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VDare: Arrest The Sanctuary Mayors

Vile hatespeech.

Better to focus on legal marijuana and civil forfeiture.

Those issues are pivotal in FUSA’s survival.

Sabo Sends

Via Twitter.


Schlichter: The Military Coup Against Trump – Part I

Worth a quick read.

MDT: Snowflake Or Meteor?

On training, capabilities, and rational expectations.

Two From Gab

Above and below:

Plus a bonus:

SLL: Killing Them Is Killing Us

A powerful piece from Robert.

Americans stopped being the good guys a long while back.

Ask anyone who knows about Man-Boy Love Thursdays and what kind of bestial horseshit we tolerate from our “allies.”

Twain knew a bit about the subject as well.

A police state exalting law enforcement above all others and engaged in perpetual omnisurveillance on every bit that comes its way.


Receiving & Giving Orders For The Junior Leader

Starting on page 13 of the Australian Army’s Smart Soldier publication.

Like it or not, you may be forced to lead a group of people.

Their lives will depend on your competence.


From Twitter above and below:

How Did Islam Destroy Classical Western Civilization?

Dr. Warner’s YouTube channel

Center for the Study of Political Islam

Denninger: Yes, It’s Over

Obamacare’s survival is much more than a medical insurance story.

Denninger explains.

Think about it.

Will the FedGov survive its costs?

Will the Republican party survive its incompetence and treachery?


Will you and yours survive its care-rationing?

Plan for the long run, campers.

And “long run” means just that for freedom folks.

Day By Day



If you can, help Chris end his annual fundraiser with a bang.

Every little bit helps.


Her Vote Cancels Yours

Via Twitter.

I know!

Marco will save you!

Brushbeater: Basics of Personnel Recovery for Preppers and Survivalists

Read, learn, and practice.

The examination will not be graded on a curve.


More, faster.

Molyneux on Awan & Wasserman Schultz

Totally legit.

CNN Learns They Have Lost The Meme War (Along With Their Raison d’être)


More Bracken: The Full 26 JUL Show On Hagmann & Hagmann

Per Matt, he comes on at 32:00; intro starts at 31:17.


Between A Cuck And A Sperg Place

Thoughts on what is arising, given widespread acceptance of the Red/Not-Quite-As-Red political reality.

In Re Senator McBrain (R-Glioblastoma)

A career retrospective linkfest.

He will not be missed.

But hey!

At least we got LosZetasCare out of the deal!

Bracken On The Deep State Coup – 26 JUL 2017