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  1. while viewing another waterfront property yesterday, i encountered a murkin flag on the ground, i took a good long piss on it- as it represents all that i despise. free shit moochers, lazy dirty fat asses, perpetual mindless wars, the pooLICE state, and unbounded corruption.

    i knew then and there, all emotional ties were severed from that rag. i hope to witness the final end of the “land of the feces and home of the slave”.


  2. a follower

    Lack of prestige? That is putting it mildly.
    What is it called when the people all seem to be turning against each other?
    What if time has run its course, and we are living in the times of judgement?
    Why are the seals opened, and by Whom?
    Ann B has some recent interesting articles on her site.
    Pizza gate and “the church” come to mind. i still disagree with her that the current pope is merely an anti-pope. The vatican system and the many secular daughters it has spawned = Anti in one way or another.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      People have been calling for the end of days going back to the city of Ur. If nothing else, someday, the sun will engulf the earth, so it will eventually happen. The odds of it happening before then aren’t great.

    • Jim Klein

      “What is it called when the people all seem to be turning against each other?”

      Lately it’s called “identity politics,” a new twist on age-old collectivism. Have you any further clarifying questions or do you understand now?

      Bad news for collectivists BTW—individualists don’t turn on each other.

  3. a follower

    We are being driven to hate each other, fear each other. Why?Who do we ignore?
    Solar Storm Hits Central America
    Yet we are driven to fear men?

    Would world goverments also use events such as these to blame men, blame nations?

  4. Government officials should be viewed the way that your office janitors are viewed. Appreciated when they eliminate waste and clear your way, cursed when they leave messes and not paid much at all.

  5. A sign of development for a country is in the lack of government officials.

    There fixed it for you Nassim.


    I do not see that in my A/O. Here in Rawles Land-Greenwoodistan, there exists a large number of clueless, flag-waving, RINO useful idiots who slobber all over elected hacks, badge-carrying ORCS and anyone who claims to be a veteran of the Amerikan armed forces. When I first moved here, I was pulled over for rolling through a Stop Sign. The officer let me off with a warning. I thanked him and apologized, stating I should have known better, since I am a retired Peace Officer.
    He looked at me strangely when a used that expression. Then, he gave me the: “..thank you for your service” canned expression. I replied that my service was voluntary and I was very well-paid for it. He did not know how to process that, either. I found out later that all of the ORC agencies up here employ a data base which records your car license# so if you are stopped again, you are automatically written up.
    The old: “…well, if you are not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide” meme is very much alive and well in North Idaho. The proof of the pudding with all of this will be when things get really tight and the tax revenues stop flowing in. Then we will see how the Leviathan reacts and how the sheeple respond. Stay tuned.
    P.S. For the record, it has been one year since the corrupt, greedy mooks in Boise ok’d Constitution Carry. The Daily Fish Wrap up here was lamenting the fact(if you read between the lines) that things hand not turned into a slaughterhouse and OK Corral had not happened. In fact, there has been an uptick in enrollment for handgun training classes. Go figure.

    • Yup.
      Just watch on Independence Day – reading of the Declaration of Independence (at Independence Point) musters at best a couple dozen participants. The ensuing 4th of July! silliness parade (no doubt with a faggot float)
      draws thousands, all lookin’ to cheer on the festivities complete with the flag waving masses, hot dogs, beer ‘n fireworks.


  7. hummus abedin

    If the communists, multigays, SJW’s
    and safe-space snowflakes had
    shown up to desecrate graves and
    monuments at Gettysburg, this is
    where they would have found
    their opposition: A handful of demonstrators were in the First Amendment fenced areas of Gettysburg National Park Saturday July 1 amid a heavy police presence outside the fenced areas. (Christine Vendel | cvendel@pennlive.com)

    Y’all are beyond fucking worthless.

  8. hummus abedin

    Have at it (you fucking jokes) patriots!
    Whine about the “stage” fedgov did
    not provide for you to stand upon
    in the (fenced in)
    First Amendment/Free Speech Zone.
    And upon the Gettysburg Battlfield,
    of all places.
    The ironic wortlessness does not escape, but
    I’m certain it does all of you.
    By the way, the supposed “Great Satan” network of RT/Russia Today did bother to
    visit with their cameras and broadcast live.


  9. hummus abedin

    “Another member wore a hat with a button featuring a photo of President Donald Trump with the words, “America’s Trump Card.”
    The small group gathered within a large fenced area north of Meade’s Headquarters along the west side of Taneytown Road. They brought a megaphone, still in its box, and two camping chairs.” cvendel@pennlive.com

    Own it, you stupid mutts.

  10. hummus abedin

    I am a Tier 2, Tier 1, door kickn’,
    trigger pullin’, life taking, CQB, Ranger,
    Recon Marine, Blue/Green operator.
    I have a bushy beard and swoopy tactical gear,
    clean, unblemished, and fresh outta the bag,
    that’s topped off with the really cool “helmet”
    I think a DEVGRU, Green Beret or
    Delta Operator likely wears.
    I am a Tier 2, Tier 1 Operator and I kick ass!


  11. hummus abedin

    Speaking the word inside the free speech
    zone at Gettysburg yesterday.
    SGM John “Slim” James May,
    Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry, CO D – 2 BN, Pennsylvania.


  12. Sucks to be off your meds.