hero cumbags in blue clown suits.”

      Quite obvious what you have been sucking.

  4. Deadeye Dic

    And. Here. We. Go.
    H/t to the Joker in the Dark Knight.

  5. When I first heard a Canadian attacked a police officer, well you can imagine my surprise. I thought that The Cadre had up and done jumped off the Island Porch!

    For just a minute, then I came back to my senses. That and I noticed he’d posted another ” I retired at age fifteen getting two 837 thousand dollar checks a month and here’s pictures from somebody else’s fishing trip to prove it”.

    It’s just them goddam plain old muslims again.

  6. CNN: Only the finest Cultural Marxism served

  7. ((((CNN)))) is pure evil.

  8. a follower

    “Free speech must include so-called “hate speech”, or it simply is not free speech.”
    Free speech also carries with it, responsibility. Nothing is truly free.

  9. There are a lot of Arabic words and phrases that are unrecognizable to the average person…

    Allahu Akbar is NOT one of them…

  10. The Walkin' Dude

    Imajun muh shawk! They won’t talk about this on the maynstreem meteor!

  11. a follower

    Have you become a member of the thought police?

  12. i’ll take great pleasure in watching the muslime invasion of fusa, and it’s subsequent justified killing of cops and their worshipers. after all, the lowlifes who have nothing to lose (most murkins included) should be the ones doing this, while good people like myself enjoy the schadenfreude.


  13. Michael Miller

    CNN :

    Naybobs of

    Thanks Mister Agnew !

  14. Still no statement from that monumental retard we Canadians have for a Prime Minister. The media is too busy showing videos of the idiot hugging a stuffed unicorn. I shit you not.