TL Davis: On Civility

The Petty Nobles are offended.

Be a good serf.

And don’t forget to wait for the shake.

17 responses to “TL Davis: On Civility

  1. One way civility, only, leftists can do or say anything….now be a good serf, and go back to your hut.

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  3. Those who would destroy you deserve all the tender loving civility given by flamethrower operators to the Japanese inhabitants of bunkers on Pacific islands during WWII.

    Anyone who doesn’t get that (Sen. Collins, call your office) is an apologist for that enemy, and not your friend – therefore their ranting twaddle can and ought to be safely ignored, let alone jeered, mocked, and ridiculed to their faces. Twain was correct about human embarrassment.

  4. Notarealperson

    Civility that’s doublespeak for “shut up and sit down”. The establishment and MSM is freaking out because Trump is pushing back against them instead of rolling over and taking it.

    Why should he? He has been called every filthy name and label in the book by a bunch of ivy league educated “journalists”. They deserve the push back.

    They deserve it also for being the self-appointed gate keeper and inquisition for the elite. For decades they decided what was approved of and condemned in terms of public morality. They made sure populists and outsiders got nowhere in politics by marginalizing them from day one. They repeatedly covered up the criminal misdeeds of the political class when caught. Such as Slick being a serial rapist and traitor who sold missile guidance tech to China, etc. Promoting a sick and insane hag to run for president.

    The MSM and their political enablers just need to FOAD at this point.

  5. Had to come to the Carolinas for a job. The absolute look on the negros face is of utter contempt and distain. The hate every thing white, except the white money, which they do poor quality and look productivity.

  6. A Freeman

    Error playing, surprise!

  7. greenman227

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  8. get off my lawn!

  9. Carlelton (read my books) Putnam

    What’s the deal with comments?

    They’re here for a day then gone.

  10. “The call for civility is a call for surrender, because it is only the right that understands it. The collectivists work against every sense of civility.”

    Hence, there will be no peace.

  11. how can one be civil with pond scum?

    am i to be gracious and polite to those who vote to steal my wealth and liberty?

    or those who plot to make me enslaved, sick, and dependent?

    or the bagded psychopaths and robed demons who endeavor to place chains and bars around my person to further their own lust for power and pursuit of their personal benefit packages and retirement plans?

    i think NOT.

    i say be as uncivilized as Hell towards these rotten fuckers until they die in a puddle of their own bodily fluids.


    That was an interesting snippet of film. That movie did have some funny moments. Comedy aside, the real history of the Frog Revolution was very bloody and final. Say what you want about Jacobins, Freemasons, the mob, etc. The same condescension and arrogance of the Frog Nobility in 18th-Century France are the insults those of us tax-slave dirt people are experiencing today.
    In UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, the author made the statement that stripping motivated people of their dignity and rubbing their noses in it is a very bad idea. I hope and pray the same statement is going to sink into the consciousness of the modern-day Amerikan nobility: Politicians at all levels, the MSM, the Banksters, the Hollywood Elite and their (((employers))), and the badge-carrying, digital camo-wearing ORCS&ORCETTES who continue to have their boots on our necks. The blowback has not even really started yet. But, as I posted a few days ago, they are indeed hearing the ghostly patter of distant drums summoning The Deplorables. Bleib ubrig.

  13. Robert Logue

    Kind of remember, when the media would pretty much crucify any potential politician running. no matter how good he was.
    What needs to happen is a cleaning out of any fake news, media, yellow journalism, . Only problem though is like., enacting the Patriot act, we end up losing our rights in the process.
    So how about.. keep our rights, and anyone proven, trying to falsify information, or mislead the public, will have a death sentence?