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  1. Google this if you will:

    Canadian sniper smashes all records

  2. wendystringer48088

    Concerning the Defensive Concealed Handgun class Sat 22 & Sun 23 July at VTC Romney WV…
    If one usually carries a smaller handgun (Taurus PT709 Slim 9mm) is it necessary or a good idea to show up with a larger 9mm handgun (Ruger SR9C) to train with? You do say to bring a spare handgun in case the one you intend to train with breaks.
    You also say to have a Blue Gun that matches the real gun. I assume you mean like from here: ?
    Also, does the Defensive Concealed Handgun class include any Tactical Combat Casualty Care training?
    I seem to remember something about that being mention on WRSA about a TC3 class for an extra fee on a seperate day before or after the Defensive Concealed Handgun class (or maybe it was just a one time thing, or maybe I am just wrong about that?).