A Divorce Would Be Better Than What Is Coming For Traditional Americans

Brief and to the point.

Begin with individual secession.

17 responses to “A Divorce Would Be Better Than What Is Coming For Traditional Americans

  1. Premise validated.
    The idea of a divorce is whistling-past-the-graveyard hogwash.
    There will be no such “divorce”.

    Divorces don’t have a body count.
    And you can’t take part of physical America with you and go your own way afterwards.
    And in this case, the blood-sucking lawyers aren’t going to be getting rich on prolonging the conflict (though they’ll try); they’re going to be among the first ones thrown into the wood chippers.

    There’s going to be another bloody civil war, unless most people roll over, then there will just be a lot of bloody incidents refusing the assimilation.

    If it’s “A”, you haven’t got enough ammunition.
    If it’s “B”, you haven’t got enough ammunition.

    This is going to be fighting to the death, and to extinction for one side or the other.
    There’s simply no other way to go about it.

    Because some people won’t let others alone, and the ones who want to be, are about out of reasons to put up with being trod upon.

  2. the murkins are so pitifully dysfunctional and just plain stupid.
    there will be no divorce until the blue demons are dealt with..
    of course, the blue cumsuckers will piss and moan, but if anyone believes the cops will allow you to walk away from funding their retirements without a fight- well, you are that stupid…

    i’ll sit back and watch the show from satellite aboard my vessels and on my island abodes with toes in the sand and cold drink in hand.

    alright, let the usual jealous and impoverished imbeciles waste more precious time they don’t have ridiculing and scorning their better(me) over their poor choices in life.

    enjoy your misery- losers.

  3. IMO, a secession is occurring under our feet. Example A is news this week of CA limiting travel to 8 states due to LGBT laws: https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2017/06/24/california-adds-more-states-its-travel-limits/gALQPBeCdM1tYfJrPmV3tK/story.html, these are primarily for the “bathroom” bills and now things such as Texas refusing to allow adoptions to some LGBT people.
    I am not intending to start a sub-thread on those subjects here, but rather hoping the more conservative states (and lease pardon the description but it seems to fit) put their thing down and say okay, then don’t allow anyone because we are going all out with hiring “undocumented”, no legalizing drugs and no state welfare for those able to perform at a job. This fight is coming, might as well have it.

  4. HHH Old Vet.

    YES, it WILL come to Blood, I’m a giver and a Taker.

  5. Pete, I’d love to read this post but, apparently, it’s so important to this guy that he block my access to the article while begging for money that I’m unable to due to my adblocking/privacy settings. Clicking the “X” does nothing to eliminate the “ad”. Not whining, just letting you know. I am greatful for your hard work and for posting that which makes me think but when I come up against this (as I do trying to access Gates of Vienna as well) I just go do more push ups or dry fire exercises. Thanks for allowing my vent.

  6. ———————————————-
    characterized by or showing goodwill; friendly; peaceable:
    an amicable settlement.

    Hope like above, but think it is
    wishful thinking. Heck, homicide squads
    are being called divorce squads.

    To cushion the blows:
    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  7. Divorce?

    From whom?

    Granted (and enforced) by whom?

    Divorce in numbers and divisions staggering the ability of anyone to predict or comprehend, let alone sort out in any way resembling something better than the inevitable shortcut which is the human default solution to such a pass as this in which we are found… ?

    Hell hath no fury like a zealot scorned….

  8. Here’s how to “divorce” the US.


    Thing is, you have to have someplace to go for eight months out of the year.


  9. a follower

    Has not divorce also become an “american tradition?”
    Divorced from Yahuah would be my concern in these days.
    Bob Marley ? None but ourselves can free our mind. i disagree, we cannot do this ourselves. The world needs to get over self.

  10. The shooting has already started by muzloids and the left. The difference between them and the rest of us is stark. They are delusional and psychopathic and think they can ‘win’ the day.
    When you hear reports of muzzies and the commie left being dropped by accurate rifle fire from cover and concealment, you’ll know the dissident right have gone hot.

  11. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Just terminated Verizon iphone contract. -and- TV has been off for 4 months!
    Vote with your wallet, and refuse to participate in your destruction!

  12. Mountain Cracker

    It’s too late for any reconciliation. This country needs to have it out. Let’s water the tree of liberty.

  13. Northgunner

    This is nothing new whatsoever.
    Kenneth Royce (Boston T. Party) discussed this very issue in his novel, “Molon Labe!” and
    “Hologram of Liberty”:
    “..we,are no longer a workable homogeneous people. Cultures, values, religions, and politics have splintered and are quickly polarizing. Great clumps of Americans no longer have ANYTHING significant in common with each other. We have become two (if not several) countries within an artifical whole..
    The LEAST-worst solution to this awful mess is a peaceful secession or a “velvet divorce” along the lines of 1994 Czechoslovakia (which divided into Slovakia and the Czech Republic).”
    – Ken Royce, “Molon Labe!” Pg. xii, Introduction

    As I’ve seen it for years, there is no political ‘solution’ to this mess because politics is how we arrived at this problem!

    Secession truly dies begin with the individual via his or her own mind…all the other secessions carry forth from that.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  14. Northgunner

    Hmmmm, looks like Marc Thiessen definitely drank all the kool-aid via the gov indoctrination camps (aka public schools/universities) where the subjects of ‘treatment of the indians’ and ‘American Slavery’ are concerned…
    Funny how he never mentioned that those of us of Indian descent are doing better for the white man’s being here than not, or that it was fellow African tribes that were in open collusion with moslem slavers/wholesalers to operate the African slave trade (and that it was Whites that ENDED the institution of the African slave trade in Europe). The moslems however are still fully involved with it to this day…

    The TRUTH about the American Indian Genocide

    The Truth about Slavery: Past, Present, and Future

    What pisses me off about white guilt

    Stefan Molyneux discusses the positive aspects of white nationalism and a white ethanostate

    Of course all this truth would be too much for Thiessen to take…

    One can possibly live and function in a multi ethnic society, but absolutely not in a multicultural one (especially when it is enforced by a parasitic ruling class for their own benefit).

    Proximity + extreme cultural differences + no desire to live and let live by one or both = WAR!!!

    TINVOWOOT,..never was..never will be!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  15. Grey Ghost

    Seems this writer at Vdare gets it! I’ve been saying secession was the way for a long time here at WRSA. Most say ridiculous. I don’t think so. I STILL say it hasn’t got bad enough yet… but it will.

    Grey Ghost

  16. V-Dare:another cucksite that will not Name the Jew. And, as such, has the core problem completely misdiagnosed. Note that it’s Anglin’s Daily Stormer that’s being lawfare’d by the ((($PLC)))…not Brimlow’s harmless exercise.