On Insurrectionist Rhetoric

Herschel lays it down.

A simple formula for your consideration:

If some schmuck wants to restrict my language, why would I expect that he won’t want my guns?

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  1. That was precisely the reasoning in the 1857 SCOTUS Dred Scott decision. Black people were kept as non persons and slaves lest they be able to speak out in public and “go armed everywhere they went”.


    The elephant in the room that no one will analyze in depth is the veracity of Congressman Scalise’s investigation into child trafficking. Here you have some leftist skell, whose private life was a textbook case of child abuse involving FEMALE foster children. So who almost gets whacked at the Ball Park?!
    Sorry, guys, but this whole thing stinks. I smell MK ULTRA big time, just like that creepy geek who offed the colored people at the church in South Carolina, and the Gabby Giffords shooting. I do not believe in coincidences. I also spent way too many years as a peace officer investigating child abuse/sexual assault cases. I believe Scalise was getting too close to the whole Comet Pizza-Podesta Brothers situation. Prove me wrong.

  3. ” You Smucks” good one. Truthfully, we’re all Smucks, at the end of the day. We’re just like them, only different.

    Think I’ll drink a bunch of ice cold from the keg 2.00 pints of micro brew, BBQ rib eyes, make Red mashed potatos, grilled corn, and a Caesar salad for my friends, out at the club tonight. Sit on the deck and watch the sun go down over Klamath Lake.

    To have made it to my golden years with only a few minor war wounds, has been a true miricle.

    Life is good, life is what we make it.

    Dirk Williams

  4. Nicely done.

    Anyone who tells you that you can’t ever use violence is preparing to do so to you, besides being wholly ignorant of the laws regarding self defense going back several thousand years.

    Unless he’s Amish/Quaker, and merely taking a toothless philosophical position, best to beat him first chance that arises.

    Rhetorically of course, politically if it suffices, but physically if necessary, and to death if nothing else will avail. Some people can’t hear you until they start spitting out their teeth, and some not even then.

  5. If they already have your currency, banking, language, healthcare, construction and occupational licenses etc., they won’t need your guns. What would you do with a gun, anyway? Stand around in a free speech zone holding it as a demonstration of your obedience? You would never use a gun to defend yourself after you did something illegal, like remove your automobile license tag or hire too many white males.

    • Some of us will only fire if fired upon. Call us cowards if you will…but then show us your untagged vehicle parked in front of a cop shop while you’re inside taking the measure of the windows…

    • wendystringer48088

      “If they already have your currency, banking, language, healthcare, construction and occupational licenses etc., they won’t need your guns. What would you do with a gun, anyway? … You would never use a gun to defend yourself after you did something illegal, like remove your automobile license tag or hire too many white males.”

      Good points and mostly true, except only true up to a point.
      That is the argument that if you don’t use your gun for everything you won’t use your gun for anything.
      Maybe I won’t use my gun arguing over a parking space, but someone raping my wife when I come home would be a matter. Just for instance.

      Decent law abiding God-fearing people will put up with a LOT of abuse and injustice and bullshit from all the petty (and not so petty) rules and tyrants in the Federal, State, County and Township/City governments before the final option trip wire is finally is tripped.
      Do not mistake our kindness for weakness and all that.

      I think the guns are for when things go bad in a big way – being attacked and in fear of your life – violent crime, riots, civil war – or when they come to get you to put you on the bus / cattle car and take you away to the camp to be liquidated.

      On a related note, I remeber seeing the pictures of the scratch marks on the walls of the Auschwitz gas chamber,

      Everyone was so horrified and posted that was so terrible and could never be allowed to happen again.
      I just thought Well they certainly waited way too long to fight back.”
      And the only thing keeping it from happening again was people having weapons and willing to die fighting when the peole camee for them to take them away to the death camps.

      Of course, some people can still say the other people will never fight back.
      It’s all bravado and will never happen.

      We’ll see.

      It’s not like we didn’t have enough information available and a long enough run up to see things coming and have the time to mentally and physically prepare for it if we wanted to.

      “Life is good, life is what we make it.”

      Life is good, and is what we make of it each and every day.
      Even if life isn’t as good as it can be (people get injured or sick, things break and need to be fixed, chores and maintenance work needs to be done or things fall apart, etc.), we can still control how we react to it and how we deal with it. We can be pleasant and positive people to be around that are helpful and make positive contributions. Or we can be miserable complaining assholes full of nothing but hatred and negativity that nobody wants to be around.

      And to make a final tie-in to @Anonymous:
      We can waste time screwing around or we can prepare to prove you and others who say the same as you have wrong, should the time ever come.

      What percentage of people am I talking about? Don’t know. We’ll see.

      And with all that typing, I am recovered enough from morning physical stuff and now am off to do more maintenance, prep and practice stuff the rest of the weekend…

  6. “It was largely from the congregation polity of these New England puritans that there came the American concept and practice of government by covenant…”

    Which I will agree is perfectly Puritan, and thus perfectly not Christian. But it is perfectly revolutionary, and thus perfectly Puritan.


  7. Notarealperson

    And here is DHS John Kelly saying we need to restrict free speech to prevent terror attacks.


    He’s just one step away from order gun confiscation.

    • and the pissbags in blue will happily attempt confiscation.

      it’s up to you to put one thru their grapes when they do- and remember to mutilate their putrid corpses afterwards so as to prevent an open casket when they are recovered.

      these walking colostomy bags with badges have no concept of the people as sovereigns.

      they are brainwashed to believe their “color of law” takes precedent over Common Law.

      fuck the poopLICE
      fuck the gubbermint.
      fuck the parasite class.

  8. Personally, a guy who can write a liars tale like that is every reason required to never give up your guns.
    Aside from the fact anyone who can rationalize disarmament like this author, is smart enough to write something like that in the hopes there are some ignorant of history and truth who WILL disarm themselves, and over time, every disarmed American is one less armed American to kill those who write and advocate such propaganda. It’s double think hoping for percentages, where eventually it becomes vaster numbers. Like all things marxist.
    If disarmament is such a noble and morally superior thing, why does it require people who dissimulate and lie through their teeth, revise the truth of history as proven, to promote disarmament?

    Those who ignore history take the dirt nap first.
    Those who forge their guns into plows will be ruled by those who don’t.

  9. From the Captn’s verbatim quote, this is cute:
    “…I have been studying, tracking, and writing about insurrectionism  —  violent revolt against one’s government  — for years…”

    Hey motherfucker, hope you are reading this. Your lie belies your lyin’ arse. You conveniently forgot the one “insurrection” of “violent revolt” that matters. They call it The American Revolution.
    It worked.
    It was legitimate.
    Moral in a way like moral never has been.
    And besides proof of that legitimacy the liberty you have because of guns in the first place of freedom of your speech, a greasy dissimulating lying toad like you is the reason why you never give up your guns.
    Thank you for refreshing my resolve.

    • “It was legitimate.
      Moral in a way like moral never has been.”

      That is simply not true. AmRev was intrinsically illegitimate and profoundly immoral.

      That “it worked” (for whom?) is completely irrelevant.


    • The only ones who have any standing in proclaiming the moral, or otherwise, standing of a, or in this case, “the” revolution…

      Are the ones who participated in it.

      Your “resolve” doesn’t mean crap, other than empty talk, until proven otherwise.

  10. Why is it all the cunning deeply sinister proponents of marxism and destruction of the West, never minds marxism’s creation, enjoy a majority of Jewish heritage?
    Are they still trying to crucify Jesus Christ, like the cultural marxists are still waging a war of aggression on the South?

    Sure makes it all the more crucial we never give up our arms.

  11. Kelly’s a tool, and I believe I read he’s a Muslim, convert. Talk about the fox, in the hen house. Men like him are very dangerous, they have killed more good folk with their pens, then bullets.

    As for ordering gun confiscation. Fuck him, fuck them, their IS a line in the sand, they know it, which is exactly why their talking tough. Not doing shit.

    Wasn’t it like maine, who’s state ordered a semi auto gun control, and out of 150.000 known guns less then 10% registered, per the new law. Their legislature was shocked at the unified resistance to their order, that they left it alone.

    That’s the power of We The People.