Badthink Awfulspeech – In Two Movements

Via Mises on Twitter.

See also this Heartiste post (h/t GVDL) on what is coming.

12 responses to “Badthink Awfulspeech – In Two Movements

  1. allow me to pick this apart a bit…

    1.lives in a shitty.
    2. drinks alcohol.
    3. sits in car and “texts”- what an idiot…
    4.expects “pumped” murkins(ha ha) to fight back.
    5. believes the cops are his “friends”.

    that’s enough bs for one reading. this guy is clinically stupid and delusional….

    move out of Fusa while you still can or, embrace your fate…
    take a million or so $s and get out while you still can.

  2. The Chateau Heartiste linked story is exactly why I have a knife on me at all times and you are right that events like it are coming and will increase. Trump may reverse it a little for a period but 50 years of unchecked immigration and liberalism has changed the country forever to likely to descend to act like more of a 3rd world country.

  3. HHH Old Vet.

    WE have Not been vigilant in Keeping OUR RIGHTS. Spooner Nails it every time.

  4. Steve Ramsey

    We just lost Canada. They arrested Wild Bill. For possessing “hate Speech” on his I-pad:

  5. Thanks for the post. Anyone getting off 95 in Bodymore Murderland is taking their lives in their own hands. The major cities are just slightly north of “no go zones” for me, I don’t even like driving through them on an interstate. They contain numerous zones that were ceded to Dindustan long ago. Glad he made it out alive, edged weapon beats gun, whoda thunk it. Maybe we all need to practice some “reverse Tueller drills”. You can almost ALWAYS carry a blade. Do it.

  6. There is an important dynamic called unintended consequences of current circumstances the political class and it’s allies are essentially putting the coal to ignorantly while they double down on business as usual.
    They have completely lost connection to flyover land, so much so, when it shows up on their radar they are perplexed and astounded when they receive pushback. The election of Trump being the some serious pushback they aren’t getting evidence the behavior of the deep state and its associates.

    (in that light, ruling class stupid aka as bullshit like anti-fa, is a seriously amateur move. Not for nothing, neo-bolshevik snowflakes in black masks?)

    Getting back to basics of political science and common sense, it is a serious mistake to beat the Russians did it or Trump is unqualified dead horse impeachment circle jerk of the legacy media. And public callouts for President Trump to be assassinated, thats really scraping the bottom of the barrel. I’m sorry, call me provincial and corny, but you don’t do that in America. It was disgusting beyond words what these same brats did to Sarah Palin or Admiral Stockton, Joe The Plimber and the Tea Party. But calling out for assassination of Donald Trump making it out to be populous support narrative by using pop culture bottom feeders like D list losers and fat bags of donuts, no, totally unacceptable.
    We see through all that. We put up with it, we turn the other cheek, for the sake of something better and larger than ourselves.
    But assassination of a lovable crazy wacky eccentric honest tycoon who truly believes in Murica! It adds insult to injury and pretty soon there is no redemption, like a bullet it can’t be taken back. Trump is us and we are him in the sense in America being decently honestly successful is a good and proper thing. And to outsmart the political smart-ass’s whats more American than that?
    You can say whatever you care about Normies, dirt people, Alt-Right, Hard-Right, and Men of The West, Liberty sphere, all these and more various disenfranchised components of agrarian, provincial, and outlier American way of life, what you can’t do as a banana republic government is ignore it, treat it as your personal doormat and it not become an existential peril.

    I’ll be straight up. I voted for Donald Trump because I saw in the guy courage of his convictions, a simple honest good nature, that he was putting his mouth where his money was. There is no perfect president candidate, and if there is a chance Trump might create a vast plurality of American’s who found a kind of solidarity, that could keep us from ripping each others throats out and destroying the foundational fabric of our culture asunder, he is my guy.
    I figure my vote counted, because at the end of the day we Win because enough of us stand together, nobody can stop us. Then Spooner’s axiom doesn’t matter. It is we who stand together who determine where power lies. It works, history is replete with dirt people solidarity that ended empires.
    TINVOWOOT? Sure, there isn’t any. It’s what we do after our vote that matters, because voting was never intended as a way out of this kind of pickle. It was for not getting behind the 8 ball to begin with. And this vote that put Trump in the oval office was a can you hear us now message, The Great Fuck You.

    If they don’t cut the shit pretty soon that great fuck you is going to be Because Fuck You Thats Why.

  7. I have traveled to the slums of Baltimore on many occasions for the job. I always go early as the dindus usually don’t start moving around in numbers until the afternoon hours.
    Only once did I have to E&E when a dindu, after eyeing me while I sat at a red light, decided to block my progress by parking himself in my lane while astride a bicycle. Not smart. I fucking floored the car and aimed right at him! That dindu decided not to try me and cleared just in the nick of time. Yes, I would have splattered the son of a bitch if he hadn’t moved, and just kept going.
    Being legally armed with a gun behind the lines here in MD is a contradiction of terms. A blade is about the best legal option though bringing a knife to a gunfight is always a bad idea. And those skinnies will always be armed with guns.
    Had the Heartiste author been armed and shot that dindu in the face, he would most assuredly have been locked up, tried and convicted and got jail time and a ruined life.

  8. Secession Bitchez!

    How New Hampshire is Fighting for Independence

    If NH was it’s own nation state it would be the richest per capita country on earth.

    The Free State Project has shifted to seceding from the Union.
    Are they going to call porcupines Confederates?
    William Lind’s epic tale of secession from tyranny, “Victoria” coming to life.
    We may get to see how Lind’s theory of 4th Generation Warfare plays out on American soil.
    Wouldn’t that be something.
    I think I may have to move my arse back to the North Country.

  9. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Its gonna be hard for that white kid to house and feed those twelve other kids when they grow up!

  10. Cue the screeching acolytes of CONstitional limited government…

  11. the niggers are no more than the Jews’ anti-White stormtroopers, Ditto all the other rainbow invasives. Synchronicity: (((Bob Zimmerman)))’s-alias-Dylan’s song about Ruben “Hurricane Carter” was on the radio a few minutes ago. You remember, a Black boxer who murdered a couple Whites in a bar, then get arrested, convicted, jailed. Jews then pulled the usual strings and dindu walked free. Useful essay though; just realized I left my Glock in another room…

    …seconds later: now it’s cozy.