WoG: Do The Math!

Codrea warns of yet another catastrophe in the making.

“93 millions Americans a day…”

Hokey smokes.

19 responses to “WoG: Do The Math!

  1. CarlosPerdue

  2. Look at the assholes behind him. They all kept a straight face.
    I’d say bonuses are in order.

    • CarlosPerdue

      I’m sure McAuliffe, like most Democrats, enjoys giving and getting a “bonus”

  3. When TA made the comment, I caught the “exaggeration”. My first thought? Yowser! We will wipe the undocumented and Muslim Terrorists out in no time!

  4. well, we are 93 million miles from the sun. There is that. I’m only surprised that McCrook didn’t say “6,000,000”.

  5. Grey Ghost

    And there are lots of Americans that are so stupid they will believe this POS Gov of VA. Problem: They can’t do the fucking math so they have to believe him. Someone said the other day this goof is running for Pres in 2020. Losers. Everyone.

    Grey Ghost

    • Yup and I’ve meet quite a few of them – Not the 15 to 30 yr old millennial dipshits either. They are the 40 to 60 yr old’s who you would think would know a bit more.

      ‘MuriKa needs an enema.

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    93 Million a day? Seems like the problem will correct itself in just over three days.

  7. if only it were true.

    200 million would happen overnight.

    in due time. see ya lf queer and assap.


  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    Wow! In 3 days, FUSA is gone! Cue the hystericals!

    This asshat has gotta be the product of public edukation + Marxism.

  9. “Every 84 hours 100% of americans die from guns”

    As long as I ain’t one of em I don’t care.
    If fact I’ll go so far as to say, “The more the merrier the rest of us will be.”

    “Avoid crowds”

  10. Chuckwalla

    If we put all the gunzzz on an island would Hank Johnson think it would capsize?

  11. Well, he said it…so it must be true!

  12. Along those same lines, why the banana republic theme? http://bejohngalt.com/2017/06/a-republic-if-you-can-keep-it-maam/

  13. The Usual Suspect

    FAT–TTTTT your getting easier to ignore !

  14. Actually, he’s a product entirely of parochial education, from K through J.D.
    Which says a lot about how good that is, too.

    For him, the rot is expressed thusly:
    Carter-era libtard X Lawyer = Maths iz hard.

    And yes, he probably wants to be president of all 57 states.

    This is why economics kicks Dumbocrat asses every time.
    They’re the kids in math class who ate the textbook covers for the paste, going back to the 1920s.

  15. Maybe he confused gun deaths with abortions.
    Still bad data, but a lot fucking closer