Z Blog: Boomer Cons

A/k/a kinder, gentler Bolshies.

Learn about the roots of Buckleyism.

Know that there is no right wing in FUSA.

So far.

Your person.

Your people.

Your property.

No one trifles with them and lives.

5 responses to “Z Blog: Boomer Cons

  1. The article on “Buckeyism” and the mention of “ordered liberty “sat end of article was interesting,especially with the WRSA quote of the day for lack of better word that speaks about “ordered liberty”,coincidence?

  2. Looks like one, only one FBI agent is being held accountable for shooting at Lavoys truck, and lying about it. OregonLive.com. The agent was named and in court in Portland Or, yesterday, where he plead not guilty


  3. William F Buckley, Jr may well have been brilliant and resourceful but he was a Freemason and a Globalist to his core. This whole shebang has been smoke and mirrors since 1913. The shearing will continue unabated until further notice.

  4. Detroit III

    Piss on the Clintons and Bushes.

  5. In that Pic they should be watching an incoming daisy cutter. Are you listening Military?