Denninger: A One-Sentence Bill To Force The Health-Care Issue

Pretty simple.

“Health insurance”, as the term is used generally today, is better described as “a scheme to defraud”.

Those are bad, FYI.

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  1. I think the question is simply this. ” What Is Reasonable”. The next big question is who gets to define ” reasonable”.


    • Northgunner

      And even more importantly, why did people ever allow a pack of narcissistic sociopaths to EVER have ANYTHING to do with ‘health care’, let alone anything in the first place?!?

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  2. For a broken upper arm the emergency care charged 7K for less than an two hours. I had ATV insurance but that still seems ridiculous.
    they took an X Ray and put a cast on from shoulder to wrist. And a little morphine.

    • a) It’s an ER, not a parking meter: they don’t charge rent by the hour.
      b) Does your arm function properly now?
      c) How much is that arm being functional worth to you? Round numbers.

      If someone held a gun to you and forced you to go to the hospital, you’d have a point.
      You are always free to treat yourself, or avail yourself of the services of the local curandero, witch doctor, or what have you, right?

      But instead, you wanted a board-certified ER doctor, someone who spent 12 years of his life after high school getting an education – at enormous expense – just so that he could examine, diagnose, and treat you properly in only two hours.
      You got an X-ray, which was interpreted by a board-certified radiologist as well.
      And you got precise pain relief, something largely unknown for most of recorded history.
      We’ll skip over the costs of the building itself, machines, supplies, clerks, technicians, and nurse(s) who took care of you, the support staff in the pharmacy, radiology, and supply departments, as well as the staff that maintain the facility and clean the rooms, all in compliance with the local, county, state, and federal regulations that, combined, occupy about three yards of bookshelves, and all in compliance with another five bibles of practice sufficient to not only solve your problem, but prevent any part of the process running afoul of ambulance-chasing lawyers and another thirty yards of regulations and case law.

      Perhaps you could try subcontracting all that yourself, and let us know what you could do it for.

      For comparison, ask around, and see what a law firm gets for two hours in court. Bear in mind the average lawyer has less than half the post-grad education most doctors do.
      Then ask them what they’d charge if they had to go to trial on the very day that you were arrested.
      Don’t take their laughter personally.

  3. TL;DR version:

    The word you’re looking for is “simplistic”, not “simple”.

    If we can agree that I may purchase your home and put you on the street by offering you 3 cents on the dollar of its value in cash, we have an accord.

    It not, I’ll provide an anatomical diagram for where to shove that communist codswallop.

    And If Deninger doesn’t get that, or never thought of it, he’s too simple to be burping his Good Idea Fairy B.S. on the ‘net.

    Longer version:
    Medicare reimburses healthcare at pennies on the dollar of actual costs.
    And deadbeats, indigents, and illegals pay not one damned cent anyways.
    (You out there, with IQs above room temperature, see if you can puzzle out why, therefore, your private insurance gets charged $42 for a single Tylenol. I’ll wait.)

    Then factor in EMTALA, in which the feds dictated that medical providers shall treat every recklessly irresponsible shitbag without insurance, and every illegal alien baby momma about to burp out another brat to cash in on Uncle Sugar’s largess to US citizens.

    So, tell me, how long would McDonald’s survive if the feds decreed that anyone who was hungry would receive all the Big Macs and fries they wanted, simply for walking into the establishment…?

    Beuller? Beuller…? Ferris Beuller…??

    You want to “solve” health care, it’s simple:
    get government out of the whole business.

    Here’s your one sentence:
    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, all provisions thereof, and all associated legislation and administrative guidelines, are all hereby revoked in their entirety, and in perpetuity.

    Pay for your fucking care your own goddamn self, and qwitcherbitchin.

    When the bill’s coming out of your ass, you decide, with full responsibility for the decision, whether you want that CT scan or blood test or surgery, and if you die because you fucked up that guess, well, shit’s tough. No lawsuits, just personal fucking responsibility.

    Too fucking hard, cupcake?
    Contract with an insurance company to gamble on your health, and charge you appropriate premiums, and buy the coverage you want: just like you do in every single fucking facet of the rest of your life.

    You want a Ferrari, you pay for it, and you pay Ferrari insurance rates, and Ferrari deductibles.
    You can only afford a Chevy Caprice, or a Kia, you pay less, and you get less.

    If you want the government to take pity on the poor, let anyone who doesn’t pay income taxes sign up for Medicare, or military Tri-Care.
    And force Congress on that too: put the Senate on Tri-Care, and the House on Medicare, effective immediately.

    Or don’t do that.
    Frankly, I don’t give a shit.
    But whether I buy health insurance, and what it looks like, is my decision, and mine alone.
    And who gets cared for is between hospitals, doctors, and patients.
    None of that is any business whatsoever of anyone in the fucking government, at any level, except insofar as they offer insurance to cover some people.

    (Ask around and see how many doctors don’t take Medicare patients, BTW. It’ll open your eyes, if your brain isn’t a shrivelled raisin.)

    • Northgunner

      Also never forget that the ‘Big Pharma’ is incestuously intertwined with both ‘Big gov’ and the insurance industry..not to mention ‘Big Medicine/AMA,etc’ and the food industry. When a cartel exists, the members of the cartel ALWAYS engage creating a monopoly and ‘price fixing/gouging’..and the aforementioned IS a cartel (how Denning missed the glaringly obvious of that is shocking!).

      Our food is patently dangerous to eat as are the products that load our bodies with toxins on a daily basis…and we’re surprised that we’re having ‘epidemics’ of everything from diabetes to ‘attention deficit disorder’ the computer programers used to say in the 80’s, “garbage in, garbage out”.

      With the above in mind, is it any wonder that any Dr.or other individual from the 1930’s on that ‘discovered a cure for any form of cancer’ was pilloried in public by the AMA and driven out of business if not out of the country (Dr. Royal Rife and Rick Simpson are but two examples).

      And folks still wonder why ‘Big Pharma’ discretely demands that Cannabis still be forever prohibited from the dirtpeople?

      As the man said, “Cui Bono, also always follow the money!!”

      Remember Dr. Benjamin Rush’s warning against Dr.s and the medical establishment being allowed to become a powerful oligarchy in their own right.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  4. Daniel K Day

    I respect Denninger’s approach to rebuilding the health care finance system but his statement that a poor person can come up with $5000 makes no sense to me.

    • Does a person making $8.00 an hour and $15,000 in debt, in your mind qualify as “poor”?

      By God’s grace I am MUCH better off now– but that’s where I was when I came up with $7800 for a non-medical, not-strictly-needed but very beneficial series of purchases.

      ALL eventually repaid to the banks, family, and friends who made it possible.

    • Randall Flagg

      They do it all the time. All. The. Time. Ask any criminal defense attorney. When a potential client is looking at any possible jail time, and needs representation, even the ‘poor’ are miraculously able to fork over $5k or more P.D.Q.

    • Daniel K Day

      ExGeeEye, Answering your question, yes. To you and Randall Flagg, assuming your personal experiences are true (no offense intended, this is the internet and bullshit is everywhere) thanks for your input. I am still somewhat skeptical but listening. I am almost never around “the poor” and don’t know what they are financially capable of.

  5. i say kill 200 million useless eaters and most of murkas money problems are over.

    fucking losers.

    get a real fucking job.

    and lay off the booze n dope.

    retards can’t handle it.

  6. Thank you, Aesop, for saving me the trouble! Medicare rates are not enough for many-to-most physicians to stay in business. I have not accepted Medicare in > a decade. Actually, I don’t deal in any third party payment. I am an independent businessman offering my services for a fee. PERIOD!

    Although I respect much of what Denninger has written in the past, here he is proposing FEDERAL LAW concerning how I run my own private business. He wants the .gov to CONTROL MY BUSINESS! Collectivist go away!

    • Exactly.

      The minute someone draws government as the solution like a gunslinger with a .45, grab your wallet, then run him out of town on a rail, after a proper tar-and-feathering.

      Denninger’s sophomoric rant was something I’d expect to hear from the Occupy @$$holes, and about as well-conceived.

      I hope he knows more about stocks; what he knows about healthcare could be written in a matchbook with a fat Sharpie.

  7. Im VA, get farmed out to the civilian side, rarely do I see the same Dr, twice in a row. VA used Tri Care, which like Medicare pay pennies on the dollar.

    I get what ASOPS saying. Hence my opening statement, regarding What’s Reasonable. The medical system is the number one inflated business, new two year nurses make 65.00/ 70.00 an hour, here, and expect a raise for their services.

    Had an MRI last week, 12.500 dollars!, on the bill provided to me. I’d be surprised if the MRI center sees 1000.00 of that from the govt/VA.

    Do agree that if we as individuals are paying something out of pocket, we tend to not show up for chickenshit problems.

    Medicare and other govt supported services, are virtually not in play where I live, no medical facilities except them.

    And we did dinner last night with a group of medical professionals last night. This was the conversation while I BBQed dinner. The Dr’s present all stated they would retire before putting up what’s proposed.

    The nurse practitioners and PA’s stated they would fill those medical rolls, and continue to charge what the medical Dr’s charge, they all summerized the issue as basically one big game. The Dr’s are my age, the PA’s an NPR’s are all younger and in no position to retire.

    The rib eye was fantastic, the conversation was eye opening.


    • Dirk, like Denninger, you’re seeing some of it, but what you aren’t getting still is huge.

      PA’s and NP’s are great doctor adjuncts, but a substitute for a much-more qualified doctor maybe 30% of the time, for the petty minor problems and family practice stuff. Either one has almost exactly half the post-college education and training of any doctor. You get what you pay for, and for some things, you don’t need the MD. Until you do.

      The reason doctors and nurses get what they get is this thing called the free market. If it’s news to you that there’s a shortage of both, ponder how many people can and would do those jobs, and that hospitals have to pay nurses what they pay because there’s been a shortage of nurses for only about forty years, and it’s only getting worse for the next forty. And BTW, their salaries get paid through the room rate, and like lettuce pickers, their labor cost comprises maybe at most 5% of your total bill, usually far less. For example, in an ER, any given patient is paying about $40 and change for me, total (I did the math: my ratio is 4:1 most times, and I turn the rooms over three times on average in a 12-hr shift, with a base ballpark of $500/shift). For a heart attack or stroke, you’re getting me for only about $20; maybe $80 for the whole nursing crew, if you need that, because you died on us a couple of times. (The lower cost is because you’re out of my world and on to the cath lab in <1 hr. instead of hanging around for 4 hrs. or more.) So don't worry about the nurses' hourly rates, and stop acting like you're paying my entire day rate for private service. You're not. No one is. And I don't get a dollar more for saving your life than I do for treating your poison ivy rash. Think about that.
      Then call a plumber, and let's compare bills for what he does when your toilet overflows, versus what I do when you're having a full on cardiac arrest heart attack, and see who's overpaid vs. underpaid, m'kay?

      And the reason your bill is high for MRI is that those things cost $1-3M@, in a purpose-built suite that costs more to construct than the average McMansion. Before we talk about the bill for power to run it, A/C to keep it running, the service technicians and software writers that make it work, the top-end radiology techs who run it, and the inevitable board-certified radiologist to read the scan. (Did you ever rent a Gulfstream G650?
      That’s the closest equivalent to using a state-of-the-art MRI for an hour.
      Call the local agency, and let me know what the prices are for a short hop.
      Then ponder that there are three times more bizjets than MRI scanners, and that pilots only have 6-12 months of post-secondary training, and not 12 years like every single radiologist, before they can work.)

      So, we can do that, and let you bounce out unscathed and unscarred afterwards; or for far less, just hack open your joint in surgery (like they did before MRI), go poking around in amongst your tendons, joints, nerves, and blood vessels, crippling you for months of rehab afterwards, unemployable in the meantime, and open you to a host of surgical complications like death, permanent coma, infections, surgical errors, loss of function, and so on.

      Your call.

      IMHO, anyone’s first-world medical care is quite simply a modern miracle, and they’re paying too little for it, not too much. (Most of them aren’t paying a fucking dime: the tax-paying and gainfully employed are paying for them. That’s why my back hurts; I’ve been carrying 90M perpetual welfare cases and 40M illegal aliens on it my whole life, and it adds up.)

      If we could get the government out of it, the money would be going to the people doing the work, instead of the people pushing the paper, and if you had a MSA instead of insurance for most petty BS, you’d see (and pay directly for) the costs, and have some grasp on what you get and what you pay, which would vastly improve the whole government- and lawyer-fornicated system.

      Firing government, and laying off millions of lawyers, is generally the right call in any situation.


    It all comes down to the political culture in Amerika. There are more people now who vote for a living than who work for a living. They will vote those into office who will continue to pick my pocket to provide for all of the drones, wetbacks, FSA, LGBT deviates, and other assorted slobs who have smoked, drank, ate junk food, and never took care of themselves. This will not change until the economic system collapses. Thank you, Frank the Cripple. May you continue to burn in Hell.

  9. I hear those CONgress critters have a pretty good health plan. I wonder how they can afford it? Oh yeah……….

  10. What a dreamer. Thinking corruption can be stopped, when corruption is the reason for being of all government.

    One thing you can be sure of, the rulers will not allow a simple Obamacare repeal to come to a vote in Congress. No, the R’s will perform their usual function of cementing-in the radical socialist advances passed by the D’s.