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VDare: Arrest The Sanctuary Mayors

Vile hatespeech.

Better to focus on legal marijuana and civil forfeiture.

Those issues are pivotal in FUSA’s survival.

Sabo Sends

Via Twitter.


Schlichter: The Military Coup Against Trump – Part I

Worth a quick read.

MDT: Snowflake Or Meteor?

On training, capabilities, and rational expectations.

Two From Gab

Above and below:

Plus a bonus:

SLL: Killing Them Is Killing Us

A powerful piece from Robert.

Americans stopped being the good guys a long while back.

Ask anyone who knows about Man-Boy Love Thursdays and what kind of bestial horseshit we tolerate from our “allies.”

Twain knew a bit about the subject as well.

A police state exalting law enforcement above all others and engaged in perpetual omnisurveillance on every bit that comes its way.


Receiving & Giving Orders For The Junior Leader

Starting on page 13 of the Australian Army’s Smart Soldier publication.

Like it or not, you may be forced to lead a group of people.

Their lives will depend on your competence.


From Twitter above and below:

How Did Islam Destroy Classical Western Civilization?

Dr. Warner’s YouTube channel

Center for the Study of Political Islam

Denninger: Yes, It’s Over

Obamacare’s survival is much more than a medical insurance story.

Denninger explains.

Think about it.

Will the FedGov survive its costs?

Will the Republican party survive its incompetence and treachery?


Will you and yours survive its care-rationing?

Plan for the long run, campers.

And “long run” means just that for freedom folks.

Day By Day



If you can, help Chris end his annual fundraiser with a bang.

Every little bit helps.


Her Vote Cancels Yours

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I know!

Marco will save you!

Brushbeater: Basics of Personnel Recovery for Preppers and Survivalists

Read, learn, and practice.

The examination will not be graded on a curve.


More, faster.

Molyneux on Awan & Wasserman Schultz

Totally legit.

CNN Learns They Have Lost The Meme War (Along With Their Raison d’être)


More Bracken: The Full 26 JUL Show On Hagmann & Hagmann

Per Matt, he comes on at 32:00; intro starts at 31:17.


Between A Cuck And A Sperg Place

Thoughts on what is arising, given widespread acceptance of the Red/Not-Quite-As-Red political reality.

In Re Senator McBrain (R-Glioblastoma)

A career retrospective linkfest.

He will not be missed.

But hey!

At least we got LosZetasCare out of the deal!

Bracken On The Deep State Coup – 26 JUL 2017


Luttwak: 16 Years Of Trumps?

Very interesting.

A Suggestion

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Climate Hustle

Via Maggie’s Farm.

Control freaks.

Plus greed.

Seems legit.

Congressional Call For Investigation Into Former AG Lynch & The Hillary Email Debacle

Letter, via Gab.

Related: The Trumpening So Far

Samson option.

Bring it all down.

K Blog: Unfollowed

On Trump, Sessions, and the ongoing battle to destroy what remains of FUSA.

If you are not actively involved in generational culture and knowledge transfer, you are wrong.

Robb: Welcome to Our Global Censorship and Surveillance Platform


Irreversibly so.

Or damned near.

Life Sentence

Fox: 53 year old Arizona man gets 68 years in Bundy standoff case

LVR-J coverage

H/t Kenny.

TL Davis: American Hammer And Sickle

His latest.

Understand, for the love of all that is holy, that there is no opposition political party in FUSA.

There is, in fact, no “Right”.

And a majority of the residents of FUSA are largely beyond salvage, politically and morally.

To quote Curtis yet another time:

Here we are.

Imagine where we will be.

Quote Of The Century – Great Britain Edition

My considered reaction to Dunkirk:

People should be hung from lampposts — they should be burned alive — for what they’ve done to Britain.

— Peter Brimelow


Essential Questions

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