The Things Men Do – Part II


See also Part I.

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  1. Good story.

  2. Primo.

  3. Makes me smile. I have to share this story about me son.

    15 years ago was working the mid shift 1800 to 0600. My son was a trumpet player in the high school band, and not very good. Turns out he was at a basketball game, the weather was misrible cold outside.

    My son another lad and six girls went out to the football field. Well one thing led to another. The vice principle was patrolling th school grounds and saw flickering lights on the football field. He responded to the area. He found all eight sophomore naked as jay birds, running up and down the football field like a snake, three had lighters and my son was the leader.

    The VP caught them and was shocked when he discovered them all naked. The VP calls my wife and tells her she needs to come to the school right now.

    She does and when the VP explains the problem, my wife laughed gleefully, saying he’s just like his father. My wife brings both my kids home.

    I get home at 0615 and crawl into bed, I’m sound asleep in minutes, my wife wakes me and says we have a problem, with our son, he’s in trouble at school. Then she tells me what he did, and I laughed my ass off, thinking kid you rock, and why didn’t I think of that back in school.

    My wife makes my son come tell me what he’s done and she ordered me to not laugh, to be stern. My son tells me, I fake anger and go back to sleep, thinking a day on the beach for him is reasonable.

    Well he got three days on the beach. On the forth day I have to take him to school, and do.

    As were pulling up to the front of this rather small high school I observed a rather large crowd of kids. Like “1200ish” and thought that odd.

    As my son and me walk to the office this crowd of students gives my kid a standing ovation, EVERYBODY! Back slapping, phone numbers from the older girls, and I couldn’t laugh, he was a rock state in this 1200 ish kids eyes.

    The VP the Principle and a dozen teachers are standing inside the door trying not to laugh in front of the kids.

    We followed the VP into the office, where he says ” well that went well”.

    I couldn’t take it anymore and just busted up, laughing.

    My kids 32 now, when he sees the teachers or admin people who were present that day, they cheerfully yell out, ” Hey Streak”, which became his nickname that day.

    Kids! What ya going to do.


    • Thanks for sharing that, Dirk. 🙂

    • Northgunner

      He,earned that 15 min of ‘rock star’ fame!!..good on him!!

      Vin Suprynowicz has a section in his book ‘Ballad of Carl Drega’ where he discusses exactly this topic (he says that women who respond to the authorities with, “My Sean? he wouldn’t do that..he’s a good boy” are dangerous morons!). He goes onto detail about why young men should go off to adventure to become MEN..that it’s the duty of the father to teach him by example what it means to be a man.

      Great pics and great stories!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      Northgunner III

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  4. Those are fantastic pictures. I’m sure TeeFat will impress a lot of people with them in one of his commander mcbragg tales, too.

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