Fred: On The Diversity


Here we are.

Imagine where we will be.

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  1. a follower

    Do whites bear any responsibility in this?
    Music: definitely a cess pit all categories, certainly is not isolated to rap or blacks.
    Our European roots? Is this something to be proud of or a reason to segregate. Not one person shares the exact same story as another.
    Forced integration is the problem. Forced = man steering.
    As far disgusting language goes, i hear whites speak daily, have not went a day without hearing the words mentioned in Fred’s article.
    Tolerance seems to be the enemy, tolerance = saying nothing and joining in. Then we are all the same, no diversity.
    When society devolves color will not matter, you will understand not to trust anyone.

    • dead wrong. Once things shake out, once the and urban White cosmics are no more, it will be a flat-out Race War. Skin color = uniform.

  2. One of the great propaganda myths of the 20th century is “out of Africa”, that says ALL humans are of African genetic decent. This like almost all “race” propaganda is a lie to further forced integration. The African is , IF related to Europeans AT ALL , only distantly so. The average IQ among African negroids is 60. Or about the same as the IQ of a Chimp. The African does not learn because it CANNOT learn. (The average European IQ is 100. For Asians it is 120.) They are hopelessly violent and utterly worthless to any modern 1st world civilization. All they really are in the Americas, is obsolete farm machines. We humans CANNOT live with them and hope to survive. We can live with Asians. They are intelligent, hard working and cooperative. EVERYTHING the African is not and can never be. The African cannot be made members of ANY civilization no matter how much we destroy it to “integrate” them. It is long passed time to admit that we must be rid of the African vermin or they WILL destroy us. We can ship them back to Africa or we can exterminate them. But after 150 years of failed effort we can see that we can NEVER live with them.

    • I can remember ‘Murkan blacks as far back as the early 1950’s. They were generally poor-to-lower middle class, routinely discriminated against, but they had racial community, values, and stable families….in fact, a lower divorce rate than Whites. Then: along came the Jews – who have $$$$ but lack numbers – who destroyed the Black values, community, and family with a runaway welfare/illfare state, and recruited the resultant debris for an anti-White genocide project. I suggest you focus more on the hand that wields the weapon, and less on the weapon.

    • POd American

      I don’t know where you are obtaining your statistics…Africans have, Europeans have, Asians have, etc.? Your quoted premise is chronologically correct, but your numbers are off. You might be interested in the distinction of genetic grouping vs. race, since there are many different genetic markers within a named race. If you have sources for your numbers, please provide them in a reply.

      If you are interested in a documented/peer reviewed results of control group study on IQ vs. Race, please see any of Dr. Charles Murray’s videos and/or read his “evil racist” book “The Bell Curve.” His videos and book are well worth your time.

      PS. I am the same kind of evil racist that he is, fact based and mostly per individual. However, I’m in full agreement that the control data clearly shows the collective racial disparity you mentioned above.

      You might also be interested in the “Southern Preposterous Lying Center’s opinion of the good Dr. as attached for your reading pleasure:

  3. “Trayvon Martin’s parents accept posthumous aeronautical science degree”

    Did not know this until Fred’s post.

    Why not just give him a doctorate in astrophysics and call him a rocket scientist. Let’s not forget the Nobel Prize for all the things he could have accomplished. That’s already been turned into a participation trophy.

  4. Spot on analysis….

    I too, don’t care what happens to the black community, for i am not part of it, want no part of it, and am mostly sickened by it.

    I look our most recent festivities here in Charlotte as an example. A black man, convicted felon, out getting high, known drug enclave, with a firearm in his possession, refuses to drop said weapon by a black CMPD officer, gets smoked for it and the entire black community goes apeschitt crazy, riots and tries to BBQ a white reporter….Our progressively tolerant white/black establishment does nothing, allowing these savages to riot, burn, loot, destroy all in the name of social justice.

    here’s my creepy ass cracker take: Z man nails it too:

    I have been reading this: The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NIGGERS: Confronting the Subculture Within the African-American Community by Taleeb Starks and is it eye opening. He lays it all out in black and white and quite depressing actually, but educational nonetheless and a primer for the upcoming uncivil war between the races.

    Now, we have 2 massive apartment complexes going up near our suburban community, one literally on the edge, and i am going to monitor and track the increase, it will happen, of various crimes in our community from dindunuffins and other miscreants, white, asian or mexican.

    They will view our community as a place to pillage from and run rampant thru, and wifey & I will make another decision to stay or move away, once again from the infestation of blacks that refuse to play nicely….

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “A black man, convicted felon, out getting high, known drug enclave, with a firearm in his possession, refuses to drop said weapon by a black CMPD officer, gets smoked for it”

      No offense, but the 2nd Amendment doesn’t say “except for blacks, except for felons, except for people on drugs, and unless a policeman orders otherwise”. Of course, the government’s never really given a tuppeny fuck about the 2nd Amendment or many other restrictions on its power, but that’s a different debate.

    • Better decide before it gets started otherwise your property values will start going down the day they move in and if you decide to late then you will be stuck there…

  5. Randall Flagg



    Kind of a re-hash of his earlier columns, but still spot on. As far as the free lunch meme, that is not just in the Ghetto. Even up here in Rawles Land, (DURING THE SUMMER, FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE!) the “underprivileged” can show up at the local high school cafeterias for a free lunch, five days a week. And I am paying for it. The Crash of ’17 can’t happen soon enough.

  7. WOW

  8. Fred actually got this topic right. You can read the books that Fred recommends or you can go to Harrison Technical High School in the inner city of Chicago, like I did, 1962-1966. 50% ghetto blacks, and the rest Whites and Mexicans. Gots me a PhD in race relations.

  9. That, beyond a doubt, is the best summary and synopsis of blacks in our modern times that has ever been written.

  10. My now divorced daughter, who has her masters degree in the medical profession, she’s been around he world with her ex, who is white and an officer in the USAF, who also has a masters degree and is now a police officer, and still an AF reserve. ” great work ethic”

    Other night she commented on a black dude and his handsomeness.

    Without a second to pass, I explained in uncertain terms that she could live her life as she chooses, HOWEVER, should she decide to hook up with a black man, to not bother coming home, to my house.

    Of course I’m a racist now, I again explained that this is my fucking house, thus my rules, follow them or pack your shit, I’ll drop her off at he gospel mission.

    Now Mrs Williams is on my Donkey, siding with our daughter. She got the same lecture, and offer of re locating to the gospel mission.

    It isn’t easy being the leader of ones family, not my fault that God put us men in charge, in the bible, got the page dog eared for quick reference should the ladies in my life need a down and dirty reminder.

    I’m too old for rethinking my position, have many friends who are black and good folk. I just remember the rule of the jungle. One on One is gtg, two blacks, make a clear and present danger, for the fucking white guy.


    • Julius Streicher

      Amen. Told my daughter from early on that she had a choice. Black boyfriend, or Dad. One or the other, but not both.
      She’s now 28, and so far has chosen Dad.

    • Jesse James

      Good for you. 👌🏼


      Dirk: I do not know in what state/city you carried a badge, I can only relate to what I saw during my 30+ years in SoCal, dealing with the Porch Monkeys. They treat women as chattel. Especially if they are white(O.J. anyone?). They prefer overweight blondes( saw that time and again starting when I was a MP). I handled way too many DV cases.
      The Vato Locos are not much better. And, if Chuey brings a Hueda(sp?) home, Mamacita, Abuela, and the chicas will rat pack her like hyenas. I saw that with my ex-sister-in-law. Kipling said it best: “…east is east and west is west, and never the twain shall meet”. Bleib ubrig.

    • wendystringer48088

      Sorry to hear about your daughter and your wife / her mother not seeing your point.
      Maybe some questions are in order?
      Perhaps why she divorced her white husband who has a masters degree, was an officer in the USAF, and is now a police officer?
      And what this black guy has that she thinks will be better?
      Also if your daughter puts herself in a bad position where she needs to be bailed out of trouble how far will you go to help her, from a standpoint of protecting yourself and your wife if your daughter does make some bad decisions.
      Maybe show your daughter and wife cases where white girlfriends were badly injured or killed by their black boyfriends. There are plenty of examples out there, although they are not reported on as much.
      So what if you are a racist. Maybe you have your reasons based on your life experiences. Everyone else can be a racist (proud of their race and show preference to their race) except whites who have been told it is bad when we do it. Maybe it’s time if called a racist to instead of trying to deny it to simply say “So what?”
      I myself try to judge everyone as an individual. However, there are common sense rules to follow also to protect oneself. Business is one thing. Friendship is another thing. A relationship is a whole different ball game. Much riskier emotionally, physically and financially.
      My experience growing up and living in the Detroit area with blacks and seeing mixed race relationships up close is that while certain black individuals may be ok (usually a loner who has pretty much all white friends and doesn’t get along too well with his own race) the average black person thinks and behaves quite differently than the average white person does.
      Unless the white person has already adopted some aspects of black culture and accepts that they will have to submit to black culture when required (can’t use certain words that blacks use to describe each other, for instance).
      Also in my experience black persons are somewhat quicker to get angry and use physical violence in situations where the average white person would simply walk away.
      Also as you touched on, one on one is one thing, but more than that certain scary group dynamics come into play.
      Wish you the best.

  11. The consequences of unlimited open door mass immigration and multiculturalism:

    “They will bring with them the principles of the governments they leave, imbibed in their early youth; or, if able to throw them off, it will be in exchange for an un- bounded licentiousness, passing, as is usual, from one extreme to another. It would be a miracle were they to stop precisely at the point of temperate liberty. These principles, with their language, they will transmit to their children. In pro- portion to their numbers, they will share with us the legislation. They will infuse into it their spirit, warp and bias its directions, and render it a heterogeneous, in- coherent, distracted mass.” – Thomas Jefferson

    Here we are.

    Imagine where we will be.

  12. Speaking of niggers and skin color being the real uniform…proof positive right here. Diana West tells the tale.

    Hirsi-Ali outs herself as the nigger fraud attention whore she always was, tarring Geert Wilders as a Right-Wing extremist. She’s still a member in good standing of Team Mo whether she thinks so or not. Just doing some of the back room dirty work for them. 

    As always, black and brown against white.

    Fucking Cunt. Glad she had her clit cut off with a rusty razor.

  13. “nigger” is a state of mind regardless of the person’s race. I have known many low-life white trash niggers, a couple of them family. The black race just has a overwhelmingly large majority which the term applies to.

  14. robroysimmons

    Free us from the psycho babble of Ists, Isms and phobias and much of our wailing will subside and we will find more purpose in life

  15. wealthy farmer

    Recent discoveries in Greece and Bulgaria point to an evolution of the human race taking place in eastern Europe.
    It could be posited, I think reasonably, that the white race is actually the “Elder Race” and african ancestors may have radiated outward from this early european origin.
    Which leads me (somehow) to epigenetics and the genetic basis of culture, because african americans DO seem in many ways to still be VERY african. The ‘dysfunction’ that we see in african american communities in the USA looks to me A LOT like the black dysfunction we see throughout Africa. I’m not sure we can blame black dysfunction in the Congo on too generous welfare benefits…Possibly the dysfunction, or inability to deal with an overpopulated, regulated, technology-dependent world arises because blacks are literally hard-wired for small, traditional tribal society. In this context (think the Masai) they are fine, they have good lives and things work. Not so much on the East Coast of the USA.
    When you pound a square peg into a round hole you shatter the peg and destroy the hole.

  16. a follower


    Here we are.

    Imagine where we will be.

  17. Colin Patrick Flaherty. Author of ‘White Girl Bleed Alot’, and ‘Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry’. Read ’em. Go to his YouTube channel:
    Watch. Like. Subscribe. Shake your head in disgust at the deliberate deceit, denial and delusion from the media and government over black mob violence, then laugh at the hilarious comments below the videos. Then load mags.

  18. Northgunner

    Seeing that some are still imortalizing ‘the magic kenyan’ as she is in the pic shows that we’ve merely imported African tribalism here..and all the problems associated with it.
    Are there individual exceptions to this?
    Will that matter when things go sporty in the inner city hives?
    If the quality individuals are wise they’ll physically disassociate from the hives and seek safety with the rest of us dirt people.

    Uganda got Idi Amin
    Zimbabwe got Mugabe
    South Africa got Mandela
    America got Obama

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    Northgunner III

  19. Shinmen Takezo

    Fred drives home the truth, like the golden spike was diven home at the connecting of the transcontinental railway. Fuk me!!

    So much truth in so little space.
    All of what he says is true. I know–I work sometimes in the hood.

    I can drive down the streets and see feral blacks wandering aimlessly, or pass by the numerous “government cheese distribution centers” located on each block–there’s always something, somewhere that free shit is handed out to the black community.

    There are now throngs of homeless living in tents on the sidewalks and shitting and pissing on the streets. They are now there by the thousands in Los Angeles–all with their hands out, scrounging and hustling.

    When I work in “da’ hood” I make is a point to bring along my 95 pound German Shepherd –last year, this good dog drove off a car burglar, who broke into my truck without realizing the dog sleeping in the rear…. the thug was savagely mauled by this dog. Nothing that is not literally nailed down (and even then) is safe from the feral blacks now roaming Los Angeles country.

    Back in the 90’s I would make it a point to play poker at the Hollywood Park Casino on the middle and at the end of the month when the welfare checks were mailed out–in the parking lot there, I would see dozens of County Envelopes blowing about, empty… all had been cashed, and the Inglewood blacks would be there en-mass, trying to gamble up their monthly windfall. Playing the 10/20 Holdem on those Friday and Saturday nights, I would regularly scoop a couple thousand dollars or more. Such is the stupidity of the black community.

    Every week I see a new government cheese station open up somwhere in “da’ hood” –lately it has been the free cell phone stalls on the street corners. Last week I saw three different companies (side by side) on a street corner in the Crenshaw District along Crenshaw Boulevard handing out free cell phones to the ferals.

    Literally nothing can save this culture. No amount of discussion. No amounts of money or effort. There is literally nothing given to them that they do not shit-away or squander or spit upon.

    Those that do not follow the current hip-hop black culture are a mere 1% (am being generous here).

    Fred as usual gives us the complete unvarnished truth.