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A Divorce Would Be Better Than What Is Coming For Traditional Americans

Brief and to the point.

Begin with individual secession.


Via Twitter.

Tolerance is the strength behind our diversity, after all.

Check Your Premises

Spoiling For A Wider War In Syria

Because reasons.

And muh MIC.

And of course, finally:

Just Shut Up.

Denninger: A One-Sentence Bill To Force The Health-Care Issue

Pretty simple.

“Health insurance”, as the term is used generally today, is better described as “a scheme to defraud”.

Those are bad, FYI.

On Insurrectionist Rhetoric

Herschel lays it down.

A simple formula for your consideration:

If some schmuck wants to restrict my language, why would I expect that he won’t want my guns?

Pop The Dogma Bubble

(Don’t be…)

Good ideas.

Especially if you actually try them.

How are you training this weekend?

TL Davis: Local Action & Betrayal

Lessons on several levels, as noted by David.

Force-projection beyond the county level is tough.

Even within a county is no walk in the park.

GoV: Paul Weston – “June 18th, 2017 Marked the Beginning of the European Civil War”

GoV text.


New Woodpile’s Here!

Paperboy was late.


GVDL: The Parable of the White Whale and the Good Ship “America”


Or perhaps harpooned and hemorrhaging.

Time and events will tell.

The Boomer Question

Content of character, or color of skin?

Fifty years on, what is dominant?

Must-Read Booklist

H/t to BB for this essential collection.

If the reachable young (and not so young) folks in your circle are not reading and discussing these works, you are wrong.

Minds, then hearts.

Max Sends

Book your class today!

Live hard.

Die free.

Brushbeater: Data Books & What Should Be In Them

This material will be on the final exam.

Whether you learn it or not.

Pattern Analysis

Via Twitter.


WoG: Do The Math!

Codrea warns of yet another catastrophe in the making.

“93 millions Americans a day…”

Hokey smokes.

Meet Sabo

UK Guardian: Is Sabo the right-wing Banksy?



Ossoff’s Loss Shows Things Could Get Much Worse for Democrats

Patriot Tony Foreman Medical Fund


We only have each other.

Finally, A 2020 POTUS Candidate Upon Whom We Can All Agree

Eric Holder joins the anti-Trump resistance — and mulls a presidential campaign of his own