Save The Date

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What rational basis can one cite to oppose the cultural and economic annihilation of traditional Americans?

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  1. This is likely to be the biggest pro-south, pro-white rally that’s ever been seen.

    All should attempt to be there.

  2. ….and physical annihilation as well. (((Susan Sontag, Ben Wattenberg, Noel Ignatiev, Tim Wise, Anna Baltzer, George Soros, Barbara Spectre, et al.))) have said so.

    note economical use of ethno-vibrations.

  3. Park is tiny. Any sizeable gathering will overflow into streets. Streets are small.

    Show up early and claim the space.

  4. Hey look! You can teach an old dog new tricks!
    (Or they fired Donna Brazile as their media consultant.)
    Either way, kudos on the fliers, and best wishes on the event.

  5. Jesse James

    ‘I might get hurt!’

    ‘It’s too hot!’

    ‘Their ideas make me uncomfortable!’

    ‘I can’t support it because I don’t agree with them 100%!’

    ‘I’m a rugged individualist and cooperation is next to communism!’

    ‘I’m too old.’

    All great reasons to soothe the conscience of the perennially mediocre.

  6. An important interview.

  7. I remember TL Davis needed a “body guard” for his filming for his documentary on Tenn., I just missed the opportunity to helping my hero.
    If anybody is going and looking to band up, or to have each others backs, I am looking also.

    Lot of us have known each other for years on WRSA but never met in person. Be a great way to meet up. I’m not too far into WV on the VA side.
    Anybody know if open carry is a preferred dress code in Charlottesville?

    The anti-fa-ggots will probably be taking all kinds of shit about “crushing” us Alt-Right Moolisha “White Supremacists”, figure one day one of those retards is going to open fire trying to make it look like freefor started it.
    Always good to be prepared, after all, a lot of us “old timers” went through nazi, oops I mean BoyScout training.

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  9. “What rational basis can one cite to oppose the cultural and economic annihilation of traditional Americans?”

    You’re kidding, right?

    Whole libraries could (and have been) filled with the answer..

    Short version?


    Our irrational enemies wouldn’t understand or agree with the sum of your request any way.

    • And here’s a better question:

      When would it be “rational” to cooperate in one’s own demise?

  10. Bu bu bu mu racism!

  11. Mr. Frosty

    Nazi Lives Matter!

    I’m an American White Nationalist. I believe the Euro-mutt White American population of North America is a distinct tribe entitled to its own territory. This territory would be White Supremecist™ because that territory would be dedicated to nurturing and preserving the unique cultural and genetic expression of the American People.

    What is unreasonable about this? Why am I attacked by oathcucks and the alt-lite? What do they have to offer instead? Civic Nationalism? Rome tried that. The Goths swore they would uphold “Roman Values” and be good “Roman Citizens”

    I’m tired of being thrown under the bus by people who don’t even have a workable game plan.

  12. This will be my first alt-right event. Going with four other first timers. Pretty excited.

  13. Unit the Right. Sounds good, but unite around what?

    • Jesse James

      Around the idea that the communist revolutionaries in the DNC/GOP/Antifa movements are an existential threat that will kill us all if we allow it to continue. We either rid them from these shores or they will rid us from them, no compromise, no quarter, no enemies to the right. If there has to be a War of Roses after, then so be it. My goal is for my children to never meet a communist, but read about them in the history books.

  14. that girl with the big pair of glocks over at gunslingers said it earlier this month. but i guess it’s still a high crime to reference anything from western civ 101. or teach it anymore. what was it zappa said your children would do when they found out?

  15. The information collectors will have a woody for a week.Fifteen years ago in Sturgis, the feds in conjunction with local assets,placed “transformers” in downtown. Agencies monitor all movement,conversations,transactions and activity. Facial recognition will be utilized.The transformers are high resolution cameras,directional mikes,motion detectors,infrared sensors,licence plate readers,stingrays and any type of surveillance gadget they can lay their grubby mitts on. Don’t want to be seen? Don’t go.

    • I got to see facial recog first Hand the other week. As I told ca, they know your there before U do.

    • Oh I’m concerned they’ll get my license plate number. Oh I can’t let the bad men know I support freedom and oppose their deep state repression of whites. Oh, if I go support my patriotic brothers The bad men will know what I look like. What if they take my picture? Oh the bad men are so bad I just can hardly stand it. I’ll just let someone else stand up for my rights because I’m scared….

    • I think we’re probably past the stage at which our face and file are marked with an X. Anyone reading these words should assume they are compromised fully. Now continue on and just realize life was/is a gift from the get go.

      .LaVoy Finicicum RIP. Seth Rich RIP. Vicki Weaver RIP. Davidians RIP. Gary Webb RIP.

    • kay_de_leon

      Hide in your basement from the people who already know where you live anyway, am I right? lol

  16. Dress sharp. White polos and khakis will be the uniform of the day.

    I’d guess open carry would be discouraged (do not advocate violence, ever- except in self defense of course)

    I will have to check and make sure VA doesn’t have any law forbidding carrying arms in/to/at /near demonstrations or gatherings.

    • too funny.

      and how many murkins even own white polo shirts and khakis?

      more like dirty jeans and t-shirts with fat guts, scroungy beards, filthy tattoos.

      250 million dirt naps are in order.

      that leaves 100 million of good stock to start over.

    • So it’s a formal dress gathering in a gun-free zone?

    • Northgunner

      If VA ‘forbids’ the carrying of arms fuck’em and carry anyway!!!

      Why let your enemies dictate what you can or can’t do as a Freeman or Freewoman?

      If someone says, ‘No guns allowed, this a peaceful (whatever)!’ yet the cops are geared up like they’re in Iraq, they’re NOT your ‘friend’ and there’s only ONE reason they want you disarmed!

      Fuck ’em all and carry any damn way you wish, anywhere you damn well please!!
      Enough of this “I have to obey the law!!..I’m a good citizen!” bullshit!!

      When it gets sporty and someone tries to take you down because you’re minding your own business and you’re armed, take them down first..especially if they’re a badged orc!

      The first one’s expensive..all the rest are free!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Jesse James

      Any cites for the white polos and khakis? Would be good info to have for IFF.

  17. M70: What in the love of tall grass and sweet water is a “white polo” much less Khakis? No Wranglers, Lamas, and a western snap down? Sheese……..just kidding,,,,,,kinda

  18. Would it be inappropriate to stand off and target stray antifa on the perimeter? As the bad guys try to enter and leave the general area? I don’t think so. Get those bumper stickers off of your car. Rent a van. Park a half mile away.

  19. Wish you all good & resolved fellowship. Gorgeous country; the old Foreign Science & Tech Ctr is near there, ’bout 9 miles NNE. (We capture it, they do the eval & reverse engineering etc. Now it’s called some other shit, like any DIA monolith that has grown at the speed of gov’t.)

    @Northgunner RE your expensive first one: A friend over the weekend suggested the opposite to me, in essence, a society where everyone gets a freebie & that it would make for more civility, not less. After all, encountering someone not known, who would want to be that person’s freebie?