Be There If You Can

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It’s where it’s at.

9 responses to “Be There If You Can

  1. “protocol”: bring gun, but only suitable for use as club.

    Muh Constitution!

    (is Anne Elizabeth coming?)

  2. Northgunner

    So how are they planning to lure the longhorn into the ‘approved free speech pen’ and will the collectivists outside of it be offering cash thinking its,a ‘cute petting zoo’? “Paging Tex Earnhardt,..Paging Tex Earnhardt, your ‘no bull’ express is ready!”.

    It’s going to be a bitch for those inside the pen if the antifags toss an M80 in..pissed off potroast engages the ‘horns of dilemma’ option..well folks won’t have to travel to Pamplona to experience ‘running from the bull’…

    Hope folks have at least sense to not comingle the flag of empire with a true flag of Liberty, the Gadsden flag.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  3. I’m beginning to wonder if the people in the Southeastern US care to get involved in anything aside from voting. The local gun owner internet forum is nothing but a bunch of Fudds who only care about the latest 1911 vs Glock debate.

    There are zero high level training opportunities in this region, save for MVT’s Georgia classes (makes attending one THAT much more imperative for me). I can’t even find a NRA instructor who is able to certify other instructors so I can become one. Seriously? That should be simple.

    There is very little serious meatspace involvement here. At least as far as I can find.

    • kay_de_leon

      Asymmetric Solutions in Perry, FL.

    • Flatlander

      I wish I had a recommendation for you. In the 7 years I was in the SE, I couldn’t find anything either. Best of luck to you!

  4. Looking forward to the 4th.Westcliffe is outstanding! Bristol RI is another fine 4th celebration. Instill a sense of curiosity to the young and the salvageable. Study the history and become engaged.
    “Time waits for no one…”

  5. Company I 23rd South Carolina

    “MEATSPACE”….what the hell does that mean?…..and BFYTW?….you guys try to be too hip, slick, and cool by half….you ought to let the guys at Max Velocity Tactical run your site…they’re straight talkers….you’re not.

  6. Yup, heart breakers, name takers. MAX for President!


  7. Muzzle Blast

    Real patriots protesting against gubbmint unconstitutional overreach will have a nice stem of flowering cannabis stuck in their barrels as they march along for liberty and unalienable rights …