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  1. This blog post lays out all the reasons and means to be exactly opposite of what the left ‘demands’ in the face of violence. Speak the truth always and don’t give an inch.

  2. Comments to the article are most illuminating.

  3. Perhaps it does compute? Did some body say Freedom of the De Pressed, perhaps Freedom from the religion of Peace, Freedom to dis-assemble, and of course anything you say can and will be used against you, if you have not noticed that is the modus operandi ? DE fined, a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established. I take Liberty?

    Slot Lotto DOT Love, or perhaps Gov. electronically deconfused? Freedom of the depressed right to slight, they probably got a drug for that, and of course small minds think a like like get tar man moose limb squirrel party of Frost Bite Falls Mini Soda party sung song in the key of Keith El=Li=Son me love you long time for $15.00 per hour slave wage minimum rage while he makes $87.50 per hour for not working and should be replaced with a Kiosk. Why not just call the spade a moose limb and make the wage minimum $87.50 per hour? Then we could compare Al Franken the funny man to Ben Franklin if you can keep it man, and you can see the reason why we can’t. Just a suggestion, start every conversation with Them, with a, Now Listen Here, Sonny, in a non gender specific kind of way off course, or specific gender, Jane you ignorant slut? Then finish up with an ask you doctor if a Lobotomy is right for you dummy crates, or perhaps them have a RED pill for that? Progressively speaking the terminology used for illegal migrant, or perhaps my grants, please use illegal dummy crates. Then, what do Bobby McFerrin and Roger Miller have in common, other than Don’t worry be happy and you can be happy if you’ve a mind to? Dang me. Play dat funky music white boy! Music is frequency with spectrum ya know?

    Perhaps it does compute.The big idea is to put your money where your mouth is and vote your paycheck by Kiosk Revenue Service an alternative to the IRS for all of our social ills and limit the Well fed gov. to those 18 enumerated Constitutional tasks and pay for it by pay (tax( to play, pally, in a no direct tax kind of way for local, state and WELL FED Gov. and to your educational benefit contribute, or not. And you can play, excuse me pay as often as you like with your own damn money. If McDonalds can do it, why can’t the Well FED? XXX excuse me, I meant WE that consent! Makes economic cents to me! Replace the well fed fast and furious socialist workers (politicians) with Kiosk.

    The answer to all of our social ills, replace all the politicians with strategically placed computer interface Kiosks for pay to play one dollar per entry, perhaps at the post office for the purpose of not so much voting but, for the purpose of where and to whom you would like to give your money )tax( for the good of society, XXX Oh excuse me I meant General Welfare. The Kiosk list all the places where money is spent, governmentally speaking and you get to select how much and for what purpose, while the pay to play pays for the essential government service so enumerated in said Constitution. Then have HAL (2001 A Space Odyssey) super computer sort out all the things the politicians do and spit out the answers, pay the bill in crypto currency and the one dollar pay per play pays for government with no politicians. Bonus benefits, no politicians wage and benefits, reduced cost of government exponentially and all taxes could go away, no IRS needed. And no need for political parties! Benefit, everyone gets to vote where their money goes even if them never use the Kiosk. Bonus benefit you can use crypto currency, pay pal, credit or debit card, or bit con. Bonus bonus benefit, no need for campaign reform and or term limits, because there are no politicians. And then a person could also choose between all the charitable foundation, whoops, almost forgot there would be no need of them either, however a person could contribute to the charity of their choice too on the same machine. And no need of lobby lizards either.Think of the possibilities?

    And you know what? NO, what Joe. Well, who said what happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas? There is the technology, think of it like a slot machine. People like to play them and pay too to play them, so it is a dollar slot of public opinion and the payoff and reason to use the machines to keep as much of your money as you like, or feed the machine as much as you like and you can pick up your mail, perhaps a Lotto too to entice pay for play. Seriously it could work. I AM pretty sure you could come up with a zillion reason why that would never work. However, I would offer 20 trillion why it should! Fair pay for play, so to say, said Joe.

    And them. Lesson up Sports fans, or perhaps I should say Trot Skies?

    For we trot to and throw a base ball, at time s a curve ball and steal a base or two when no body is looking, presumable when the non-looky is out grabbing a couple of hot dogs and clod one, which in base ball terms is room temperature, excuse me that was cold. Pay attention now because here come the curve balls, as in multiply by a magnitude of attitude and of course attitude by an order of 50 states complicit and colluding in most nefarious ways to be mean. One little bitty part of this is of course water and we will get to Warren Bufet place at the table and corny copious amounts stuffed money bag greater than the mo-no-po-ly man for which he is, you ever dreamed of, but you can bank on it, whoops warren can, and you can’t purchase a controlling stock of any given bank, not to mention with intension, the sales agents of you change not saying a word about it, because it is a national secret, ya know? I suppose not, that is why them call it a secret, it is that simple!

    An other way to rob Peter Pester pumpkin eater is to meter, as in a water meter on private water wells on private, or should I say pirated land of course to pay Paul at the well FED. That of course is not reason for any yellin at Yellan because that is no connection, or is there? I suspect yes. It is an issue of funding, ya know, no matter who actually does the funding it all goes back to the well FED, isn’t that right Warren? Birkshire hath a way?

    0 ) ZH ( 0=h2o “”””””” They are taking control of the food supply incrementally. Water? Yes, here in Montana, the state just sent out a form for property owners to declare their water rights…as the CKST (Confederated Kootenai &Salish Tribes) Water Compact was passed into law in Montana in 2014. Actions will be taken within the next two years.

    As enumerated in other articles, Montana kicked in $3 million after the liberals in the state House and Senate, as well as the liberal governor, Bullock (D, MT) signed the water compact into law. The shortfall is $8 million, as the total state commitment was $11 million. They are just waiting for the Senate to ratify this as a Federal treaty, and then they can (ostensibly on “behalf” of the Indian Tribes) place meters on everyone’s wells…off of the reservation…and “manage” the water on behalf of the Indian Tribes…enforced by DHS.

    This is a small slice of the country as a whole. They are following full speed ahead with the Agenda 21 Directive to take over everyone’s food, water, land…everything. A war will surely enable them to throw the Executive Order 13603 into action to confiscate and control every resource in the United States, including human labor…slave labor, to be precise. Incrementally they place these laws into effect, and the stultified public, thinking only of the next barbeque and fireworks party is dumbed down into inactivity.”””””””

    Agend??????? What Agenda? WELL as in water well, as well the rivers and lakes, pot holes natural flow and all land that may at some time be wet, presumably by water, them control! Now you may ask, whom are them? A good question, don’t you think, I suppose not. However if you id, the above article points out who them are and you can apply that to all all 50 states, they are, as the article points out, the CKST, The state of Montana, liberals, Gov. Bullock, must have really big balls, the FED Gov, the DHS, and of course the United Nation AGENDA. You see it is about Comprehensive planning, just like in the Great Mistake of Mini Soda, we have the MISSISSIPPI Headwater Comprehensive Planning Zoning zombies too. In which all water within the 100 year flood Planning zone don’t belong to any, but the UNITED NOTIONS! It is that simple of an AGENDA. 20-30-50 and so on.

    Remember, keep your eye on the ball. Now you may ask which ball? And that is a good question, which ball of all the balls being juggled? As the above article indicates, it is the ball in your own back yard. The de-bait and switch going on in Washington DC are nothing but distraction to take your eye off the ball really being played right in your own back yard, one wetland at a time, one no gender specific wedding cake and one replacement citizen at a time, incrementally changing your climate. You are being programed to tolerate the intolerable, admit it!

    So, Trot Skies, Note Leon Lived in NYC previous to the Russian Revolution, went to Russia for the Revolution and after went to Mexico City where he was gunned down after living there a while and there are no communists in the USA or Mexico, I mean other than Bernie supporters and I suppose the Billary too, something less than 50 %! The Big One, what is it? So, while you were out getting hot dogs and clod one, in the big ball game of as you know it, of who is on first, them were busy, pretty much taking over the world one water drop at a time, I should say rain drops. Now the interesting part about water and water rights, is it has to do with land, presumably dry land, however it could rain and them then control it, got it? Which is your Climate Change. We won’t even discuss mineral rights oil, gas, and coal, metals including heavy ones, yet rare earths but an interesting fact is who owns coal, well of course the likes of our boy George Soros and off course Warren at the Bufet table of horror, or was that honor, one never knows for sure. To make short story long, you have no property rights, water rights, and any rights at all! However, you get a Bill for the water obviously taxed for everything that hem do. What part of the UNITED NATIONS did you not understand? And UN derstand it don’t include you. Now you may ask who do it include and the obvious answer is of course THEM, which are all the really smart people, you should know there are not enough life boats and of course you should question everything them do! Because when you were no looky, them tooky advantage, of you. The distraction are many and somewhat well planned, because them have nothing better to do, ya know? Put another way, if you were well to do and no real need to do anything, what would you do? And, if you answered take over the world, you would be correct. The problem being that when you were out TROT SKIING around doing what ever you do and not paying attention them, them knew that and reason for all the distraction, to confuse you, such is the Russians did it, water well of course them did, it is that simple interest. That meaning that them know, if them keep you busy in such things as politics and base ball and stock market and the busy ness dealings of making a living, you would not notice what them have done locally, as the UN had planed to use local government agency and activists to do them dirty works.

    The one thing that should have been a dead give away, which he did to the tune of 10 trillion dollars, while you were not looking and no body asked, where did the money go? Or even to UN seal his records of previous associations. I call him, Berry Stiletto, the X man, the moose limb, the previous potUS, which he did and no body said a word about it, because them got free Obi phones and food stamps and unemployment and free shit. And Bernie the communist even admitted he was and a lot of people wanted to vote for him for more on free stuff, for sold out souls. You see, sports fans, kinda like bread and circus, you been distracted when the fundamental transformation took place, which had nothing to do with Climate Change or even you Health Care or anything from our no so good liar commander and thief, it was about turning over control of the US to the UN, it is that simple.

    Now, you may ask why would them do that? And the short answer to the long long story is them intend to de populate the world to perhaps nothing more on than all the really smart people and a few worker bees and I suppose world workers union ants to pamper them pampered asses! And yes Billary would have sealed the deal, want to talk about Russian Collusion? Shall we discus the set up for the invasion of invasive species the Arab Spring and collusion in Paris and of course arming the rebels in the most popular vacation spot in the world Syria. Not to mention early withdrawal from Iraq by the hypocrite potus, peace and love, how did that work out? Then we could discuss all the world ills of China, Russia Iran, N. Korea, not to mention the cause of most all of it Washington DC. Note here, WHITE people, you racists, the invading forces are not going to Asia, or Africa and only to South America as a stop over to invade mostly N. America and GB. Europe is lost and beyond any help, short of a nuke or two, they have been overrun by the religion of pieces body parts and no body said anything but a few voices in the wilderness. The only thing left is button button who got the button, however, I do think chemical and biological will be used in air, food and water, for plausible deniability. Perhaps an aliens invasion, I think most would believe that story. Take me to your leader? That feeble minded.

    Ever wonder why the top one % owns everything? At any other time the question of Anti-Trust and Mo no po lies would have cause a Ma Bell to go postal. But them have not. Then the seemingly do nothing hypocrites oath creature, not doctors, but republican politicians seemingly do nothing? Perhaps collusion? You see, just because them call themselves republicans don’t mean that them are, ya know the rino? I suppose the real survivalist are the really rich people, mainly because them are the really smart people that have been fooling you, need I say ruling by UN elected? Them you could split them up as to self made or born into money, makes no difference, crime pays, even if it is legal, BECAUSE THEM WRITE THE LAWS. There is little difference between Carlos Slim and Billy Gates of hell, or our boy George SORRY o and Berry Stiletto motivated by money and everything money can buy, like people and votes, yet them still get into the life boats first. And why is that you may ask. And the short answer is them own them, that’s why!

    You know what I think? NO! Joe don’t tell US! OK, I will. I think we should tell them to give it back, like the bailouts we did for them, or we will poke hole in them life boats, or perhaps punch them lights out, either way would be fine with me. But you know them are the real survivalists and have all the security measures them think them need, which to that I would say, I don’t think so. You see even for really smart people, them still don’t know what them don’t know, ya know? The interesting thing I have found out about really smart people is them are not immune to doing stupid things. All you have to do is look at how many of them are democrats, socialist, progressives and communists, to prove that point. Most are American in name only, aino’s! If it war them want, so be it. Perhaps we should de-populate them?

    After the after math, them what? WELL, FIRST OFF THERE WILL BE NO MORE THEM. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. THEN JUST MAYBE WE CAN gET BAcK TO BEING RATIONAL HUMAN BEINGS. aND NOT HAVE ANY OF THIS lgbtgladdmickeynaacp cccpmousefccabcdccn, n FLAKY CRAP AND YES EVEN PERHAPS MAKE ELECTRICITY WITHOUT BOILING WATER! aND NOT MAKE ANYMORE ON LAWS THAT NO ONE UNDERSTANDS AND NO MORE ON un! On the one point I agree, things are getting out of hand and de-population may become necessary, in which care I would prefer it be them that are de-populated. The only other choice is to find some new real estate and send them off to it!

    The big one simply put, is the beginning of them new Utopia. Precious resources limited which include air, water and energy, for a limited population of the world bought and paid for by you, for of course them only. Climate Change is important to them because it does have to do with the end of your world as you know it. It is programing, need I say psychological warfare, UN restricted warfare on the 5, or more of the 7 billion people on the earth, that is the big one. Why the media meltdown over the Billary lost election, it put a temporary hold on the agenda. But some how, I think them protest too much and so I wonder why? Is it part of the agenda? I AM thinking yes.

    Anyhow I will get by with a little help from my friends, if I had any! As much as I hate the Beatles, somewhat more than the metric system, and possibly more on than the morons which I call them, I don’t hate as much the Album Help from the British invasion

    Help! I need somebody
    Help! Not just anybody
    Help! You know I need someone

    (When) When I was younger (When I was young) so much younger than today
    (I never need) I never needed anybody’s help in any way
    (Now) But now these days are gone (These days are gone) and I’m not so self assured
    (And now I find) Now I find I’ve changed my mind, I’ve opened up the doors

    Help me if you can, I’m feeling down
    And I do appreciate you being ’round
    Help me get my feet back on the ground
    Won’t you please, please help me?

    Them two!

    When I get older losing my hair
    Many years from now (that happens to be now)
    Will you still be sending me a valentine
    Birthday greetings, bottle of wine?
    If I’d been out till quarter to three
    Would you lock the door?
    Will you still need me, will you still feed me
    When I’m sixty-four?

    You’ll be older too
    And if you say the word
    I could stay with you

    Them three:


    However, UN like the Beatles, perhaps more like Doritos, I’ll make more to add to the 10,000 pages I have written mostly about them, (Define them: —used to refer to certain people, animals, or things as the objects of a verb or preposition — them in a sentence. Them, band featuring Van Morrison, GLORIA (1964)? Yet, Them Again, Could you Would you? Perhaps Precious Time is slipping away. King for a day.

    Don’t know much about history
    Don’t know much biology
    Don’t know much about a science book,
    Don’t know much about the french I took… Sam Cook
    And I don’t know much about the history books or the geometry I took, or perhaps I do? But, I do know One and One is two, However I do know how to squeeze the air out of things and wring the water out too, thermodynamically speaking. of course.
    Outrageously yours.


    BS: What ! Would a good rant be without a little Sons of the Pioneers? Happy (keyborad) Cowboy? Nope Cool Water, or perhaps Ghost Rider in the Shy?

    The nights are cool and I’m a fool
    Each star’s a pool of water, cool water
    But with the dawn I’ll wake and yawn
    And carry on to water, cool, clear, water

    The shadows sway and seem to say
    Tonight we pray for water, cool, water
    And way up there He’ll hear our prayer
    And show us where there’s water, cool, clear, water

    Sons Of The Pioneers – Cool Water Lyrics | MetroLyrics, azlyric for all the rest.

    And perhaps I can, or perhaps not show you how to make electricity without boiling water, ya never know, ya know?

  4. “Healthcare.” Anything relating to healthcare.
    Economic policy: your money or your life.

    Untenable position: they’re right and we look like lying idiots.

  5. European American

    Dedicated to those junkies of WRSA who post, ad nauseam, here, and don’t know shit and don’t say shit.

  6. White House stays silent on anti-Semitic connection of Trump’s anti-CNN video – CNN