FBI Agent Charged With Lying About His Role In Shooting An Activist During Oregon Wildlife Standoff

The inside story on this deal must be fascinating.

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  1. Finicum was gaining traction. His message was resonating with ranchers who control a lot of land. A message was sent, don’t piss upwind. They whacked him plain and simple. He knew he was marked, that’s why he was sleeping separate under a tarp outside. When the truck got forced off I’m guessing he wanted to save those souls inside. No greater love……

    Read his book, watch his videos and tell me you don’t conclude this was an honest and good man.

    And if ya want to debate the tactical inferiority of the “Malheur Op” GFYSWRRITE. Finicum knew they were gonna kill him. He went forth anyway.

    Ponder the amount of heart required to do that, cause the same commie shitscum are planning your own funeral right now.

    • Well said

    • a follower

      The world rejects honest and good men.

    • Good points. It’s suspected they found all sorts of highly damning evidence on the computers at the refuge center that implicated a smorgasbord of political actors and their pay to play corruption involving the sale of America’s natural resources. The whole idea behind getting rid of the Hamilton’s and other ranching families, because they held legacy rights and claims to the land and it’s use.
      I suspect it involved the Clinton crime syndicate, and being who they are and the trail of dead bodies, never mind the psychopath in a pants suit was to be anointed the next regime leader, they put the hit out on LeVoy and associates. dead men tell no tales.
      They where heading to another county because they couldn’t trust the one in Burns, he is a federal operative, with info they had discovered. And thats why they have pulled out the stops on everyone they drag netted and have diesled continuously, ran through a kangaroo court, and created entire classes of new laws out of whole cloth, stacked the fed district courts with Obama/Clinton regime “judges”, to keep them locked up and silent. There where too many, too spread out, to kill like at Waco.
      All of it has the hallmarks of Clinton Crime Inc.
      And if there is anything they hate more than anything, it’s armed American’s, especially Christian, American’s. The 90’s, operation Fast & Furious, Seth Rich, and Andrew Breitbart proved that.

  2. I get it. And absolutely no disrespect, but the objective is to take the bad guys with you. Create the circumstances to do so, but live.

  3. Tierra y Libertad!

    Zemlya i Volya!

    The land belongs to the tillers!

    Hmm… Where have we heard those slogans before?


  4. What a goat fuck. ONE FBI agent, how about his shit bag partner, who held the flashlight so this guy could police his brass. Isn’t that calle Conspiracy?

    The travesty of Lavoys murder, is that this kind of activity by the FBI, is ” learned” this will not have been the first time thEY shot policed their brass and lied to cover their action up.



    Here we go, my friends. The Deep State is throwing one of their minions under the bus to keep The Deplorables from storming the castle. Stay tuned.

  6. Sacrificial lamb. Everyone on the state site all the way up to the governor who ordered the hit is complicit but all they offer up is one FBI agent.

  7. thesouthwasrght

    When viewing the airplane film it is obvious the intent was that of an ambush, not a roadblock to stop. Setting up around the bend in the road insured the outcome.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      What? The G-men would *never* just gun people down instead of arresting them.
      – Zombie John Dillinger

  8. When the Demorats want your land so they can sell it to Commie Chinese or Russians there is no evil they will not stoop to to get their way

  9. GFYSWRRITE (GoF*ckYourselfWith???)
    Please clarify.

  10. Shinmen Takezo

    I bet the “inside story” beats the “inside story” of what really transpired at WACO… and every one should watch “Waco A New Revelation” –of which I did not see until a few weeks ago.

    FYI–it’s on Youtube for free.

    This video will get your mind right, it it’s not there already.
    Please note the part about General Boykin–alleged Patriot Movement Hero.

    I can only speculate upon the behind-the-scenes manipulations in the Obama White House, The FBI and the rest of the alphabet agencies.

    Trump could and would win over many hearts and minds if they threw completely open the books on Waco and Mahler–and let all the chips fall whever they might fall.

    Some people have to burn for these crimes.

    Wouldn’t that be a freakin’ hoot!!

    Unfortunately he is sucking the asses of all his alphabet agencies, police and other ;gun toting political enforcers who are perpetuating the soft-police-state we currently live within… just to look like “pro law enforement.”

    This is a big mistake.

    • Northgunner

      trumpy is just another ‘meat puppet’ danced in front of everyone to keep them entertained and distracted/deceived by the parasite class.
      And boykin is just another thug enforcer for the same group of parasites.

      The Waco Documentaries are must watch/share, no doubt of that!!

      And you can imagine why the cucks will never watch them…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Mike McNulty ——Bless your efforts in bringing the truth out in the New Revelation video…rest in peace, my friend……..soapweed

  11. If it was any of us, we would be in leg irons and belly chains, indicted by a grand jury, our homes and property taken, our bank accounts emptied, and our families locked up too boot, without even a hearing.

    But they let than sonofabitch walk out the front door.
    I wonder if he was at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City FBI team that went in to recover the hard paper evidence stored at the federal building on the Clintons and their corruption.