Pop The Dogma Bubble

(Don’t be…)

Good ideas.

Especially if you actually try them.

How are you training this weekend?

6 responses to “Pop The Dogma Bubble

  1. But I am “that guy” if going by the definition from Die Hard where one person has to do something no one else will to save others. Being that guy in May for me probably made me one in 100 million and I intend to improve on that.
    No training for me this weekend, I intend on drinking Weihenstephaner beer from the worlds oldest brewey(I highly recommend original premium, great stuff) but my training is ongoing and I expect that in 2018 to be nimble like a cat in every aspect of my life; if we make it to 2018 without WW3 and an economic collapse; probably 50/50 on both of those.

  2. We can finally put that God awful UCP to rest. I’m pretty sure the Army is finished with it.

  3. i’m proud to be “that guy”.

    always have been.

    the rest of the useless eaters are “those people”.


    i incorporate training into everything i do.

    while you are working- i’m training.

    while you are playing- i’m training.

    while you watch retard vision- i’m training.

    my life has always been centered around training…

    that’s why my body and mind are battle ready- at all times.

    you “people” simply have no chance against types like myself.

    sucks to be you- seriously.

  4. ARRL Field Day is this weekend, great time to get on your mobile comms setup and train. With so many people on the air you can really see what you can hear in all directions. I got up early today to set up and be on the 80 and 40 meter bands as they faded away against the march of day light, Very cool to see just how late in the day you can run these great regional bands.

  5. I’m 50 years old. Tired, my knees are shot and the last thing I want to do is try and keep up with the young fire-eaters. Ain’t gonna’ happen.

    THAT said, I started doing a PT program with a local gym (where a lot of MMA competitors go to get better). In other words, they take the PT to “ludicrous” level, and host 1-hour classes every day. Take as many as you can, and hope you don’t drop dead of a heart-attack. The first class, I made it halfway through, before I had enough. Basically, it’s Boot Camp for old farts like me, who haven’t seen the inside of a gym in 30 years. Combined with cleaning up my diet (no starches, sodas or sweets), I’ve lost a total of 12#, now holding steady. The fat is coming off, my strength improving, my *endurance* is already improving. Conventional wisdom says I shouldn’t be seeing anything like these kinds of results, but that’s what happens when you’re pushing yourself five days a week, and training honestly.

    WHY do I tell you all this? Because I thought I *was* in shape. The truth was, it’ll take me another 3-4 months of kicking my own ass HARD, before I think I’m ‘getting there.’ If you’re not doing the PT on a consistent basis, you’ll lose whatever gains you had; you’re fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

    Now working some CQC training classes in, and looking to work with a local Krav Maga instructor, to diversify my knowledge, improve my overall skills. I don’t really see any point of taking “run-and-gun” classes yet, as I’m still too fucking weak to maximize the benefits (I’m a smaller, thin guy, but run an M1A, which is a *heavy* platform). After 3-4 months, I’ll start moving in that direction.

    One thing that’s been made patently obvious to me, is that while I thought I knew what my weaknesses were, I didn’t know how *much* I didn’t know… I’m starting to get an inkling, and I confess it’s rather embarrassing. I don’t know if there’s enough time left (before SHTF) for me to become a “bad-ass,” and I don’t even know if it’s possible when you’re an old fart. I guess I’ll have to learn as much as I can, train as *hard* as I can… and hopefully it’ll be enough. But I’ll be God-DAMNED if I’m gonna’ be a 50 year-old, cheetos-eating, couch-potato waiting to be victimized by ANYBODY.

    Thanks for posting this, and all the other stuff you put up. It’s appreciated, and keeps me motivated to do what I *need* to do.