Childhood’s End

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“If you are looking for a clear marker of cultural decline, something that represents an inescapable cul-de-sac in the American ideal of forward progress, just ponder the all-too-familiar image of the kindergarten-aged child whose parents have outfitted him (it’s usually a him) with a Mohawk haircut. A friend of mine who teaches young children is forever complaining that the Mohawked boys have chronic self-discipline issues. “They are always the ones who have the behavioral problems,” she says.

When I ask her why that is, she explains that “they are being raised by adult-aged children”—in other words, people who are too immature to know better.

That shocking thatch of hair flanked by pallid scalp, once a symbol of rebellion, marginalization, and class rancor is now being buzzed onto the heads of children in Minion T-shirts who barely know how to wipe their own asses. The problem is not simply an aesthetic one (though the child-sized spikes are undeniably vulgar); it is also that parents are styling their not-yet-literate offspring in the garb of disillusionment.

Just what it does it mean when parents use their children as signifiers of their own neuroses about being grown-ups?”

Without adults, the West is doomed to extinction.

Odds on cultural survival and eventual renaissance?

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  1. Northgunner

    The parasite class actually is quite happy with this happening as it signals that the hosts may grumble but are otherwise quite content to continue being parasitized.
    The last thing they want adults to do would be to act like the character of Benjamin Martin in ‘The Patriot’ and especially actively involve their children as well (remember the outraged howls about that?..).

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  2. Mr. Frosty

    What about the mothers who dress their daughters like the skanks they wish they could still be. Poor girls don’t have a chance if their own mothers are dressing them in Daisey dukes at 13.

    • Northgunner

      Not to mention if they’re stuffing their faces with crap and telling them that they have to copy either Honey boo boo or the latest rap/hiphop skank courtesy of BET/niggervision.

      In any case the parasite class WANTS everyone to stay in a perpetual stare of childhood/ makes controlling the ‘herd’ much easier. That’s the whole point to ‘gov education’ and mass entertainment..bread and circuses!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • I’ve come to the conclusion that Universities and Colleges are essentially a continuation of that perpetual childhood. It is an extension of high school with no parental oversight.

      • Yes, and there is now the whole ‘millenial’ class where everything is relative. Mommy dresses her child like a cheap slut and daddy pimps her out (reference Miley Cyrus) times millions and millions. Everything is relative! Little Katie goes to prom looking like a $10 hooker so little Sarah gets all pissed off being upstaged because she looks like a $12 hooker.

        There’s a whole underclass out there that think walking around with the sorry literal asses hanging out is righty tighty! They should be thinking it’s disgusting and faggoty.

        Ever look at the lyrics of the most popular teenie bopper songs these days?


    • At our school, we have had 7 year old girls come in dressed like hookers…A dress code resulted from the outrage that produced…

    • At 13 the girls are dressing themselves.

    • The faggots (pedophiles) who control fashion don’t create any shorts for girls that don’t have their ass hanging out.

      Faggots ate mentally defective sinners.

      • Our Europian ancestors used to drown fags in peat bogs, you have to weed the garden.

  3. a follower

    i do not believe we are doomed to extinction. Chastisement? Yes, most definitely.
    This article lays a lot on a haircut. Individuality is under assault conform or be cast out.
    Very difficult not to mention that T-fat has a mohawk, so i will not mention this.
    Teachers (many of them represent the state). Hand out the prescriptions of ritalin etc.
    So the state now wishes to regulate hair cuts?
    Tattoos, and piercings would be more of a concern to me than haircuts. Hair grows back.
    Discipline is what is lacking all levels all age groups. self discipline. Personal responsibility is a big part of freedom.

      • no, nitwit. It’s not about “regulating haircuts”. It’s about the public skrewels and (((MSM))) creating a state of permanent childhood. Because ignorant children are easier to control than mature, intelligent adults.

        re the “odds”: 50::1 Western Civ goes down for the count. It’s already prostrate. What replaces it (if anything) will be neither what the Judeo-globalists want nor what the Libtards want. Most likely: small, somewhat radioactive feudal domains run by alpha-males.

    • Northgunner

      “Discipline is what is lacking all levels all age groups. self discipline. Personal responsibility is a big part of freedom.”

      There’s the money quote right there!

      Self discipline
      Personal responsibility

      It’s no wonder that the parasitic class has been extremely successful in culling these,two traits out of people via the ‘entitlement program’ and ‘gov indoctrination’ via “public education”.
      As LBJ basically said’ “Get them used to accepting entitlements and we’ll have the niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!”. Public education was INTENTIONALLY designed to cull personal responsibility out of the individual and the only discipline taught was to the cult of authority (why else would the Prussians invent it?!…read Gatto for the full atory).

      So now we have a very significant part of the black population that 1. Has no self discipline 2.Has no sense of personal responsibility and 3. Is completely fixated on only fulfilling their immediate desires and operate at a feral mental and social level that has other blacks trying to avoid them as much as posdible.
      Am I describing the textbook definition of a nigger? bet your ass I am and I don’t shy away from it!! Can whites and others act like this? Yes (example – ‘white trash’ and ‘wiggas’ and the associated gang elements in the mexican and asian populations); the main difference is that those in the white trash percentage still believe in ‘live and let live’ and are moderately self-sustaining and responsible for themselves. Wiggas are nothing more than genetic culls giving themselves over openly to the nigger cesspit of depravity.
      To say the least it’s rather depressing that one has to come to understand this from a black writer’s work such as Taleeb Starkes, “Uncivil War: Blacks vs. Niggers’. Oh well, learn as you go…
      There’s a very good reason that most professional escorts have a primary rule of not accepting black customers (and that includes the black escorts!), it’s because they don’t want or need the drama that niggers and their associated ilk (wiggas) bring with them.

      Remember that the parasite class DON’T want folks to be self-disciplined or responsible for themselves..they NEED a captive population..the only thing that’s changed since 1865 is that ‘Mordor on the Potomac’ is the new plantation manor and they see all of us as niggers.

      Follow the first two rules above
      And don’t be a nigger.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Grenadier1

      Thats a good point. This statement is using the view of a teacher who as you point out is a government indoctrination specialist, to make a judgement on the current state of parents. I don’t disagree with the idea that we have reached a state where the vast majority of young people are children well into their 30’s, however I don’t think a 5 year old with a mohawk is any real indication of that.
      Teachers seek to pacify the individual nature of their students because they want them to conform to the automaton teaching methodology that requires them to sit quietly and open their heads to be filled with mush. They have every reason to demand conformity and docile behavior.
      On the other side we do have a government that has done everything in its power to prolong the idea of infantile existence. “Children” need to be taken care of by parents and the government wants to be your parent till you get to old to function then they want to pull your life support and put you in a hole. Cradle to Grave.

    • BS teachers don’t prescribe or hand out mind altering drugs, and since you seem to be reading comprehension challenged, it’s not the haircut per say, it’s the perpetual adolescents of the stupid parents. Get a clue

  4. Look around (you readers of WRSA) we are out numbered. Damn and I thought I had enough ammo.

    • Mark Matis

      If you ain’t in a hive, you may indeed have enough.

      One more time:
      When the hive supply chains get disrupted, they will purge themselves and collapse.

    • Don’t think of it as being outnumbered … Think of it as being easier to identify friend from foe. No matter how much money you have, no matter what percentage of it goes into ammo acquisition, you will never ‘feel’ you have enough ammo. Learn to tell the difference between emotional feelings and intellectual intuition. As always, do your best, then do a little better.

  5. cut to the chase.,,,

    250 million murkins must/need/deserve/ to go to sleep. 🙂

    and remember kids:


    are you broke?… guess why.

    • I’m so sorry, teeFat, but here’s a very belated Happy Fathers Day to you.

      Oh, that’s right, you didn’t procreate did you? Definitely best, your idiot spawn would have had the same stupid fucking haircut as that action figure avatar of yours. The one that smells like your ass, because it’s been tickling your underperforming, childless sack.

      Now don’t go and get mad all weekend, little guy 😉

      • say hello to your wife and my kids.


        and you have better have a dental plan for them.

        ha ha


      • You do realize that character is Jake McNiece of the filthy 13 you know the famous Indians in war paint Dday picture. I don’t care what you say but show some respect to jake McNiece

    • a follower

      “I am reality” chuckle.

  6. A new Dark Age is coming and there will be no Renaissance….

  7. Celtic Patriot

    I blame the parents of our generation, wishing for better for their children than they had it. They refused to make their kids grow up like we had too. My friends 25 yr old son – no motivation – she never makes him do anything – still lives at home – makes excuses for him whenever he screws up. I keep telling her that he needs to be allowed to fail. That he will never grow up until he finds out that life is hard and no one gets a pass. I am sure that she will pass on before he figures it out – and all that sudo protection of the kid will be for naught. Reality will still kick him in the teeth.

  8. Sir Gallihad of the Shire

    Don’t forget the continual africanization of children, sideways flat bills, $600 sneakers, drawers hanging off their asses , and a vocabulary that falls somewhere between Klingon and Swahili, (no offence ment to Klingons).

    The nearest city to me (Midwest) has an average literacy level of 4th grade amongst adults 18-45.

    The streets here are filled with adult backpack carrying, bicycle riding, unemployed, meth and heroin addicted, illiterate, baby making MoTards*. And the next generation is being trained for more of the same,. While the remaining hard working culture of Appalachian (Scots/Irish/Welsh) is prepared for the cattlecars that they themselves designed, built, and paid for.

    Keep your head up, hatchet sharp, powder and ball ready boys, if we as a culture are to cease, then generations from now, when the mongrelized wretches are finger-painting on their Mosques, let them paint the rivers of blood our people loosed in our glorious last stand of righteousness against evil.

    Deus Vult

    *Motard : The being produced (usually) from the copulations of a male Moron and female Retard. Researchers however; recently discovered spontaneously developed MoTards resulting from over exposure to mainstream media.

    • Mr. Frosty

      Hear hear!

      Fear the day I have nothing left to lose. I’m going to hell with a truckload of scumbags along for the ride.

    • I enjoyed your Motards. I however am partial to Doodas and Mombacks. In nature their are exceptions to the defined and expected absolutes that many humans believe in. I believe in the unlimited capacity of the human to act like a fucking idiot. I have seen the human destroy,butcher,mutilate,degrade and show no respect for any life,including human.The defining moment,in my opinion, is the ability to justify aborting humans in the womb. All other murdering and violence is child’s play compared to the staggering abortion numbers.
      We lost our soul. How do you get that back?

  9. Add flouride, HFC, SSRI’s, high sugar drinks, pesticides & recreational drugs (ETOH, pot etc etc) to the list of things keeping the sheeple in their pens. The point about child like adults is well taken. They have been lulled to sleep by the illusion of safety and securitah. If you are in one of the hives GTFO while you can.

    Now get busy, keep PT, grow food get sustainable or fucking die hungry. There is a certain beauty in nature and you’ll find it growing your own food.

  10. Ignorance breeds poverty, but stupidity is terminal, and the USA is getting stupider by the year…

  11. Randolph Scott

    Natasha is a long winded skank ass. Her article is full of shit, pure old smelly shit. Some points may be salient but fucking hair-cuts? Give me a break. She should be writing comic books.

  12. Cassandra (of Troy)

    “Without adults, the West is doomed.”

    Since it’s the adults of yesterday who make the adults of today & tomorrow, if the above examples of societal degeneration aren’t constantly & strenuously resisted what once were seen as occasional aberrations become the norm & pave the way for even further degradation & thus validate the initial premise. As always, deciding on a commonly accepted definition of what adultness is & ensuring that said definition’s stringently adhered to is hard but what causes the most trouble is whether to allow a certain amount of personal/social non-deleterious eccentricity, defining THOSE terms, then getting agreement on establishing limitations on same & defining what/how many/how tough they should be, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum, et, in fine, ad insanus et eversio.

    “Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was……”

  13. ghostsniper

    Without adults, the West is doomed to extinction.

    There are plenty of adults to go around.
    Children in grown up body’s are NOT adults.
    Let the great culling begin.
    Scrape the excessive amount of barnacles off the hull.

  14. Oh damn; someone’s dropping mortar rounds a little close all around T-bag’s avatar.

    • …that’s not an avatar, that’s a wet dream by a little boy who fantasizes himself ruler of all he surveys… his G.I. Joe name is “Blowtorch”… or “Snowjob” (he claims to live ‘up north’)
      I am not sure, perhaps his G.I. Joe name is ‘Snowtorch’… no, wait… that’s not it…
      … it’s ‘Blowjob’.
      Just fuckin with you tfat, it’s been weeks. Get a job, loser. And then lick ass.

  15. Fuck, just fuck. My wife’s last day, on the books is today. 35 years as a kindergarten/K3 teacher. Their are quotes out heir from the time of ancient Greece, Rome, about our out of control youth.

    What did you expect a five year old Intellectual, that’s reasonable, not.

    I do agree that a fundimental shift has occurred in the family unit. When I was a kid, if any of my teachers called home, or sent a note home regarding my bad behavior, I was toast, my parents would kick my ass. Guess what I was guilty every fucking time. The buck stops here.

    It is now common for parents to come to school now, get in the teachers face, scream shout, and even put their hands on teachers in an attempt to scare them. I’ve seen parents stock teachers, I’ve seen parents go to the school board over minor discipline issues.

    I’ve seen parents fail to back down even after their kids actions were caught on security tape, and after viewing the youths actions.

    It’s not the kids it’s the failure of the parents to actually parent.

    Tfat, your going to love this.

    As a school resource officer, I’ve arrested those parents for fucking stupid in public. For assault, for stocking, trespassing, and failure to parent. Each time the parents told me they were hiring F Lee Bailey as their attorney, and that Judnge Wapner was going to have my ass. Yea right, get in line duche bag.

    This is the fundimental problem, the US is second to none, in elementary education. The education is their should the family do their part at home. I know I’m asking a lot, like parents to parent, and establish core values within the home. To teach discipline and ethics, for fathers to father and mothers to mother, and nurture. It’s not a difficult task.

    I volunteered to be a school resource officer, by far the toughest job I ever had. The SRO job was also the most rewarding.

    An oppertunity to teach the kids what the rules are, so that they can make informed citizens. An oppertunity to model daily what adult life was about.

    I did a UN scientific study over the years I was an SRO. I tried hard to remain objective.

    I discovered that truancy was a common denominator to criminal activity. I discovered that truancy and the kids and families of the habitually absent kids were directly responsible for 70% of the petty crimes in the community, and that those families used up roughly 80 % of the welfare resources in the county. ” my discoveries, were already known by any cop with 7/10 years on the streets”

    That those 18% of the population were sucking that 80% of monies ear marked for 100% of those in need with in my county. That’s huge.

    I was invited as a key note speaker in DC on truancy, for the Juvenile Justice System symposium, I reluctantly went, what a disaster, I mistook the intent of the event. I thought we were all their to problem solve.

    Silly me, this was pure and simple a tax payer junket, to DC to party. Nothing was accomplished, other then a lot of back slapping orginized tours and alcohol consumption.

    I left a day early in disgust. I’ll never make that mistake again.


    • that’s funny.

      i don’t recall having cops in school…

      talk about a distraction and pure bullshit.

      that’s how far the murkins have fallen and the poopLICE state has been furthered.

      get out of Fusa if you can. buy a place or 2 on some islands overwatching that land of feces. when the zombies die-off, it will be up for grabs to those who wait.

    • truancy and the kids and families of the habitually absent kids were directly responsible for 70% of the petty crimes in the community, and that those families used up roughly 80 % of the welfare resources in the county

      Stop paying for welfare, unless it’s not in money, to your own church’s members who you demand make lifestyle improvements and you check weekly on them doing so. Ending welfare mostly makes the right things happen.


    It’s all part of the eventual bottoming-out into chaos and ultimate tyranny. It has been written here many times that history does not repeat itself but it does rhyme. Amerikan arrogance and narcissism are the ultimate sins which will destroy this nation. The kids with weird haircuts and piercings are just the symptom.
    Nothing will change drastically until these mutants, their mutant parents, the sheeple, the flag-wavers, the Free Shit Army, and the rest of the drones and remoras lose their ability to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves. Then there will be Hell to pay. On, did I also mention the slaughter of the 53 million innocent, unborn American Citizens?

  17. This also extends to “parents” who transgenderify their kids. It is sickening, and Dr Mengele would be proud of them.

  18. Can ya see where this is leading yet?

    Send in the feds, there ought to be feds…….

    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    If Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible “carnage” going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds!

  19. hummus abedin

    The psuedo-citizens of the long
    dead Constitutional Republic of America
    deserve every bit of suffering, pain, loss
    and heartache that’s just a little ways off.
    Those especially most deserving are
    the phony patriots, oath keepers, III%,
    and the militia Don’s of facebook, twitter
    and youtube fame.
    Keyboard smashing and prepping are
    not viable strategies of fighting.
    The former is a bucket of shit and the
    latter is a proactive tactic.
    Except the reality that your “liberty”
    and “freedom” (bowel) movement is
    the epitome of worthless shit, and begin
    again before it is too late.
    Honestly, it already is you sorry fucks.

  20. There will be no peaceable return to goodness for this culture. Presently, it is too polarized, it is generally too entitled and there is too much government interest against such a return. You can not force people to be responsible or to follow generally accepted moral standards and a personal code of ethics. This was difficult enough to do in the best of times, with a generally homogenous population. We are beyond failsafe now and these cards must be played out before a reshuffle.

  21. Very though-provoking and well-written article. The author makes her case with wit and precision. And to my surprise, this article is published by The Baffler, “America’s leading voice of interesting and unexpected left-wing political criticism, cultural analysis, short stories, poems and art.” Unexpected, indeed: from the left wing, of all places!

  22. “I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them” (Isaiah 3:4) In other words… immature little punks leading to eventual anarchy and spiritual bankruptcy…

  23. “Odds on cultural survival and eventual renaissance?”

    Bet the WIN. Can’t collect on the lose anyway.

  24. RIP Lavoy

  25. Deja vu. All deja vu. Again, and again, and again. Seriously, reading all these comments are like going back and reading yesterdays, last weeks, last months, last years, and all the days, weeks, months, years prior to all of this last year.

    So… does anyone have anything new to say besides rehashing years of the same old… shit-boo?

  26. Home school.
    So much winning.
    Plus, since I was a 7ffl, my
    boys and girls got to shoot
    AKs M16s, micro Uzis, the M60
    and the M2HB. We lived in Vermont,
    the ONLY state that has no state
    govt paperwork for any kind of gun
    registration, permits or licenses.

    AND…. Bernie Sanders and Dr. Howard
    Dean, MD, were PRO gun until they got
    to the DC swamp. Dr. Dean was nra A+
    and visited every gun show that he could.
    Both were friends of the gun owner.