MVT Sends

Via Instagram:

MVT ‘Black Flag’ Patch.

This is for when you need to raise the black flag. 3″W x 2″H. This is the same size as the standard MVT brown patch. We have never made parches commercially available. However, when the new website is up, we will offer these two for sale. The Shield and Rocker patches will still be awarded only the CTT graduates.

The Team Coyote patch will not be available commercially; it must be awarded.

MVT website

Live hard.

Die free.

4 responses to “MVT Sends

  1. Bracken starts at about 36:00

  2. Very nice. Clean and simple.

  3. Opener to the Bracken segment:

    Hagman: “The ideological divide is so severe in this country… how deep is this?”

    What seems routinely overlooked is that we are here because the real victim class, white traditional Americans, have finally had enough, have awakened to the reality of what is being and has been done to them for years. But the yeast has been fermenting for decades, as prelude to the day when the enemy oversteps and tips their hand.

    The “civil war” has been percolating for a long time… a century actually.

  4. Show em your patch, they’ll run like hell….