SLL: Breaking the Alternative Media’s Dependence on the Mainstream Media

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As the MSM/Fake News crowd self-destructs, help to build something better.


With op/eds always clearly labeled as such.

18 responses to “SLL: Breaking the Alternative Media’s Dependence on the Mainstream Media

  1. Why do WE continued to get ” High Centered”. Does someone here actually get their Intel from any Of the TV MSM, I doubt it.

    This shits all fluff.



    Ron Brown, Gennifer Flowers, TWA Flight 800. True, but it’s all old news. The only thing which will get the Sheeple and the FSA nutted up will be a significant “economic correction.” Until then, I read stuff that helps my preps and then act on that information. As I have said before, Mr. Gore, the time for talking is past.

    • This is the news I always keep in mind. I remember watching this live. It defined everything for me. That fellow “Americans” resorted to tanks and incendiaries, burn alive all those women and children, to be sure non could ever talk. And then they took trophy photos standing on the carbonized remains of a child like the shot a trophy buck.
      It has a kind of motivational presence to it.
      Aside from who was behind it.

      • Northgunner

        And it’s why every swinging dick and police state clamjob from ‘Zippy’ and his equally murderous fishwife and her degenerate lesbian sasquatch of an atty general down to the fbi goons and ‘Dboys’ should have been rounded up and then locked in a corral and been treated to a bath of both white phosphorus and napalm!!!

        Eye for an eye ..’Waco Rules’ apply…
        And no ‘mercy shots’…bullets are too valuable and good for those sociopathic shitweasels!!!

        Yours in Righteous Rage Still!!
        Northgunner III

      • Yes.

  3. It’s nice to dream, but outside of a powerball payoff, not likely.

    Real news (and the fake permutation of same) relies on access and presence.
    So you’d need, at minimum, someone accredited and funded to cover the White House, 24/7.
    Congress, both houses. Ideally two people, but in a pinch, one.
    Legal person at SCOTUS.
    Somebody for the Pentagon.
    Somebody else for the FBI.
    In a dream world, someone to cover every cabinet agency, or several apiece.
    Somebody on Wall Street.
    People covering the ten biggest industries.
    People in the twenty biggest cities.
    Someone in Hollywood to do media.
    Fifty state capitols.
    And a travel/expense budget for all of them.
    So you’re looking at full-time staffing about 100-ish positions, with writing talent, investigative brains, and a decent hunk of natural curiosity.
    That’s a $5-10M/yr payroll, for openers (Only because the person in Bismark or Boise won’t cost you as much outright as the ones in DC or NYFC).
    And no idea where or how to pay for it.
    And if ad revenue comes in, you’re then captive to exactly the same interests that thwart the news media now.

    And no one is unbiased, so the most you’d offer, albeit better than the lamestreams, is less fact-skewing, and open acknowledgment of a bias opposite those of the Usual Communist Suspects at ABCNNBCBS.

    It’s not a bad idea. It’s mainly just a spendy pipe dream.

    And even if you got it started, the enemy gets a vote.
    Including the press itself, the networks, the government that doesn’t want the alternative truth getting out (backed by considerable legal and extra-legal powers), and a small cadre of dedicated leftists running Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and on and on.

    It’s not that I’m not in favor, or that it’s impossible.

    But have I told you about my patent application for an air traffic control system for flying pigs?

    If Gore is serious, they should start small.
    Get one guy (or girl) into the accredited White House press pool.
    See how it goes.
    Work from there outwards.

    • We can help by spreading Mr Gore’s idea far and wide. That gives it credibility. Like Dirk commented about mandatory gun registration, and hundreds of thousands refused to register their arms. Enough people get behind something and it becomes legitimate. Sometimes just plain ol” audacity is pretty frightful to collectivists. They have no courage like people with courage of their convictions.

    • Northgunner

      Why would anyone need to report on the current ‘goings on’ of the parasite class and their related remoras, enablers and waste of time, effort and it would just serve to continue to give them a false sense of legitimacy that they never had and never deserved.

      The only ‘news’ that I’d ever consider valuable or good about ‘Mordor on the Potomac’ is that it was just totally vaporized by our friend ‘Sweet Meteor’ or a 200 Meg HBOMB with NO SURVIVORS!!!

      Now that would be great news worth reporting!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      Northgunner III

    • your childish cartoons really are indicative of a functional retard.
      what’s it like to know you will never have anything except an endless supply bullshit? and your mommy is tired of you living in her basement. how will she ever get tricks to stay the night with you around?



    • Jesse James

      This. Could try a new way to skin the cat via crowdsourcing but the Blaze model may or may not work. Hard to tell based on the weeping Mormon’s unprecedented ability to cry while being the right’s Rachel Maddow and chasing all sane viewers away. Press creds would go a long way but people here are a) too cheap and b) far too easily offended to support a venture they don’t agree with 100%. Aka nothing will happen. I’m glad the alt-right at least shows promise at self-funding (Gab, Altright, AmRen,, Rebel, RedIce, ect.) and looks to be replacing the culture and commentary with their own. Nobody is going to fund the truth except those who want it heard and that meansnext to no one of serious means. That rugged individual I can’t work with anyone ever thing is a real bitch sometimes.

  4. Wow.
    That is one hell of a piece by Mr. Gore. Nothing even comes close in all of the great shit I’ve read this last year.
    Superb critical thinking.
    Thanks for the link CA.

  5. Just saying…

    • a follower

      In actuality there seems to be a parallel agenda that the elite want to burn it down and many of the dirt people are calling for it to burn it down.
      Coincidence? Careful what you wish for?
      Did enjoy the read.

  6. There is a “self-destruct” link, which for some
    reason is not linking, but I think wirecutter has
    it on video here:

  7. MTN, what is gained by burning this motherfucker down? I’m listening eyes wide open, I just don’t see the forest thru the trees. Are you suggesting we like the fuse? What’s gained? What’s lost.

    Sir, I’m not looking for a fight, I’m fought out. I spent 12 years in the military and another 25 thinking I was doing something good. That said, I prep every day for that eventuality that I’m forced into the physical fight.

    I reached my golden years, ” retirement” I really don’t want to re engage, until I’m pushed to that point.

    I’m a simple man, with simple needs simple expectations .


  8. That was a great article. Not sure how to implement it, but the first step is defining the problem. And Robert certainly did an excellent job at that. I will certainly be reading over at that blog from now on.