The Boomer Question

Content of character, or color of skin?

Fifty years on, what is dominant?

17 responses to “The Boomer Question

  1. Socialism was first used against Indians in Andrew Jackson’s day. Today it’s used to ruin everybody. Whites have ruined the content of their characters, I know this because they mostly support socialism.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    50 Hot Summers later, and what’s “dominant?”

    I ain’t seen no “White Lives Matter” dust up…YET.

  3. ah bullshit.

    the incredible stupid runs deep across the board.

    almost all murkins deserve a long LONG dirt nap.

    200 million…

    fucking losers.

  4. We all know the answer, of course. Black and brown people get a free pass regarding their terrible character.

  5. No…here’s the friggen cold, wet blanket of truth:

    Lyndon effing Johnson famously said, “Give me this (welfare) and I’ll have those niggers voting democratic for the next 100 years.” He might as well have said, ‘give me this so we can enslave those niggers to us for the next 100 years.’

  6. OH…and by the way, the ‘Boomers’ are nothing but bunch of whining, egotistical faggotized bunch of pussies.

  7. that scurrilous fred reed recently wrote on this very subject. can’t find a single point to argue against him. the numbers don’t matter anymore. used to joke about how things were starting to look like independence day in zimbabwe, but now that’s everyday from nairobi to cape town. or baltimore to atlanta. take your pick

  8. Grenadier1

    Lot of high level REEEEEEE at that site.
    The comments are a mish mash of retardation and cancer.

    Taking the vote away from women is not going to solve the problem
    Removing all non whites from the country is not going to solve the problem
    An emotional outburst against “liberal democracy” is not going to solve the problem.
    For examples see the comments section of this site.
    The majority of the comments come from White males and yet we cant seem to agree on…..anything. Its not women or minorities causing THAT.

  9. My favorite boomer bad example is tFat. Came of age in a prosperous time, back when you could still get a factory job and have a family and a comfortable life.
    Pissed that away, fucking off and pretending o be dangerous, skirting the fringes of the wrong crowds. Boned up, got told by the judge to enlist. Missed another opportunity there, despite all the help he was given. Got out under questionable circumstances, probably acted out when he was told no at selection and became a self made martyr. That germinated the evident anger/self loathing feedback loop that we still see. Supposedly did booming business scrubbing smashed bugs asses off of semis, but I’d put more stock in daddy’s UAw pension after he croaked from prolonged, compound shame.
    Next will be a curious experiment. Tfat cannot have a weekend frenzy of creating new aliases and then marshal his sock puppet army to post, that’s been done and CA put the kabosh on it. It was hilarious!
    So stay mad all weekend, little buddy!
    I’ll leave you with some Dante (modified):
    From Hell’s Heart, I piss in tfaT’s cornflakes.

  10. He’s not even asking the right questions: generations, as such, have jack and shit to do with what’s come down.
    This isn’t a young/old/older/oldest question, it’s a left/right question, and has been since the 1930s.

    But he’s correct in a minor way about the dominance of academia and the media by the left, unacknowledged as it was through about 1980, but that cat’s been out of the bag for nearly forty years, and overtaken by events for twenty. Both are an open joke now: the press is failing everywhere but the internet, and academia is the next Tulipomania/debt bubble over-ripe for bursting.

    (The next wave of unemployment is going to be the bottom 95% of college professors, once the top 5% {on merit} put everything online, for everyone, at bargain basement prices. College will become what people do for a hobby for everything not a profession like law, medicine, etc. For all but a bare few, the university campus will be wholly superfluous, and they’ll all shrink to insignificance, as you’d expect for an institution that’s over a thousand years old. Seeing former bullshit studies professors bagging groceries and vending coffee will be a sight to see, boy and girls.)

    But King was a Republican (Democrats, then as now, were all and always the racists in the South), and was simply arguing for equality and color-blindness regarding race.
    All the con men and pimps from the Left that hijacked his movement after his death have been nothing but rent-seeking race hustlers, and that includes the SPLC.

  11. Blarney Stoan

    For the Boomers? Skin. And color. The moar the betterer.

  12. Truth Corps

    Take a good hard look at that image above. That’s your future America. Hell, it’s your present in most cities. Demographics is Destiny.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      If Demographics is destiny, that picture won’t ever come to pass. Hispanics are the growing demographic group in the US.

  13. Jimmy the Saint

    Color and character have been merged by the PC crowd. If you’re white, you’re evil – full stop. If you’re not white, you’re on the side of the angels, unless you go against Collectivist orthodoxy, in which case you’re effectively made an honorary evil white.

  14. i just bought another 200′ of secluded beachfront, mountain view property on a nearby island complete with well, septic, and electricity, where i’m going to park my 35ft RV and several boats.

    i’m pretty stoked about being a BOOMER.

    what’s it like out there in poverty land????

    i wouldn’t know. 🙂