TL Davis: Local Action & Betrayal

Lessons on several levels, as noted by David.

Force-projection beyond the county level is tough.

Even within a county is no walk in the park.

6 responses to “TL Davis: Local Action & Betrayal

  1. A timely and forever-to-be aware of what can happen without the proper focus.

  2. MBV. To his eternal credit and honor.

  3. I wish them well in their efforts, but the entire 760 mi2 county, less cattle, comes to 4,361 people (as of 2014).

    This is the biggest open carry 2d Amendment march in Colorado.

    Which about sums things up.

    And as TL noted, things didn’t go well there the first time around.
    There are many more people hereabouts in far less than one square mile, and they’re a far less homogenous electorate.

    So even if such a tiny outpost succeeds in voting their way out of their problems, however briefly, they’ll still be a bug on the windshield compared to Denver, one neighborhood of which could swallow that county whole.

    I applaud the effort, and I’m glad such places exist, but it’s hardly a template for anyone where the population is denser than 6 people per square mile (i.e the half of the country that isn’t plains, mountains, desert, or tundra).

    And whether vacant or populous areas, force projection in sporty times will be measured in yards of line-of-sight. Little more. And only when someone is looking. People got to sleep sometime.

    Best wishes to those folks as they work to change what they can.

  4. CA Warrior

    “Force-projection beyond the county level is tough.”

    Maybe, it depends on your county, its geography, and its strategic location relative to important resources or infrastructure. My associates and I have already preplanned how my AO and surrounding county can be an effective location in defeating the deep state and its minions.

    We’ll prevail, because in the words of the young guerilla leader Jedd, “because we live here”…….

  5. Gotta start somewhere and kudos to them for having a voice and making it heard (Sentinel).

  6. Northgunner

    First mistake: These folks are trying to apply a ‘political solution’ to a problem that was caused by ‘politics’…when suffering from brain poisoning, double down and gulp more poison!

    Second mistake: Bearing and showing allegiance to the Empire by brandishing the imperial banner at the same time as they also bear a flag of truly Liberty, the Gadsden flag.
    The two are completely against each other in sprit and meaning…makes as much sense as flying the imperial rag alongside the Stars and Bars.

    TINVOWOOT, cucks!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III