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  1. MaryfromMarin

    Great image–would like to share it. Who do I credit?

  2. Yeah, that kinda hits home. My dad was a B-17 pilot and flew 35 combat missions with this group—


    I did my tour staring down the Rooshins in the mid-’70s.

  3. Fuck Europe.

    They live or die this time by their own hand and resolve. (Or lack.)

    The only thing I’d send them would be discount-priced ammunition, if they can make good use of it, kindly and humbly ask for it, and pay for it in cash.

  4. This reality used to depress me but much like before WW2, this had to come. Just like the people then didn’t do what had to be done until they had to and it had already been a brutal period for many, it is the same now; people always repeat that they will not do what has to be done until they absolutely have to. The only thing that depresses me is seeing the young disabled vets of today seeing everything they gave their legs and arms for given away.

  5. Powerful stuff. Spread far and wide.

  6. HHH Old Vet.

    The painting and Caption are enough to piss off the Pope, BUT TRUE, F@ck ISIS the world over.

  7. I posted this a number of times over at The Burning Platform.

    I think it is brilliant, but some consider it offensive.

  8. Bottom Line: The Allies won. National Socialism Lost. And Cultural Marxism took over the West.

  9. If you ever drive down I-95, just North of Savannah is the Mighty 8th Museum. Worthy of a stop.
    Warner Robbins In Central Georgia off of I-75 exit 148 has an SR-71, U2, and a D-21 supersonic Recon drone indoors with Air Conditioning.

    Most never made it to 20 missions in 1943-44.
    Think about that on your next morning commute.

  10. What a waste of European men, had we not senselessly butchered eachother, 70-80 years ago, the stock, capable of resistance on that contienent would still hold ground, instead we joyfully slaughtered our kin and forsaked the future of our civilization.

  11. Emory Kiser

    Consider this a moment, at the start of the war there was no need for the draft. There were enough volunteers the fill all of the training camps and then some. Patriotism ran rampant throughout the Nation.
    At that time there was no air force, only the Army Air Corps. If you wanted in the Air Corps you had to volunteer after volunteering for the Army. Then if you were astute and wanted to actually fly you had to volunteer again. The Army Air Corps were the first American combatants in the European theater. They started in the beginning of 1942 and it took until 1943 before the “Memphis Belle” completed 25 missions, today they would be called “sorties”. Consider all of the planes that did not make it and were shot down. The Memphis Belle was in action 11months before they made the end of tour of 25 missions and were allowed to go home. (Actually there was another B-17 that completed 25 missions only one week before the Memphis Belle completed her’s) The name of the first one that completed 25 was “Hells Angels”.
    The Memphis Belle was made famous by her use a war bond exhibit that was flown across America to encourage people to support the war effort.
    I suppose Hells Angels was not considered a name appropriate for a hero effort.
    I got these details from Wikipedia, you can read it yourself if you like.
    Now these men volunteered three times in order to get off the ground to fight the Nazi’s. They said by their actions; “I volunteer to take a bullet for my Country”, and they did it three times!!!! Do you think they would do the same today?
    It makes me angry beyond words to see today’s politicians and see what lack of character they have. Today’s POTUS may not suit all who read this but he beats the hell out of all of the rest of the competition. He stated; “I am wealthy and could enjoy a carefree retirement but I cannot stand to see where USA is headed. I felt led to try to change things.”, I am paraphrasing here but I believe he really is trying to drain the swamp. The greatest problem he has is that there are more gators and snakes in his own backyard than in the rest of the swamp.
    I think the 100 Heads Life and Casualty Insurance company should take on another client. Perhaps many because of last week’s incident. After all, “they drew first blood”. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I am making this statement in jest because that is a good enough apology for the libs. Right?!!!

  12. never again

  13. a follower

    Propaganda at its finest. We also know they did what they did so we could vote.

  14. The Nazi-Muslim alliance was always part of the plan:

    Notice how one of the first countries given/taken back to the Muslims was Bosnia, home of one of the Muslim SS units, with the help of Nato (of which Turkey is a member).

    The Mediterranean Union continues to transform the landscape of both North (what most would call “Europe”) and South. Germany plays a strong role in this:


    “The Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Fathallah Sijilmassi is conducting an official working visit to Germany to hold talks with German authorities on the state of play of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation…. Current (((migration))) and development challenges were discussed and the ways of placing youth employability, job creation, education and vocational training at the heart of the Euro-Mediterranean regional agenda….
    This working visit is taking place at a time when the UfM Secretariat is (((accelerating its activities))) with tangible and sustainable (((impact on the ground through concrete projects))) and initiatives and consolidating its role as a regional platform bringing together all relevant stakeholders and actors in the field of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. (((Germany))) is providing strong political and operational support to the development of UfM activities and is a major partner and stakeholder of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.”

    If someone would bother to take 5 minutes on a google search for Mr FS, they would see some of the interconnections between Morocco, Germany, and France:


    “Deutsche Bank and le Crédit Industriel et Commercial were among the shareholders of B.C.M.”

    Even the imams are on board with European “integration”:


    As far as the Mediterranean Union’s leaders are concerned all is well.

    Hey, polizei, no need to worry these guys are just here to help inject new blood in the ranks. Just need to enforce some discipline among the recruits.

  15. Where, oh where have all the men gone?

  16. Mr. Frosty

    So, nobody was curious why we were helping the Jewish/atheist communists defeat Christian Nationalists that were trying to escape debt slavery? Hitler’s fate was sealed the day he issued debt-free currency that allowed the German economy to flourish.

  17. Spot on!
    The Allies’ Wartime propaganda centered on supposed “humanist” and “democratic” qualities of the allies took on a life of its own after the war as it became ingrained in our societies as “who we are” …. This in consequence made the entire West susceptible to communist/progressive poison and makes what’s happening now a direct result of the German Defeat.

    • Paul Kersey

      We killed our European brothers in WWII so Jewish communism in Europe could flourish and the state of Israel could be set up.
      Then as today, any country who crosses the globalist Jewish bankers is on their hit list. American politicians controlled by AIPAC will send our sons to fight wars for Israel and the bankers, while Israelis send their sons to our universities.
      As General George S Patton said, “We defeated the wrong enemy”. Comparing National Socialist Germany under Adolph Hitler to Jewish controlled Germany today, it’s easy to agree. The defeat of Germany in WWII set the stage for the Islamic takeover of Europe happening at this moment.
      The Holocaust story is a distorted lie used to justify the atrocities committed against the German people during the firebombing of 5 major German cities including Dresden. Watch the documentary “Hellstorm” for the other side of the story. The real “holocaust” and the genocide of the German people is told in this documentary.

  18. Historically, this cultural event shifts every 100 years or so. Just another version of ” As The World Turns” . As in America, the Muslims will take Europe without a fight.

    35 years ago, a old family friend wrote his doctoral thesis on, how America would be occupied, and then owned by Mexico, via the still un secured border.

    How access would be gained by malcontents bent on destroying our way of life.

    We all laughed gleefully like a bunch of UN educated fucking retards.

    I’m not laughing anymore.


  19. the white race doesn’t really deserve to continue…

    it is a state worshiping race.
    it is a debt ridden race.
    it is a faggot embracing race.
    it is an emotional race.
    it is a cuckolded race.
    it is an obese and unhealthy race.
    it is a dumb as shit race.

    lfqueer asap lol ensitue and sfc berry prove my point….


    obviously the white race has run it’s course…

    what is there to save?

    the muzzies have proven their will is stronger than whiteys- they don’t fear the poopLICE.

  20. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Bend over “greatest generation”

  21. America and Britain got together and annihilated the greatest people and civilization that ever existed on this planet. Because they had the nerve to reject jewry and usury and print their own money. And defend their people. Demonized and eliminated. That was the Holocaust.

    Saddam Hussein: wouldnt play ball with the (((bankers))). Wanted to get away from (((Petro-dollars))) and trade gold for oil, instead of dollars. Demonized and eliminated.

    Ghadaffi: wouldnt play ball with the (((bankers))). wanted to get away from (((Petro-dollars))) and trade gold for oil, instead of dollars. Demonized and eliminated

    Assad: Won’t play ball. Am i guilty of noticing a pattern here?

    Look up: Greateststorynevertold. Learn the truth. It will break your heart. If you have one.

  22. Yeah.

    And that *real* ETO total of 237,800+ died fighting the Krauts in order to give all E. Europe to the Commies. Tell me again who won WWII? I forgot.

    Fuck Frank the Cripple. May he continue to roast in hell along with Ike, Marshall, Bradley, Montgomery and the rest of the traitors.

  23. wendystringer48088

    That is an interesting WW2 bomber crew meme (picture + text) that makes you think. Well, here are my thoughts…

    You fight for the moment, in the here and now, with the people who are with you, for what you believe to be a perceived future. You can only do the best you can, that is all. If your cause prevails and your current or future leaders and/or the future generation then disippoint you and throw it all away (I imagine the children of a number of WW2 vets went on to be hippies and leftists) then that is out of your control.

    Just like after you die, who gets your stuff? Who’s to say 50 years from now your grandkid or great grandkid won’t wind up to be everything you hate. We only can infuence so much. Once we pass from the scene it’s on the people who are alive on earth at that time. And really that is the way it has always been.

    The solution? Continue to make yourself better and try to make a better future anyway.

    I like Capitalist Eric’s comments regarding PT (Physical Training) and CQC (Close Quarter Combat) training in this message thread:
    https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2017/06/23/pop-the-dogma-bubble/#comments and agreee with what he says100%. Same here.

    I believe that we also need to celebrate all the small and not so small victories.

    I see a lot of what I call “Heads they win, tails we lose” thinking. Trump doesn’t do all or most of what we hoped he would do or Karen Handel beats Jon Ossoff and people are still saying “Haha you got played losers”.

    With that kind of thinking you don’t need a bunch of guns with 1000 rounds for each gun, you just need one gun and one bullet for it and when the time comes just put the barrell of the gun in your mouth (aiming slighty upwards) and pull the trigger. Leave the rest of us to do what we feel we have to do.

    It’s about a movement, not about imperfect people trying to work within a corrupt system. And the great mass of people who voted in these elections (yes, I know the is no voting our way out of this, but still it’s a chance to be heard) have shown there are more of us than anyone thought possible.

    Seeing how many others who were out there also giving the middle finger to the system by voting for Trump, along with seeing the reaction of the “peaceful” and “tolerant” left, is what cemented it for me.

    I for one am stoked and motivated and now am moving in a different direction and with much more of a sense of purpose than I did before the great F**k You on the 8th of November 2016.

  24. 173d Viet Vet

    Recommend all readers of this blog join me in slurring Moslems as often as you are able.

    You see, the way I spell the name of their cult, M-O-S-L-E-M, is considered by that death cult to be a slur since its pronunciation means “dirty, filthy, nasty, etc”. But my way of spelling it is in the dictionary…..

    I enjoy slurring Moslems whenever I can. I correct the incorrect spelling in articles and emails that are sent to me or that I copy to send out (always with proper link for originator’ attribution).

    To say it another way: ” Why would any patriot want the Moslems to dictate to the patriot how we patriots should spell the name of their cult?”

    Again, for you slow learners and timid sunshine patriots, it is spelled: M-O-S-L-E-M

    Moslem. That’s it. Get used to it.


  25. thesouthwasrght

    Not again. Europe can fight this one on their own. They can use up their best and brightest this go round. And if the moslem wins, then we kill everythi g because them have g nukes on that order is unacceptable.

  26. Miles Long

    I’m thinking the 27,000 were duped by old Frankie the gimp et al about what they were REALLY doing over there.

  27. As in WWOne, for WWtwo, the US should have sided with the Germans.

  28. The Germans knew they were being invaded on D-Day but now they are too stupid to realize that the Musloids are invading them at a breakneck pace each and every day.

  29. But on a brighter note: Paul Tibbetts has 130,000 confirmed kills.

  30. OR…
    Funny how just a year ago we were behind Germany and now we are going to bomb the shit out of them all because their leader kicked out the Jewish bankers and business owners for raping his country – You all ready to die for that boys?

  31. Northgunner

    If they could have forseen how it would have all worked out maybe they would have bombed Mecca, Medina and the ‘Dome of the Rock’ instead as well as stalin and mao…
    And then finished by dropping nukes on ‘Mordor on the Potomac’!!
    Just a thought…

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  32. At least the Japanese get it:

    “Out of Japan’s nearly 127 million occupants, only 10,000 of them, less than one hundredth of a percent, are Muslims. Part of that has to do with their ban on Islamic evangelism but perhaps even more so on their ban of Muslim immigrants.”


    Europe is lost, and America will be soon too….We will Balkanize, splinter off and have our war with the cult of islam, whether we want to or not, they do, and that is all that matters…..Quin nailed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct3BsyF64gM

    not much to do until then except focus on ones grid square, whatever that means to each of us…..

    got a nice little hadji training camp just south of us here in Charlotte and a new mosque/community center, going up a couple miles from our nifty little suburban enclave, and no one here notices, cares or really understands….


  33. so (((they))) can give some of it to Islam, and the rest to niggers.

  34. Grey Ghost

    I doubt many of the WWII airmen are still alive today when it’s obvious what is happening to Europe. Those still alive years ago probably thought that Team Mo was a religion of peace. I don’t see most caring that much… since the odds are good they’ve taken the big dirt nap before the obvious state of Europe today was revealed.

    And if there are any still alive who can grok what’s going on in Europe, I’ll bet they’d say FOAD Europe you don’t deserve to be “saved” … again.

    Grey Ghost

  35. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    The biggest crime of our elite is how they brainwashed our women into working against us, while simultaneously bringing masses of other males into our lands, and silencing any dissent or discussion as “Dangerous”, “Racist”, or “Hate Speech” while marketing heavily on hyper sexualization, trashy gangster culture, and recruiting heavily to displace Americans in the education system, replacing us with foreigners who get the good jobs. The perfect storm for Islam and communism to ride out. That gentlemen, is no accident.

  36. Florida Guy

    Pte. Thomas Cole: Why is it us? Why us?

    Colour Sergeant Bourne: Because we’re here, lad. Nobody else. Just us.

    from the film “ZULU” – 1964